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Author Topic: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)  (Read 437 times)

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Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
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He regarded her ladyship with a cool expression that was born primarily of his preparations for... Whatever was going to happen today. She stuffed a dainty fist out in his direction, and the ring dropped in to his hand with barely a sound, while carrying enough metaphysical weight to make him feel like it would plunge him in to the depths of the earth. He looked at it for a time, and considered the implications of this unwanted gift, none of them seemed especially flattering - she was not one for gestures of any kind, least of all pleasant ones. He turned the ring over in his hand a few times before his attention was drawn back to her as she spoke, and what she spoke was something that he hadn't been prepared for, not sure what she was even thanking him for. Perhaps this was thanks for his impending death? Well he wouldn't tell her she was welcome for that one.

That, combined with her intent stare made the atmosphere that was already around them seem timid and weak in comparison, the manifestation of the curse in his eye now making what was left of the pupil and iris look like a jagged crescent moon. The spell of silence was broken as she told him she would stay off the front line, but she would come if he needed her - the gesture was almost touching, in a stupid, suicidal way. He let her have it, though, and nodded stiffly in response to her ill-advised offer to save the day. They were so far beyond the point of squabbling now, men and women were going to die, possibly in droves if they had the misfortune to hear the wrong thing; this was no time to bicker like children. "Take care, Prima."

It was hardly an epic ballad in the making, but she got twitchy when people saw them interacting at anything closer than arms' length, even though -until lately- there had been nothing to be twitchy about. It seemed the best he could do though, paired with kissing her knuckles as the dainty extremity was withdrawn after passing over the ring. That done, he wheeled Keiro around, the beast chattering in its strange mix of mammalian and insect-like noises, anxious to get moving as Aleksandr was, although for very different reasons.
He had thought long and hard about this, and for what little time he could get with the Grand Conductor, he had discussed his plan, elegant in its simplicity: Aleksandr was going to find a different access point, and when the shambling forces of the known world advanced and had the attention of the virtuoso, then he would act. The sword was a curse, a burden, but if it worked half as well against a virtuoso as it did against any other material he put before it, they could end this before there were too many casualties. Of course, if it went wrong, then he would go down in history as... He didn't know. A dead person, certainly, the first person to die in an assault that maybe ended civilisation...

He closed his eyes and sucked in a breath, clearing his mind before he urged Keiro on, who immediately took the nearest dense foliage, corded, dense muscle all along the beast's body heaving as he found a tree and lifted himself and Aleksandr up in to it with almost worrying ease. From there, Keiro moved through the boughs of trees and the foliage as if made of water, running along branches that Aleksandr himself could not have slowly and carefully navigated for all their bend and give. He told himself many things as Keiro loped along - Azalie's instructions on how to ride; the old man's last interaction with him; Eirian's last interaction with him and many more.
He considered his plan, and looked for any access point that would get him in to close proximity of the virtuoso - a window, a door, even a crack in a wall would do, although he didn't know what if anything had been fortified since their foe had returned here. He would find a way in, though. If he had to cut a hole in the wall to do so -and the sword was certainly up to the task, stone sheared away like wheat where the blade struck - then he would, far too many lives were at risk.

Eventually he came to a point where he was confident he could get discreet access, and dismounted, Keiro's tail swaying heavily as the rock lion pawed the ground and chittered in its strange way, clearly able to feel the rotten air and dangerous atmosphere around them. He padded forwards, and without ceremony or warning, headbutted Aleksandr sufficiently to knock him over. He chomped his jaw, teeth capable of crushing a steel helm making a sound that made Aleksandr wince, before the beast slinked away to the nearest foliage where he would sit and watch - woe betide an aggressor that stumbled this way.
Aleksandr, for his part was left confused by the whole interaction, not entirely sure what it meant, as there was no language between the pair, just the impression that whatever that had been, it hadn't been delivered in ill intent.
He drew the sword, the blade seemingly mundane compared to its legend as the weapon bestowed by a god, a malicious light twinkling in the reflection of the blade as he started to negotiate his way in to the lair of their foe. His heart raced, wet and heavy in his ears, the sense of heat in his chest starting to return again as he tried to nurture it, create that situation where he was something else, something that in its blind rage, might just be unable to perceive - and so resistant to - the sound of the virtuoso. Wait for the marksmen, he advised himself - when they have loosed their arrows and the main configuration advances, then.... He gripped the sword tightly in both hands....

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Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
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Not only did Mune did not sang but he even pulled himself away from the ranks. He would go to remove his boots and walk foward Elysion seperated from the group. He would ready himself and draw his two Katana's out as he keep walking foward. As his blades were drawn, his brown eyes turns red. He ran foward waiting away from the group. He would only go in if he could get a one on one battle. He also refused to go in if anyone was coming inside too. His movements were wide and made to slice things up. The more there were around him as he found, the more chances he could injure someone.

He knew his life could be on the line he also knew very well he may not come back from it but he was prepared to die on the battlefield. With his elbow, he would go to poke his outfit. He hadn't dropped the first aid kit Willow gave him so if anything needed to be done quickly, he could be of help but he didn't really ahd the chance to practice on a living being so he hoped he wouldn't had to. He might be a demon but before everything else, he was a warrior walking the path of honor and was proud of it.
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