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June 2020
« on: June 20, 2020, 03:15:42 PM »
Good thing RP is already social-distancing approved, amirite?  8)

Our little site continues to grow and it's really nice seeing new faces into the mix, not to mention the re-connection with old ones. As your stories continue to flood the Tapestry you have made your needs loud and clear. I am working on them, little by little (and grateful for all those offers to donate!) and for a little bit I was feeling overwhelmed. I'm glad this world is sparking so much creativity and camaraderie!

That being said one item that has been on ALL of our wish lists for some time has been a map detailing the world of The Tapestry. Believe me, I have been trying so let me break down this saga: I have asked multiple people, commissioned twice, even and came up empty. I have personally tried drawing it, looking up all sorts of cartography resources to try and craft this as best I could. I tried using free map generators. I tried old hand ones. It just wasn't happening.

Until now.

I finally did it. I will say, this was not my initial design but it is one I like far, far more. This might flip your perceptions of the place on their heads and I'm so sorry for that... but I hope what I have produced will more than make up for it.  To see this masterpiece, just head on over to the wikis' Regions section. This will not be the only map, as I hope to eventually give you region specific maps as well as city maps. But as all things, it'll come in due time.

Other Updates
  • Verse2 the mobile friendly version of the site, with improved layout and features is still in progress and is looking pretty good. I am still considering boosting us to a dedicated server instead of a shared one to give us more flexibility for what I am allowed to do per the host ToS. I feel like I am so close to getting this right and yet I can go days without any progress! It sucks, I'm sorry.
  • The Discord server has sections for each of the active guilds so you can organize rp and new players can perhaps just post in there that they would like to join ;) We have had a surge in guilds popping up, including another mercenary group [Red Hawkes] and a band of thieves [The Roustabouts].

    Of course you can check out the information on them and other guilds through the wiki.
Upcoming Events
Reminder: It's almost Summer in the Tapestry which means Fortschrittsfeier time! Uhrwerkstadt's largest celebration will be held June 25th - 27th by the region's head guild: Handlesgilde.