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Author Topic: Quest: Mending a Manic Mind  (Read 38 times)

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Quest: Mending a Manic Mind
« on: August 16, 2018, 09:52:49 AM »
This is to keep record of Thalas work on Kirans mind. This quest has Thala actually inside Kirans mind to make these repairs. See records below:

Days had passed, everything Thala could try she had and still this.. Kiran seemed no better.  His body was better for sure but he still rambled on about things and voices... He had things that needed to be reconciled that was obvious but he was far too damaged to do so here and now.  It left the alicorn with little recourse and one option she hated.  Still there she set on her knees having put him to sleep again and this time the stone floor came up to enclose up to his shoulders and up to his knees in case he woke before she was done.

The preparations had been made.  At home this would be easy to fix but herr she didn't have access to her full power, she was resigned to try though.  Most people thought that psionic were not magic.  Yet magic was the manipulation of energy, and so was psionicss.  The school was even linked to one of the outer planes just like arcane magic.  It was that plane that Thala was channeling.  Her eyes shimmering light purplish pink as her hand lowered to his forehead.  Normally one might resist, but here Thala was more worried about feedback.

His mind was so chaotic it would be dangerous.  The alicorn world fading before her eyes as a shadow of herself pulled into Kirans mind.  Her eyes opening to see... His thoughts, his world.

The Echo:
Kiran had been at the mercy of Thalas healing. The mercy of her magic. His mind was riddled with aches, voices, chaos. Thala would catch that upon her entry.

The scene before Thala was empty, but there was not nothing. There was a bellowing wind, and what looked like ashes blew around like a sand storm. The ground riddled with cracks. Kiran was nowhere to be seen. Her arrival would be met with a blackened barren waste land.

There was no light. There was no sun or moon though somehow there were clouds. Just barely visible moving over head. There were a few trees, dead and blackened, ashy, and burnt. The shadow of Thala did not go unnoticed though.

Something was watching her.

Darkness, heat, and blistering wind even without light.  The place was a desert, but there was more than that here.  There was a presence, but was it one of the voices? How to know..

Thala stood slowly in a glimmer of that pinkish purple and her hands out stretched.  "I am here to help."  her form was nothing but fur and light.  The only light here it seemed.  "let me help you, Kiran."

The Echo:

The creature hidden in the darkness of the ashes, sound muted by the wind. Four legs moved about an inch closer. The creature continued to watch for but a moment. 

A low gurgling voice echoed through the wasteland. The voice rushing toward her like a clap of lightning. "Kiran is dead!" The voice clapped to her. "He is long gone" the voice stated. There was an echo though that extended The wasteland that would repeat the word 'gone' many times.

"Madness!" The words came like a lightning strike again and would echo.  "You. Will not. Find him here" the voice said softer again and a laugh would trail afterward.

"Do you think I don't know where I am?" Thala shouted back as the thunderous voice faded.  The clap of thunder and the echoing were,unnerving but harmless.  This creature was part of the madness.  She knew that, but what part?  Or was he the guardian?  The one guarding what was left of Kirans mind from these wastes  "I am not some novice, I know this is all Kiran.  Its all his world, I just need to find the center the essence."

pausing for a moment the alicorn looked around to try and get a good look at the creature and the land if she could. "this madness can be turned back.  Kiran just needs help, I wish to do that.  Do you stand in my way?"

the alicorns light starting to grow brighter as she concentrated, drawing in more energy from her body.  This was why it was dangerous, she was helpless in the real,world but the cave was well hidden.

The Echo:
The creature would take a few steps closer, noticeable from the winds of ash. "Why" she voice would gurgle.  To her questions, it would listened he inched closer. A roll of thunder came through the wasteland she stood in. Four legs took two more steps.

"He is broken. Damaged. He is of no worth. " the voice stated plainly. Thala would be able to see something that resembled a wolf before her. Dark in color, bright golden eyes.  But it looked more monstrous than normal wolves. "We all stand in your way." He would state as he neared her and came into vision. Lips that didn't move, but his words would be heard.

As Thala got brighter he would be more visible. He could feel the energy from her but he would not react, yet. "This madness." He would echo her. " You will not find him here." He would state again.

Thala: rolled a d20 got 16 for sensing Kiran or ivailo. Results:So what she will notice is the familiar in form. Maybe a telling scare, same shape of tail. It's missing a face so you wouldn't see it there but the shape of the ears. Familiar patterning, not the same color as it's blue and black but his over all shape would be familiar and she would feel something there soul wise.

Shook her head as the creatures form came forward.  There was a soft breath as the alicorn studied this beast.  "Ivailo.." Thala was far more familiar with the man, Ivailo, than she was with Kiran.  It was a touch easier to see the former hero of white city.  Another shake of her head though and she pressed a hand to the ground.  "Of all the creatures I could see, you are the first are you? So be it.." 

Thala's hand burned with that pink light and she stepped towards him.  "Your soul was rebirthed without you being whole.. wasn't it?"  It was a big time no to bring forth someone that held deep seated regret as it could destroy the mind, the fragile bond between mind and soul.  This was only part of the problem.*  "You don't want me to find Kiran, do you?  Its not that I won't but more that you don't want me to.  Because then you would have to face yourself again." 

Thala moved her wings around her body and spoke softly.  "You are in shadow and doubt.  But I can tell you that you were, and still are a good man Ivailo.  Stumble though you may have, you need to accept the fact that you are couragous.. you are strong and honorable.  You need to step into the light."

The echo:
Golden light sat where eyes should be. They watched the pink light for a moment and listened to her words. He huffed and shook his head. "I am the first." Was all he would state. He began to move toward her and circle her. He had ivailos memories. His past. He didn't speak, he just walked around her.

"The light does not shine here." He would state. The voice still a gurgle and low. His tail swayed as he moved around her. He made no motion to get closer to her or her wings aside from walking around her.

"There has been too much loss."

Thala huffed softly as the creature circled her.  Her ears twitched as he spoke and she shook her head.  The light was here, it always was.  It was sometimes too hard to see for the clouds.  "Loss is part of life Ivailo.  That being said you will always have to reach to take the good back for yourself.  But in life you gained much.  Lets look shall we?"

The woman pressed her hand to the ground and her fingers clenched as the pink light shimmered from her fingers to dig into the ground.  She was pulling at something too, tugging at the memories hidden in the very land.  "You met my mother."  Her eyes shimmered, the vision of Ivailo and Kristine dancing that night.  It was followed by another fond memory of the two.  "You saved the queen of white city.  They built statues of you."  The images showed with the energy that she twirled up through her wings.  His life was flashing before his eyes, showing him the good.  He knew the bad and the despair but he needed the light.  "You still have a daughter as well... she still needs someone to be her friend, or father."  Thala spoke softly.

The Echo rolled a d20 got 16 for decorruption.

The Echo:
The creature settled before her watching her regal display. Memories of his shown before him. He did not move, he watched. The accolades she stated forced him to think. The ears stood straight up. Thala would notice a change in his appearance. The spines on his back would get smaller. His claws would grow shorter.

But his face would remain removed. "It was the right time." He would state. Still body unmoved as it sat rigidly there. Doubt still remained. The voice sounded nearly normal but still a sound of deep an echoing tone.

"I'm no father." He would state bluntly. "I  lost that title a long time ago. I'm no friend. Not a knight. This existence relied on just being at the rogjht place. At the right time.." He watched the display, the memories of his past. He was unmoved physically. Mentally there was a bit of change. Thala could tell she was getting through..somewhere.

Thala didn't stop, instead she pushed it deeper.  "Life is about the right timing."  The images of continued to show, to push his mind back towards the good.  Progress was showing and she needed to keep that going.  "You saved the queen, you saved hundred of people that day.  And sure, someone else could have been there in that time but they weren't.  They may have been there and done nothing, but you were there and you acted."  The images seemed to follow her voice, truthfully she was just following his own memories.

"Yes, you are a different person.  Yes you stumbled but at the same time you made a positive difference.  And so many important people loved you for it.  Luna, Kris, Katrina."  Thala looked upwards and her eyes turned towards Ivailo.  "You were saved, and brought back because people believe in you.  You have all the potential in the world, all the ability to make the difference, and they know that.  You are doubting yourself, but instead you need to learn from your missteps and push forward to that hope."