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Island Birds of Prey Aviary
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Below are what is posted on the wall near Jayr's guard post. There are always two birds ready at all times.

Currently in training:

Recent Hatchling
6 months old.
Progress: Still in the learning to hunt phase. A great chaser. Does not return consistently but shows promise.

62% Trained
1 year and 6 months old
Progress: Produces good hatchlings. She snags and returns but she escaped the aviary frequently for her own hunts prior to training. Not as motivated because of this. Obedience problems currently.

Recent Hatchling
3 months old
Progress: Has caught himself a rat or two running around the aviary but has not motivated himself for training.

85% Trained
4 years and 3 months old
Progress: he will hunt. He will return. But he is very defiant and does training on his own time when he comes to the Windows he is ready. Obedience issues.

67% trained
1 year 2 months old
Progress: will carry small letters. She is small so she is nervous and neurotic. Working on rewarding her confidence.

Currently available:

Fully Trained
3 years and 2 months old
She can carry medium packages and up to three letters before she gets annoyed of the weight. Carry vest included and sized. She will also hunt small mammals such as fox and rabbit and will return it too you. She was trained within a year and eight months. She learns quick. She enjoys the ocassional pet but tires of it easy, you might lose a finger. Favorite food is squirrel. She likes her space. Lots of space. Enjoys A solid perch. When bred, she laid solid hatchlings, they were obedient as well as spirited.

Fully Trained
4 years 7 months old
Stubborn but will do his hunting work. You have to treat him after each hunt and ensure that he has plenty of cloth to rip apart. He likes to be high up. He took two and a half years to train as he liked to be pampered and it wasn't an easy thing to catch on to. He likes rope to swing on and his favorite food is deer meat.

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