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Quest: Mending a Manic Mind
« on: August 16, 2018, 09:52:49 AM »
This is to keep record of Thalas work on Kirans mind. This quest has Thala actually inside Kirans mind to make these repairs. See records below:

Days had passed, everything Thala could try she had and still this.. Kiran seemed no better.  His body was better for sure but he still rambled on about things and voices... He had things that needed to be reconciled that was obvious but he was far too damaged to do so here and now.  It left the alicorn with little recourse and one option she hated.  Still there she set on her knees having put him to sleep again and this time the stone floor came up to enclose up to his shoulders and up to his knees in case he woke before she was done.

The preparations had been made.  At home this would be easy to fix but herr she didn't have access to her full power, she was resigned to try though.  Most people thought that psionic were not magic.  Yet magic was the manipulation of energy, and so was psionicss.  The school was even linked to one of the outer planes just like arcane magic.  It was that plane that Thala was channeling.  Her eyes shimmering light purplish pink as her hand lowered to his forehead.  Normally one might resist, but here Thala was more worried about feedback.

His mind was so chaotic it would be dangerous.  The alicorn world fading before her eyes as a shadow of herself pulled into Kirans mind.  Her eyes opening to see... His thoughts, his world.

The Echo:
Kiran had been at the mercy of Thalas healing. The mercy of her magic. His mind was riddled with aches, voices, chaos. Thala would catch that upon her entry.

The scene before Thala was empty, but there was not nothing. There was a bellowing wind, and what looked like ashes blew around like a sand storm. The ground riddled with cracks. Kiran was nowhere to be seen. Her arrival would be met with a blackened barren waste land.

There was no light. There was no sun or moon though somehow there were clouds. Just barely visible moving over head. There were a few trees, dead and blackened, ashy, and burnt. The shadow of Thala did not go unnoticed though.

Something was watching her.

Darkness, heat, and blistering wind even without light.  The place was a desert, but there was more than that here.  There was a presence, but was it one of the voices? How to know..

Thala stood slowly in a glimmer of that pinkish purple and her hands out stretched.  "I am here to help."  her form was nothing but fur and light.  The only light here it seemed.  "let me help you, Kiran."

The Echo:

The creature hidden in the darkness of the ashes, sound muted by the wind. Four legs moved about an inch closer. The creature continued to watch for but a moment. 

A low gurgling voice echoed through the wasteland. The voice rushing toward her like a clap of lightning. "Kiran is dead!" The voice clapped to her. "He is long gone" the voice stated. There was an echo though that extended The wasteland that would repeat the word 'gone' many times.

"Madness!" The words came like a lightning strike again and would echo.  "You. Will not. Find him here" the voice said softer again and a laugh would trail afterward.

"Do you think I don't know where I am?" Thala shouted back as the thunderous voice faded.  The clap of thunder and the echoing were,unnerving but harmless.  This creature was part of the madness.  She knew that, but what part?  Or was he the guardian?  The one guarding what was left of Kirans mind from these wastes  "I am not some novice, I know this is all Kiran.  Its all his world, I just need to find the center the essence."

pausing for a moment the alicorn looked around to try and get a good look at the creature and the land if she could. "this madness can be turned back.  Kiran just needs help, I wish to do that.  Do you stand in my way?"

the alicorns light starting to grow brighter as she concentrated, drawing in more energy from her body.  This was why it was dangerous, she was helpless in the real,world but the cave was well hidden.

The Echo:
The creature would take a few steps closer, noticeable from the winds of ash. "Why" she voice would gurgle.  To her questions, it would listened he inched closer. A roll of thunder came through the wasteland she stood in. Four legs took two more steps.

"He is broken. Damaged. He is of no worth. " the voice stated plainly. Thala would be able to see something that resembled a wolf before her. Dark in color, bright golden eyes.  But it looked more monstrous than normal wolves. "We all stand in your way." He would state as he neared her and came into vision. Lips that didn't move, but his words would be heard.

As Thala got brighter he would be more visible. He could feel the energy from her but he would not react, yet. "This madness." He would echo her. " You will not find him here." He would state again.

Thala: rolled a d20 got 16 for sensing Kiran or ivailo. Results:So what she will notice is the familiar in form. Maybe a telling scare, same shape of tail. It's missing a face so you wouldn't see it there but the shape of the ears. Familiar patterning, not the same color as it's blue and black but his over all shape would be familiar and she would feel something there soul wise.

Shook her head as the creatures form came forward.  There was a soft breath as the alicorn studied this beast.  "Ivailo.." Thala was far more familiar with the man, Ivailo, than she was with Kiran.  It was a touch easier to see the former hero of white city.  Another shake of her head though and she pressed a hand to the ground.  "Of all the creatures I could see, you are the first are you? So be it.." 

Thala's hand burned with that pink light and she stepped towards him.  "Your soul was rebirthed without you being whole.. wasn't it?"  It was a big time no to bring forth someone that held deep seated regret as it could destroy the mind, the fragile bond between mind and soul.  This was only part of the problem.*  "You don't want me to find Kiran, do you?  Its not that I won't but more that you don't want me to.  Because then you would have to face yourself again." 

Thala moved her wings around her body and spoke softly.  "You are in shadow and doubt.  But I can tell you that you were, and still are a good man Ivailo.  Stumble though you may have, you need to accept the fact that you are couragous.. you are strong and honorable.  You need to step into the light."

The echo:
Golden light sat where eyes should be. They watched the pink light for a moment and listened to her words. He huffed and shook his head. "I am the first." Was all he would state. He began to move toward her and circle her. He had ivailos memories. His past. He didn't speak, he just walked around her.

"The light does not shine here." He would state. The voice still a gurgle and low. His tail swayed as he moved around her. He made no motion to get closer to her or her wings aside from walking around her.

"There has been too much loss."

Thala huffed softly as the creature circled her.  Her ears twitched as he spoke and she shook her head.  The light was here, it always was.  It was sometimes too hard to see for the clouds.  "Loss is part of life Ivailo.  That being said you will always have to reach to take the good back for yourself.  But in life you gained much.  Lets look shall we?"

The woman pressed her hand to the ground and her fingers clenched as the pink light shimmered from her fingers to dig into the ground.  She was pulling at something too, tugging at the memories hidden in the very land.  "You met my mother."  Her eyes shimmered, the vision of Ivailo and Kristine dancing that night.  It was followed by another fond memory of the two.  "You saved the queen of white city.  They built statues of you."  The images showed with the energy that she twirled up through her wings.  His life was flashing before his eyes, showing him the good.  He knew the bad and the despair but he needed the light.  "You still have a daughter as well... she still needs someone to be her friend, or father."  Thala spoke softly.

The Echo rolled a d20 got 16 for decorruption.

The Echo:
The creature settled before her watching her regal display. Memories of his shown before him. He did not move, he watched. The accolades she stated forced him to think. The ears stood straight up. Thala would notice a change in his appearance. The spines on his back would get smaller. His claws would grow shorter.

But his face would remain removed. "It was the right time." He would state. Still body unmoved as it sat rigidly there. Doubt still remained. The voice sounded nearly normal but still a sound of deep an echoing tone.

"I'm no father." He would state bluntly. "I  lost that title a long time ago. I'm no friend. Not a knight. This existence relied on just being at the rogjht place. At the right time.." He watched the display, the memories of his past. He was unmoved physically. Mentally there was a bit of change. Thala could tell she was getting through..somewhere.

Thala didn't stop, instead she pushed it deeper.  "Life is about the right timing."  The images of continued to show, to push his mind back towards the good.  Progress was showing and she needed to keep that going.  "You saved the queen, you saved hundred of people that day.  And sure, someone else could have been there in that time but they weren't.  They may have been there and done nothing, but you were there and you acted."  The images seemed to follow her voice, truthfully she was just following his own memories.

"Yes, you are a different person.  Yes you stumbled but at the same time you made a positive difference.  And so many important people loved you for it.  Luna, Kris, Katrina."  Thala looked upwards and her eyes turned towards Ivailo.  "You were saved, and brought back because people believe in you.  You have all the potential in the world, all the ability to make the difference, and they know that.  You are doubting yourself, but instead you need to learn from your missteps and push forward to that hope."

UPDATED 10/12/18
The Echo:
Thala was having more of an effect than she could see physically. The creature was so entranced by the wings. By the images, the past, the words. It made him start to think of them for himself. His past was not all ugly...but there were blemishes.

"You want to help" the voice faltered a bit between gurgling and remote normality. The head finally moved toward the side, the rigid stance was finally a little more liquid. Golden eyes melted to hazel hues. A full body of white fur would grow and the blue and purple would shed and blow away in the wind. "The past will not be the only thing you will have to conquer." He would state. The land was still barren. Still dry and thunderous but this spot, where they stood, some of the cracks would move and become a little smaller. The corruption that took over this form had been banished by the risen memories. Like bringing back the dead.

Though the form was nearly full of what would be a young white wolf. The face would still stay removed. That was the blemish his past had to keep. "As I said. I am the first" the voice would sound more familiar now as a slightly more regal wolf stood before Thala. Still watching his memories pass by.

He would take soft steps toward her and gradually turn his head toward her, ears swiveling forwards. "There is more you must face."

Thala sighed softly and she let her hand relax.  The images fading as she let her wings,curl back to her back and,her tail flicked.  It was a tiring feat but she had no other option.  Weariness showed on her face but she would press on.  "I know there are lots of other dangers and challenges.  You are worth it my friend.." 

Thala reached to touch an ear and then she stepped forward.  It was time to move deeper, to find more of the problem at the heart of him.

The Echo:
She looked tired. The head would tilt to the side. He watched the wings fold away. The faceless creature neared her a moment that when she touched that was he would flick them.

"The past, he made many mistakes. " he would nod gently "but if you feel that I am worth it. That the past is nothing more than that.." He would nod and turn to walk and begin to lead her.


Thala would use this walk to regain some of her strength.  Here it was not about the physical exhaustion as much as about the energy used to walk over the scape of his mind.  They were heading further into the damaged psyche of this man.  It was dangerous, very much so.  So much more than a physical fight or danger as far as Thala was concerned.  Still she smiled softly to the wolf beside her.  "Most of us have made many mistakes.  That is the path that lead us to where we are.  Its how we learn from those mistakes."

Pausing for a moment the alicorn looked down and she spoke softly.  "You are certainnly worth saving.  Worth fighting for."

The Echo:
"I'm not sure I will ever feel that way" his head turned to face forward and he would move so they would press on. "There are more people here fighting for his insanity than sanity." He huffed out some air and looked ahead where got was starting to dissipate but shining white waters could be spotted. The waters did not stay white however and would be seen ocassionanlly turning a crimson red. He would glance toward it and his ears would lowe r.

"Its everywhere. You know." He stated as he continued walking.

Thala moved with him.  Her eyes following the flow of the waters and she spoke softly.  "We all have blood in our past, everyone of us." Thala shifted a little bit as she tilted her head.  The woman glanced at the blood and she sighed softly.  "My mother used to come home and she would lock herself in a room to cry.  It was to hide the tears from me, but father told me.  He thought it was important I know.. that my mother had blood on her hands.  She cried for killing them, even though she did so knowing it was the only way."

Thala sighed softly "This may not be the case here, I really don't know.  But the truth is.. I've always been more about the future than the past."

The Echo:
"I'm broken" he would state. He said it more in sadness. It was his entire response. He understood her. And their adventure would lead them to find uniqueness in what was going on here.

"Aye." As they would look ahead, there would be more dead and ashes trees. Like the world was scorched. The wind still blew. But it was not as forceful. They followed upstream with the river and would meet it's falls. A large cliff upwards. It was a sharp drop. It was a fracture. "Here is where I may have to leave you. Your next fate may not be as kind. Walk lightly." He would nod and move back and begin to make his turn to walk away. Thala would meet someone else here. That was for certain.

shook her head slowly as she watched and then the wolf spoke.  Thala sighed softly and she knelt down for just a moment to press a hand to the cheek of the fragment.  "You are broken, but like any good thing or person there can be a time where we are retempered and made stronger in the fires of our trials."  Thala moved her hand away and left but a small trace.  "If you need my help, simply think it."   Thala spoke softly. 

With that she turned towards the cliff.  Here was a break, a shift in his psyche.  It was time... her wings unfurled.  The multicolors of her power gone to a simple light pinkish purple hue as she flipped up the cliff, lighting her way to the top to land.  Tread lightly indeed... she walked slowly, trying to take in any sight that might help her.

The Echo:
As Thalas wings opened there would be a disturbance in the waters. Like something was rising. Circling. Moving. Thala woukd reach the top of that ledge. The wolf watched from below only briefly. He took in her words.

But what Thala would see now was not one like the wolf. No. It was bigger. What would rise from the waters would be a human like in shape. But like the last no face. Water poured from it. It rose above the cliff and turned slowly toward Thala. "Who allows you to wander this place.." the voice was deep. It was raspy.  And though the body male, it almost sounded like a woman.

The hand would raise to set in front of Thala like a wall. The other came around to make a cup to scoop her up, though gently, the giant would hold her.

"This. Is no place safe." The giant would uncup it's hands so she could see the mass devastation. Smoke. Fire. Ash. Storms. "You should leave. He deserves this.." there would be a glisten at the river. Like a silver screen and a movie. Thala would be able to see cowering children in its reflection. Families. Burned homes. Babies.

"He can't come back from this.."

Thala paused as the giant rose from the waters and her eyes fell on the images. Cowering children, burning homes and so much more.  But what they didn't show was why, or what had happened to Kiran inbetween all of this.  "All wounds heal, they may leave scars but they do heal if we let them.  That includes him, and you."  Thala spoke up as she lifted herself to the air, rising to be near to the face or what should have been the face.    On some level she wondered if that meant Kiran had not accepted his crime.  The winged alicorn pausing.

"People have done worse and saught redemption.  Some have found it while others have not.  But everyone deserves that chance.  And given that I feel he may not have been in his mind to begin with... I feel he truly needs a chance."

The Echo:
"He doesn't" short and simple in response. When Thala flew to its face she would see nothing there. Nothing but deep red running water. This giant didn't seem to mark much in malice. Thala would notice that.

There was a gentleness in This form. This was not one she would fight physically. "The fight you charge for us unwarranted. You want to heal a man whose mind has been lost. That he deserves to be saved. But his truth. Is in that he tried. He sought comfort in his neighbors, he sought their guidance. He was ignored. He was kept in the dark. And he broke...His destiny is in this..It is written here.." The hands would gesture all around the space. The entire canvas in which they could see.

"He is a prisoner here. Because he is deserving of this. What he has done, can never be undone.."

Thala shook her head slowly and watched the creature.  "Its not about changing the past.  Its about making a better future.  He has to see that, locking himself away in this moment it doesn't do anythign for him or the people around him.  Also not all neighbors or people would be invested in helping someone,  While his actions are surely his own and the crimes are his to live with, he can not think that all people would simply ignore him.    That is certainly not his destiny for if it were would I not have just left him?  If destiny wished him ignored it would have stopped me from being here.  Listen to reason..." 

Thala wasn't really talking to him, but to this place and to Ivailo or Kiran or whoeever.  Her eyes turning to the water.  "Again I know he has much to atone for.  But He can do that..."

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Re: Quest: Mending a Manic Mind
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UPDATED 10/31/18

The Echo:
"You are so sure he could live with it. But you remember the men he was. Kindness, brave, noble. I doubt his kindheart could take the memories that rest in this place. This sea will always be red. It will always echo the screams of children and families. I doubt he would be able to live with what he has done.." the giant reached a palm down to the water.

The water rippled at it's touch. It began to show the pictures of his madness both as a human and as his black lion as a third person. The cackling, the tears, the screams and roars. "This is then.." it would speak and then move it's hand around the waters showing then a possible future of him living with these memories in particular.

The stream would show a sullen man, alert but sad, sitting alone near a waterside beach. Bloodied hands. "If you are to fix him, these are things you have to consider. .. What gets to stay..there is a lot of doubt in his heart..a lot of missing pieces.."


Thala sighed softly and closed her eyes for a long moment considering this wraiths words.  A wrath of memories... Her hand moved to the water and she pressed a finger to the red.*  "I confess that I do not know Ivailo or Kiran well enough.  Yet i will not give up on him either." the alicorn let her finger trail along the red "I do not  know how to choose this.  And I worry that there is more here at play to. That his resurrection was not... Clean. But also some key moments still need to remain the same.  Bad choices that taught him..." 

Thala sighed again as she drew her hand back and once more her eyes glew that eerie color.  "show me... Let me help him"

The Echo:
"Your worry may be a reality, to our knowledge, he had never lost his. Even after a rebirth." The giant would speak and lower it's form to hers as she touched against the water. The giants head would tilt and it would nod slowly.

"I will show you what you wish." The giant would then stream ivailos death that the writer can't remember. The making of a nobly guardian of Luna. A protector of the moon, and the choice to give him new life in the form of a baby with all the memories of his adult life. The confession to a friend at a young new ages, the chase of a girl his own age, the inability to connect.

The search for a missing friend. The feeling of loss. The distance between him and his child. The confusion and the ache. The questions without answers. It would detail each death.

"I am not sure what you will encounter on your journey here to mend this broken man. But I have shown you his rebirth. I have provided you with what I am able. I can show you any of his memories. If there is more you need to see.."?  It trailed off. "Others will fight you to keep him in this state. The rest of Kiran will deny you.." It warned.

She nodded a little and her brows furrowed together.  "why would anyone do that.  A child can not be burdened like that.,."  Still there was a slow nod. "I can not change his past... But I think I know what needs to be done.  Ivailo is Kiran, but Kiran is not Ivailo and there needs to be a closure of that." 

Glancing up the alicorn nodded  "thank you.  I am ready to go deeper..."

The Echo:
"I have no way to tell you if that is correct or incorrect. You will need to be sure of this as you keep your journey." The giant would guide her toward the ledge and assist her to the top. Beyond her, lightning struck in the distance.

The ground was less cracked but still fractured. The fog was still present and thick. The giant leaned into the water placing it's entire arm in to reach the bottom and it spoke as it did so "I cannot help you in this fight, or guide you. But I can provide you something." As it spoke it would raise a dark staff from the waters. The end could easily pummel but there was something different about this.

"This will help you on your journey. When the time comes, it's use will be clear." It would state before bestowing it on her.

Thala took that hand, and the staff as it was offered.  She ran,her fingers along the pole and let herself feel both the energy and the material.  It was... Different.  "thank you."

With that she bowed her head and stepped forward.  Where was thia next?  The past, his doubt,.. What came next?  It honestly mattered little to Thala.  Steeling herself she stepped toward the storm..