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Annual Review 2017
« on: April 21, 2018, 11:58:46 PM »
Setting - Outside
The plaza before the intricate domed building known as The Choir was packed. Today was the day, as far as the populace could guess. Members of Battaglia Militancy stood with three feet in between each member along the base of the stairs to keep people from flooding the rotunda of guilds. They were garbed in more matching outfits than usual, with gunmetal black chain under a black velveteen tunic with gold decorative embroidery along the fringe. They each wore plumed hats as well with wide brims. Pinning the large feathers to the hat are golden brooches shaped as a treble with a sword running up through it. Behind them guardly representatives of the guilds wearing garb more unique but still ceremonial to their respective nations stood further apart at about five feet apiece. They stood a few steps up, easily seen by the crowd as easily as the wall of Battaglia guards on the ground. There were fewer in general than in past years, given the recent events, but the citizens of The Tapestry were not dissuaded. The Review was a sign of normalcy, as well as an example of the guilds coming together to attend to the issue at hand.

Setting - Inside A
Inside the building was a very open circular hall decorated like much of the rest of the city with many references to The Skald and heroes past. Carved or painted murals of heroic moments ranging from classical heroes in the form of knights, to the unusual such as the baker whose saved a town from starvation. Stone and stained glass, carvings of marble... everything fancy and ominous in one place. Their footsteps would echo, and seem sinful as though this were some church. Other guild emblems hung from pillared archways over doors, showing both unity as a grander nation and as directions to the local office within the building.

Battaglia's black banner with the gold embroidery draped from the desk at the center, looking completely out of place as a bookish girl sat writing among a stack of scrolls and books. The quill glowed blue and gold as she scrawled away. She’s recording your arrival as quick as a glance. A gesture of her head ushers you to continue behind her toward Battaglia’s main hall, but more specifically the iron spiral stairs leading down just to the left of it. The floor had been lifted up to reveal them and a Battaglia member awaited to ensure only the leaders or a single legitimate recognized representative for the guild would descend.

Setting - Inside B
Below the hall was not too different from its topside design. The same overbearing amounts of references to their deity. The ceiling had an odd quality, as the floor above had actually been lain with a light filtering geod of a peachy color, giving a golden skylight effect down here in the meeting room of the guilds. Classic as a story there was a single large round table with enough plush seats for each of the guilds with back draped in respective cloth, and room for more in the future, suggesting that perhaps the future could hold more.

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
Marietta sat in the one draped with black and gold, counting her breaths as she awaited the true arrival of the leaders she may have only met in passing as she grew up. She was not meant to be here-- her father was. She had Aleksandr escort her as far as he was allowed to go, which meant he was left up stairs now and she was alone listening to the faint echo of arrivals. She was dressed in something classical and layered, her silver-white hair plaited and pulled into a crowned bun. Her small bangle-crown sat crooked off-center on her head.

Quote from: Kodi of Otkrytoye Polotno
Today was the day, the day of the review...Kodi had come all the way from Coldhaven for this and she wasn't looking foward to it. Dressed in a tan corest top dress that flowed hidind her bare feet.  Her blonde hair was pulled and pinned up, a few strands framing her face. She was not looking foward to this, she usually kept to her lands and didn't venture out of them. As she neared The Chior, she saw the large groups of people. With a sigh and a light growl she walked as people called out to her, she ignored them all and walked up the steps, the guards broke giving her just enough time to slip through before reforming not letting one person through with her.  She walked inside seeing the Battaglia's black banner with gold embroidery. Her golden eyes spitted the bookish girl that sat writing

After she gestured Kodi to go past her, the alpha would move down the hallway, after a moment she saw the stairs and would decend them. Her eyes took in everything, from the amount of references to their deity, that Kodi fould a littl overbearing. She saw the round table and noticed a certain number of chairs, she figured for each guild leader. She felt a pinch before she sighed, Amara's chair would be empty and she would deliver the news of her death once everyone had arrived. As she took her seat she saw the blonde, "Prima..." She would say with a curtsy before she took her seat.

Quote from: Ignace of Chanson Isole'e
From his own guild hall here in the Choir, Igance arose, groggy and unfortunately sober.  He used the washroom to straighten his appearance and put on his clothes that he had delivered from a nearby tailor.  Today was going to be a pain in the ass for him, he just knew it, simply because he had to face it sober. Hopefully Hester would manage things and not decide to hold a drinking contest against sailors again before they left Chanson's port.

He strolled into the main chamber, where upon he gave a nod to the princess, who he had only just seen for the first time.  She was in THE chair though, so unless it was someone with more of an upstart attitude than himself, he soberly reasoned it had to be her.... or a stand-in.  It really didn't matter.  He managed a mid-way between unceremoniously flopping and elegantly sitting down in his chair, letting himself slink into it only slightly.  He nodded to the other guild leader. Another one he didn't know. He nodded to her, wondering if there was going to be an ice breaker of some sort. He stayed silent, short of his his crossed leg shaking and occasionally hitting the table.

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
She sat in uncomfortable silence as two arrived and.... not anyone else. She stared at the array of empty chairs, noting by the cue of color who failed to appear. Black, red, and gold of Handelsgilde-- which she shouldn't be surprised, she could not get a rise out of them while she was within their domain, standing on the stoops of the hall. The other was the green chair,  Elysion.  She didn't quite have an opinion on them yet, but this wasn't favorable even if they did save lives.  Staring into the middlespace she kept her cool and unless the other two tried to break it, the silence stayed for an hour or two before finally she could bear it no more.

"Well then, this has gone on far too long. We begin." Bluebell eyes were now focused on Kodi. "What has gone on in Otkrytoye Polotno? Your plans of the future for The Tapestry's continued and unified success?"

Quote from: Donklys of Uhrwerkstadt
The gnome knew he was late. By the goods did he know he was late. Letting out a heavy sigh, he you his way as fast as he could to the place he was expected to go on time, punctually and dressed accordingly.  The poor ol' globe was neither of these things. Clearing his throat awkwardly, the air of the room felt awkward and tense. He had been gone most of the time on business trips, but had been getting steady updated through associates on the state of affairs, and his own business. Letting out a sigh, the gnome bowed in an awkward fashion towards the Skald.

The gnome was wearing clothes from his most recent trip, and was fairly tattered as if he was in quite the fight, as his goggles seemed to brandish a crack on the left lense. Huffing as he walks towards the seat obviously designated for him, it was soon noticable that he wasn't even wearing his backpack like he usually was. Nodding towards to the others that had shown up, he scratched the back of his head.  "Mah' deepest apologies fer' bein' so late, Skald. Ran into quite a few mis'aps on the way back into town. Ope' y'all can forgive me for holding tings up." He says, looking around the room once more. The news of his friend Amara's passing still weighed in his mind, not sure how to touch on the subject, so he didn't say anything on the matter.

Quote from: Kodi of Otkrytoye Polotno
The snow queen looked at the empty chairs, her eyes would linger  a little longer on Elysion as pain filled her heart. She was sucked back into tht night relivin the horror in her head before she heard the Prim talk. Her golden hues looked over at her when she suddenly was looking to her. Kodi sucked in a breath before she spoke,

"It's been pretty quiet, only one intruder that wanted my land and pack. I won and gave his unconcious body to the healers and since then, it's just been myself and my pack. I plan on expading the pack, gathering more shifters. Bigger back is sucess for me..."

She told her with a small nod and a shrug,

"However I would  like to speak on behalf of Ecclesiarch of Elysion, Amara. Amara will not be attending the review becuase she has passed away. She died while defending her guild and her lands from  a being that isn't mortal. I just thought you should know that she had died. A quest has been set up to beg the Skald to bring her back......"

She explained before falling scilent once again as another entered, A gnome it seemed.....she wasn't farmiliar with all the guild leaders but he seemed to be the Merchant guild's leader. Interesting....

Quote from: Ignace of Chanson Isole'e
Ignace was listless, but kept it mostly under wraps.  If his foot would stop shaking for too long, then his finger would start tapping on the side of his chair.  If that stopped then he would shift to something marginally more or less comfortable until  he was back int he same position and the cycle seemed to start over again. He eyes followed the late comer, finding both his sudden and misplaced appearance amusing for a few fleeting seconds before the drudgery of having to be here overcame him again.  One of them had died? Well, that didn't seem to matter too much either. He stayed silent around form the noises his body made,  hoping beyond hope that things would move faster that way.

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
Her eyes narrowed with an obvious and distinct displeasure as she heard someone coming down the iron steps. Stiff posture, mostly from the lavish gown's steel-boned corset not allowing her to slump, just adding to the appearance, ire increasing as Donklys called her Skald.  "Prima," she corrected sharply before settling her attention back on Kodi, with a deep and slow nod and the closing of her eyes to express apology for the interruption.

All the while she was taking mental notes. No progress for Coldhaven, but plans for the future. How did that reflect on past years, she wondered and lamented the abrupt and violent passing of her father-- who would normally be in this seat.  She had to bring that up still and the explanation of Amara's death by a 'being that isn't mortal' did make for a little bit of a leaping pad.  However she wanted to hear about these other two, whatever they could offer. "My condolences... I shall ensure that we contribute to her pyre and if I am allowed I will come to Prasino Kolaz to pay my respects in person.  Battaglia is aware of a looming threat, and I will bring it up shortly after I hear from the two other leaders, unless they also have minimal to report."   From her perch Marietta alited her attention on Ignace next, expectant and waiting. She had not been blind to his fidgiting.

Quote from: Kodi of Otkryotye Polotno
Well the later comer just messed up and Kodi could not help but shake her head, she would nod her head accepting the apology she expressed and would nod to her, Coldhaven honestly might make more over the next year, but Kodi was just happy to have a pack....royalty and things were not really her thing. She was better off just staying in her lands. When she spoke about Amara,  she nodded and sighed hearing that the battaglia knew of the  threat. That made her feel better. When the spotlight went off of her and onto the other leaders., Kodi would lean back with a litght breath and listen to what the other has to say.

Quote from: Ignace of Chanson Isole'e
"My go? Well, its minimal but I'm still going to report it anyway." he said, after noting a few heartbeats of silence then seeing that he was only being looked at, while Otk's Nobile got a verbal queue to speak.  Yay consistency.  He sat up straight in his seat and held up a hand, counting off his points, raising a new finger with each. "I am Ignace Porier, newest among you I think. Probably. Glad to see we do introductions."  It was more of a point than a snip, as people often spoke in titles when it came to Nobile and the royal family, not names. It's not like this job came with a pamphlet or anything, either. You're new job and all the people you should know. That had a nice, simple ring to it. He cleared his throat before going on.

"We've got 4 stable drafts that we can brew throughout the seasons, so long as we maintain proper stocks.  Hester and I are working on a 5th one just for the winter season. "  He sighed and continued, moving into what was to him, more dull events. "The prostitutes continue to prostitute. The scholars are nearly non-existent at this point or have become literal hermit crabs. And crime remains low." He had all five fingers raised on one hand now, which he let fall back to his palm as he slumped back into his chair. "In short: nothing exciting, nothing new.  We're a small island after all, any greatness tends to flock away from it in search of adventure. That being said, if Candidature 9 can help, we will. I'm not sure what 2 people and a brewery can do to add against some 'immortal' menace." He said, using air quotes and a change of voice to highlight his disbelief on the immortality aspect.  And in fact, he did have some ideas, but before he'd tell, the scope of the threat had to be judged.

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
This was not telling her anything of useable worth, for the conflict to come or for the selection of the next royal consort. She resisted the urge to rub her temples as she unfortunately and brashly waved her hand to silence Ignace close to the end of his speech. "I thank you... for that unfortunate report. So and feel free this one time to correct me, but none of the guilds have done anything of verifyiable, kingly worth?"

She shouldn't have expected that much of them. The selection was based off a number of years, all of which the current king had been present for, save this one. He might have already had one in mind, or perhaps this was the make-or-break year.  So it was not worth continuing, even if all she had to listen to left was the late-arriving master of the merchant's guild.  Plus it was very likely there had been a shift in leaderships, Chanson itself had a history of a revolving door of guilds in charge and she personally only had to memorize names long enough to make greetings at an annual party. More than once was she told who they were as they were coming in the gate. This was... nothing new...  and this was a far too important of a decision for her to just give to either the merchants or the brewers just so she'd keep the crown in case Cyril made an appearance.

She had to be real about this. Standing from her chair she prepared her own speech. Never mind what Battaglia has done, this is what they were going to do. "We are aware that this threat is that of something we thought long removed from our histories. The very struggle that brought unity across the land and founded my family; the Virtuosos. Only one has seemed to be active, and Skald remain on our side that we squash it before any others awaken or reappear... What we do know is that it has come from Chanson." Her attention pointedly sat on Ignace, expecting him to have delved into this by now.
"We know what it does. A whole street of suicides is not coincidence. The lady in black is a virtuoso we need more knowledge of. Gather your strengths, any fighters you might have, scouts will be looking for her nest and we need to take her down." There was venom rising in her voice. She held the stage a while longer, looking at them. She was asking something they would already figure. Kodi's hunters would add to Battaglia's ranks and scouts. Elysion needed to be in top shape and capable of fending for themselves while rescuing the wounded on the field, pulling free the susceptible. Merchants would ensure they were stocked on all ends and use their bartering and trade for information gathering. Candidature 9... would... well...  light alcohol on fire? Hold the after party?

"The guild that provides the most information, or slays the beast itself... will be how we select my or my brother's betrothed. Let it be known and understood. Elysion has provided us much of the information, and the leader's heroic act will not go unnoticed. The rest of you, should you desire the crown, will need to strive for it."

Then another boring-holes-into look at the would-be-drunkard: "Chanson's scholars need to answer to why they mysteriously state that the Virtuoso were only 'defeated' and if there are more hibernating we need to know about them."

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Re: Annual Review 2017
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Quote from: Kodi of Otkrytoye Polotno
Kodi would listen as the Prima began to shout out order of wht they were going to do. The alpha would nod, her hunters would indeed help out the ranks of the battaglia, her scouts would look for the nest wittht he others. She didn't have many but with the numbers combined they had a decent amount. She would listent about the guild slaying it would be the one chosen and while Kodi wanted to help she really didn't want to be picked, she was happy just being an alpha away from people she would not mak a good royal. She would bow her head in respects to Elysion's fallen leader before she would look back at them,

"Should we start by looking around Elysion? Maybe it's still around there?"

She asked trying to think of the best way to handle this, if they spread out they could find her faster but lower numbers would be had if they did find her and the others would never know. If they traveled togethere, larger numbers but it would be longer before they found her. She would fall scilent before she listened to the other guilds before saying anything else.

Quote from: Ignace of Chanson Isole'e
Oh her words had irritated the man to no end. Withdraw or not, the woman’s ability to process anything useful was clearly a faculty she didn’t posses. “If you are done reading from a script you had prepared, perhaps you will be able to actually listen to some of the words shared here today.”  He said, nudging civility to the side slightly, rather than throwing it out the window like his heart demanded.

“Beyond checking in on the households of my land from time to time, like most recently ensuring that everyone had proper supplies to protect themselves against the upcoming Hounding or checking in on them occasionally. Or making some of the best damn beers fit for a king, then no, nothing ‘Kingly.’” Ignace said, using his now patented air quote fingers. He was sorely tempted  to go on about not holding jousting tournaments, or large feasts for nobility, or waging wars on…. Whatever it is he should wage a war on.  But he reeled in his sober tongue and left things as they were.  He ran his hand over his face and sighed loudly, not for dramatic effect but to simply relieve him the pressure of this stodgy and insufferable meeting.*

“Candidature 9 appreciates the invitation to this meeting, mandatory or not but it’s clear my words here have fallen on deaf ears and outside of your script,” he pressed on. “If such a ‘being’ came from Chanson, then my predecessors left no notes or any other indication of it’s happening.  Furthermore, I will reiterate that our scholars. Are. Gone.” He said accentuating his punctuation with a tap of his forefinger against the table. “They cease to exist, especially as they once were. There’s not even a library or any sort of central gathering of intelligence.  If you want answers, you need only look as far as your nose.  Battaglia and your banner-men wondrous banner-men were the ones who fought. Anything recorded would either be first hand experience or more likely dictated to scholars by Battaglia generals.  Do not, for a moment, Prima” he said, rolling the R off of his tongue to accentuate the name, “think that blame falls on a single group of people.”

“To that: Even if this information does exist on your perpetuated fairy tales, it’s likely to lie in people’s attics and even I could convince surviving family members to relinquish their tomes and treatises, I have no viable means of parsing that information at this time and most likely won’t in the future.  I bring on brewers, not information professionals, not soldiers nor spies.  Brewers.”

“How can you be so blind and trusting?” he said, turning his attention to Kodi. “If this thing truly existed and was as powerful as the fairy tales suggest they were, my entire island would be dead or have it’s foot deep into the grave when it supposedly came from and left it.  I would be dead as I haven’t left my island in years. Battaglia and the Prima have far too much to answer for to be trusted so blindly.”

He turned his attention back to Mahrieta. “So speak, Prima,” he said, rolling the R again, only shorter this time. “And not from your script.  Where is your information coming from? How can you expect us to believe you?  How is it not more likely that it is some simple one-trick-poney sorceress and not a fairy tale creature that took entire armies to fell?”

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
Her alabaster skin saved her from looking pale as the brewer started to chew into the situation. His eyes were open, he was more aware than his lazy Chansonite demeanor suggested. Every time he over accenuated it grated in her ears like a grindstone. It sparked something in her, one at first of admiration before it completely and wholly infuriated her, her own inner flame engulfing it like the sudden pop of a big fish's mouth. He was right, though, but she would have to let him know that without releasing her hold on the crown. Why should they heed her orders, she had not proven anything to them, she had not been officially chosen as the follow up.

"I have not placed any blame, but do know that any records, written by Battaglia or otherwise, would have been kept there in your chateau among those scholars. Are you telling me they took or destroyed hundreds of years of history?" Next, she supposed he would point out that she should have copies of everything, which was true and she had personally gone through as much of it as she could on her own. There had been nothing so far of the door in the catacombs she had opened. Nothing of what exactly happened to the Virtuosos after the war. Aleksandr would say it later, history was written by the victor. That meant the victors-- her family, the guilds united, left that information out. Perhaps the war was never over and this peace was fabricated. Meizarae did seem to have simply been waiting... "Or perhaps, assuming they would have been the same ones in my own rooms at the Manor, that we are in a far more confounding situation. A more dangerous one."

All else had fallen from the room, with her gaze sliding down her small nose to lock onto the hops-man. "I have encountered this Virtuoso myself. I was in the catacombs when she came out and that whole street in your city had offed or nearly offed themselves. I saw the bodies of the hanged ones they had not been able to cut free... the ones under sheets in a row like how they were in my great hall not too long ago. Near the end of that festival you hold every spring, by the way. Perhaps you would have taken more notice if it were during the more party centric part of it, when your booze would have flown more vibrantly. Of course, you might have dragged me home as well then and perhaps I would be dead along with my parents-- Skald rewrite them-- and this conversation would not be happening."

At last she breathed, attention shifting briefly to Kodi. "I have sent one or two that direction but it is too soon for me to have heard back. More would not be frowned upon. My brother should also be sought. His body has not been accounted for therefore he very well could be alive."

Quote from: Kodi of Otkrytoye Polotno
Those golden eyes locked onto the one snapping at her and Kodi bit back a growl but failed, she ended up growling,

"I am so trusting to her because I don't belive the Prima has time to sit around thinking of ways to desieve us...I belive that what she says is of the up most importance...."

She was annoyed and really wanted to throw something at his face but.....that would be rude...leaders didn't do that (well she did but...she was only a leader becuase she was in charnge of the pack and on control of all of her pack's territory. Her attention went back to the Prima as she tookd control and would listen before she looked at her. Kodi would shift in her seat facing her a little more. She'd not in understading and would go back to thinking and hoping this would be over soon....she really just wanted to get back to Coldhaven but knew the Virtuoso had to be stopped.

Quote from: Ignace of Chanson Isole'e
Ignace’s eyes narrowed at the Prima as she finished her speaking. Something new was sparking in him, but it could wait while he addressed the pressing issue of a lack of scholars and the like. “Anything is possible. What is to keep the disgruntled guilds of the past that have been forced to vacate due to failures or surging popularity of other guilds, to not take out their frustrations on a room or three?  Or one of these mythological Virtuosos, or even a disillusioned sympathizer, from infiltrating a guild and destroying the records kept in the Chateau?” He put forth his questions with vigor and certainty.  They were just as likely as the Prima’s scenarios, if not more so, after all.

“A chateau is no record house, no place of muses beyond a private collection and as such is in no way fit for maintaining historical records of national importance. I have yet to find any such set of records, or else we wouldn’t be having this part of the conversation.  I can open more of the chateau open to the public if they help search for these “documents” you speak of, if they even exist and aren’t forgeries. And what, dear Prima” he said, rolling that R again, “were you even doing in the Catacombs during a festival?” He didn’t rise to her barbs. He wasn’t in power at that time, so it wasn’t a worry what he heard through rumors about that event. A suicide cult was more likely the scenario in his mind than any false-god, not that there was any real god, character causing it all. And if the entire street had offed themselves and yet somehow the Prima didn’t despite encountering the being, well, that just didn’t make her story any more realistic to Ignace.

"Both of you enjoy the stories that are spoonfed to children, then.  I’ll see what I can find of these documents and  maybe there’s still some scholar kicking around Chanson that knows how to separate history from mythology.  If not then the both of you will just have to pray your Skald gets off their ass and grabs one.” Ignace said, rolling his eyes at Kodi’s response.

Quote from: Marietta of Inizio D'Oro
She was silent, regarding him with a still-faced fury, the sort of boiling under skin that steamed from her ears.  Almost every word was right, she was little match in her current knowledge and state. Her palms throbbed like stigmata with the talk of the catacombs, joined by the ribbon of heat around her neck. She felt like they were open wounds bleeding profusely, but their lack of reaction reminded her that it was all figment, like Meizarae's taunting words that ticked her ears in the manner of a snakes tongue. You will do it again.

Marietta considered his truths one by one. "All true but it has and if there are any gems of knowledge stowed away within your walls then they must be dredged up now. Forgeries cannot be be destroyed if they are not found... so I expect your ilk to double check lest you want me to personally leaf through your abode."

The sneer was more felt than shown, lips keeping a painted thin line on her visage.  She kept her gaze locked upon the brewmaster as she adjusted her shoulders. "Perhaps you missed the posters declaring me missing as of the Gala? It was only recently that I was returned to my home by Handelsgilde's courier."

Time for a white lie... and a prayer that the web it began would hold fast. "I found myself in the catacombs steeped in water.... and a woman in black and blood weighed me with sinking dread... I could not stand on my own until she had left. I followed the ruin out of there, because I would not be caught there, not when I know full well the power and lack of empathy minds like yours posesse. I will not continue my trauma with you."

Her eyes batted. Her silent way of nailing it shut. Then for a second longer than necessary she stared at a good rimmed glass of water, pondering about her parched throat and the soreness reverberating there still.

"Moving on. My brother Cyril's body was never accounted for, thus for now I will not count him out of the running. Whomever my father had in mind for us as suitor and the next wearer of the crown... matters not. I have not the knowledge of his choice, nor, do I suspect that they are even in present company. So... without the merits of years as our predecessors had... I will consider the efforts of the guilds and the most fruitful in our battle to come will be the suitor for Cyril or myself. This is not unheard of, reserved for skaldborne who have performed a great undeniable service. I extend this to you, for this occasion. Our mutual secretary here in the choir will track your findings and actions."

Marietta wouldn't wait for a response, making a firm gesture that she was ready to leave. "Seek me with questions. You are permitted to leave."

She had announcements on the stoop of the Choir to make. With or without them behind her there. She would be last to leave up the coiled iron stairs, choosing to take a breather. Worried. She had plans to erect, and erect them fast.