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Serdes Journal


October 30th
Entry number one

Father sent me on a mission of sorts. I brought the idea of the advertisement creature offered for rent. He wasn't too sure but wanted me to try something else first. He gave me a portion of stock, some apples and ciders. The regular cider and the spiked. He told me to deliver them to our neighboring cities. Against my wishes, I have done what was asked. He also told me to keep a journal on my travels just in case something were to happen. My first city didn't go as planned but I have yet to make the full stop.

I made huge mistake and I'm not sure father will forgive me for it. He will probably scold me when I get back. For future reference, check your maps and local laws or you will be riding your carriage to a stream for a good wash. Also, another reference. Be more confident. Don't shake. For the love of god learn some self defense. You should not have had to take that.

I digress. They took some of our stock, and that's fine. Hopefully they enjoy it. I will be dropping off a crate of apples in the towns center with a couple of jars. Hoping for the best.

November sixth
Second entry

Made it to the town center today. It was a cold trip. Uncomfortable, but fruitful. I learned the name of the leaders of the lands. Error? Eera? I didn't know. Or at least the gentlemen didn't that I spoke with. I left the apples with a unique character. He reminded me of myself a bit. Awkward, intriguing, odd. Mirrors, you know? There was something off about him but I left my stock.with him.

I also purchased an item from his stall. He had locks and keys and locks and keys. He traded his oldest lock and key for a coin. It is rusted and clunky, square. I like it though. Think my father will too. I have to be more confident with the sales though. It seemed clunky when I gifted him the items. I don't know.

Well. I believe it's on to the next city, I will have to check my maps. Hopefully it's warmer.

November eighth
Third entry

Having stopped in prasino with narry a soul, a sign said to move forward. I did so, but after relieving some stock to the local inn. It seemed desolate and it might have been, unsure if it will go to waste.

I had hoped I reached chanson in time but alas there was an island with no entry. There was not a place to leave items either. I suppose I will find a way for this. For now, I've continued on to inzio.

Inzio was a unique trip. I held my confidence against her majesty despite my anxiety. She expressed her wanting of my to join handelsguilde. I'm still thinking of it. Perhaps it would build my confidence more. Perhaps as a representative of our orchard. I will speak of it to my father.

She was very kind. Few of the rumors seemed true. I stead of keeping the stock for her table she decided to give it to the refugees from the war. She even offered a suggestion on delivering to chanson.

She was kind enough to see me at a late hour and did not beelittlte me like most have. How kind she was. I will send to chanson with her regards, to honor that kindness. Now to return to find a soul to deliver to chanson.


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