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Eclectic Reverie
« on: March 06, 2019, 04:45:13 PM »
Arwick Tinuveil / Elia - Raven familiar

Arriving at Zeithalle she would follow the map she had
to the town hall looking for Handelsguilde, finding it she
would look over the place, it was a giant clock tower?
She didn’t have to wait long before she was greeted by
a man who introduced himself as Baron von Kauffman.

Inviting her into his office that was in a state of disarray
to say the least. He spoke of recent murder and that he
had taken over the position of guild leader for the time
being, after a brief interview he has decided to give me
a merchant position in the guild were I will make potions,
medicinal remedies and herbal blends to sell.

After looking for some time for a shop and house the
Baron has seen fit to help me by opening a house under
his ownership, having now acquired from him an empty
space that will serve as both with a shop in the front and
living quarters on the second floor. I have named the shop
Eclectic Reverie at the Baron's discretion.

I have met a shapeshifter Girl/Kitten that goes by
the name of Witchcrafted, Witch for short in the town
center. She was injured and homeless, I have taken her
in to try and help her learn some basics such as dressing,
behavioral, and magical.

After getting a few things set in place I have stocked
some shelves and reported profits to the Baron. He has
seen fit to bring in a new member Venus, whose wares
that will utilize an empty space plus bring in new revenue.
Venus has come by the shop to set up a stock of furs and
will be by soon with more.

The Baron has plans to rebuild the shop to make it a
larger sales and working area, by adjoining the house next
door. The construction should start soon.
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