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Setting: Tent
Players: Arwick Tinuveil, Shi Shen & Travis


Shen looked between them, at the sneer, at how it seemed to temper Arwick,s normally volitile behavior, there was nothing overt, but shortness quicknes in change of flow seemed to have been stemmed. Listening to the two speaking he added a little about Arwick and why she was there. He thought about it for a moment what did he know. "Well you have heard of the dream then, that is similar, but each person describes their impression of it differently, It has something to so with the last time the virtuosos were active, though just what...well records are limited, it is something that I have been looking into a fair amount, though as you know there is little in the way of information about that time so I have not uncovered much."

He then looked to Arwick. "I would be happy to hear anything that you know about those events, or the circumstances surrounding them."


Taking a few sips of the wine she tilted her head slightly and closed her eyes for a short moment as she spoke

"I knew nothing of it until the evening the Prima summoned me over to bear witness to Amara being discharged from the guilds care and into hers. The Prima asked Amara if she had the experience of the dreams and she attested that she had and showed some surprise at the fact that she knew of them to the exact extent of them. Could it be that the Prima shares the same?"

She opened her eyes and looked to Shen before taking another sip of the wine.

"It stands to reason that if the dreams were active during the time of the Virtuosos it may be tied to them or perhaps, and artifact that somehow all involved in having the dreams share a link?"

She puzzled about the speculation as the wine was starting to help suppress the pain and clear her mind


At the word 'Virtuoso' Travis would look more serious. Those times flashing briefly before his eyes before dying away again. Both sides were on either team and they both had different information to bring to the table. Plus the smirk on his smug face just screamed, I knew it.

"Seems to me someone or something took great care to not have much information left behind," knocking on the table top he would then spread his hand over the books and parchments, "Gaps missing in timelines. Things seeming to be written over. Some how one remembers details differently than another."

A shake of his head right there to stop himself. Gather thoughts in order to make sense without just running his mouth off. So he would wait glancing from Arwick to Shen. Though as Arwick said the questions, there would be noise.

There was a mini fight going on inside his head with what card to play next. It was questions! And they had the answers! They had to speak!

"Anyways," his eyes did darken to nearly black, "Samael, the forgotten prisoner, the demon that was seen in The Choir making a ruckus. Said that it felt a powerful dark presence in Asphodel's when the knight, the prima, and the demon was all there. It mentioned that over and over again about The Prima giving blood to heal The Knight and the dream. As if the damn guy was on a loop over reliving and repeating that night again. The Tree. The moon. The wolf. Dark strong power and wanted to go after it and made my berserk out. Pretty much black out."

A hand gesture was then made, "To back it up, since I was there for certain parts. Amara guild home base was in Elysion where the Virtuoso was sitting in there and the armies of men was slaughtering themselves," another hand gesture there, "They all share the same. The Prima, Amara, and Samael and maybe some others."

Shen looked between the pair of them as they both gave what they knew from their perspective, Arwick and The Baron both with their bits of information and their questions,  Shen watched each of them closely, and nodded as they relayed what was said.

He addressed Arwick's speculation first.  "Perhaps it is, but one cannot really be sure.  Should you like to speak with the Prima about these dreams, I would be happy to conduct the formalities of setting up a meeting with either one of you."  He glanced to Travis before back to Arwick watching her start to introspect as Travis began to talk He had a feel for the man and something about the topic caught a type of attention that had not been there before.

"Well that is not necessarily true, nor do I believe it is false.  Be careful Baron when dealing with those things that are not understood. I should not think that that is true, nor should I think it is untrue, simply we do not have enough information about it.  Think about the Tapestry, one might take care and pluck from it all things that came from one, or one might take one strand of the tapestry and leave it untouched by a flame retardant coat, then light the thing on fire so it burns away, things close to it unraveling a little so it seems that care was taken, when really it was quite the opposite."

He then listened to the focus of the man, having given him a second thing to think on, now or later,  he thought about it.  "A question on the topic you spoke on, the forgotten prisoner, can you tell me more about them and what you know, it seems that could have some bearing on the circumstance."  He answered,  cautious as he did.  Darkening eyes were those of a focus generally more primal that intellectual, so he would measure his responses when it came to that, eyes glancing to Arwick to see if she had the same.  Earth to relax, interesting.

As Samael, the forgotten prisoner was mentioned she flexed her jaw, she was not settled in how she intended to react just yet though for now she would let it go and bide the time. Then as the Baron answered her question about the shared dream she gave a slight nod and took notice to the hand gestures and wouldn’t press him with questions about it accepting that if he wanted her to know anything he would relay that to her when he felt the time was appropriate.

Her eyes grew wide as Shen passed warning to the Baron about dealing with things that are not understood, and she looked to the Baron as if waiting for any indication that she should act in his behalf of Shen’s disrespect, he would have no idea exactly what the Baron may or may not understand, but as the Baron’s eyes darkened she quickly glanced at Shen and could see he took notice to the change and she relaxed as the misunderstandings and misinterpretations in conventional terms that seriously interfered with Shen’s scholarly communication were clear.

Shen didn’t understand the Baron nearly as much as he thought he did and now it seemed as though it was the scholar, the adviser that was not letting on in his knowledge and that annoyed her. He knew much more and the complete disregard of her mentioning an artifact was either null or inopportune for him to acknowledge.

She settled her eyes on the neutral bottle of wine and waited to see who surfaced before she would give any answer on a meeting with the Prima in case the Baron wanted to take up that opportunity himself burying her bare feet in the dirt that made up the floor of the tent grounding herself
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Re: Countryside
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A subtle roll of his eyes and a flash of his fangs. Right now he was more annoyed than pissed off. Allowing the calmer greedy side for information to come out. So far, he was providing the most out of all three. Which, made him just annoyed enough to smile at Shen like a cat eyeing a mouse that was about to get messed with.

"Well in order to understand something sacrifices must be made," the smile still in place, "Is that not what one does." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Just left out the, for the greater good, part.

Just like a roach, he had things in place to ensure he comes. Some how or another. Didn't mean that The Skald or someone couldn't figure away to take him out. Or it could be his smugness was making him think he could out live a lot of things. Eh, oh well.

Glancing to Arwick he would still smile on, "Maybe the artifact might be a clue. Maybe there is more clues hidden about and some have it. Others are hidden. If not some are in our very faces yet are not seen..." A shrugs at that, "As for the forgotten pioneer I have pretty much told what was said. The dream. Prima healing the Knight with her blood and The Forgotten Prisoner helping out until a dark powerful presence came and made him demon out."

Tapping his nails across his thigh to a beat only he could hear. A slow melody at first and picking up to drop off. His free hand running his fingers through his hair helping add to the thoughtful expression on his face. It wasn't a real question so, not more to tell.

"All though," he seems to perk up and his ears twitch, "Arwick," those darken eyes turn to her that resemble dry blood, "Did you learn anything before your unfortunate daring rescue?" It would sound like he was teasing her but his eyes were shining with pride. As I'd saying, at least you didn't die.

Shen's eyes pulled their focus back, now on neither of the two, he could sense the atmosphere that had come to be, a tension in Arwick that was something he expected in the Baron after what he said. He felt the mood change in the conversation, then Arwick buried her feet in the dirt, he had indeed said nothing on the topic of the artifact, that was true.  He kept her in the side of his thoughts, she had always been quick to take up on emotion, and now she grounded herself, was that something, or simply part of the person that she was, another question, a curiosity for another time?

He could tell that the man before him has little respect for him at the rolling of eyes, then something he had not expected, a little flash of the fangs, ignorance, an irritation, pointing it out,  something more.  Then that look, like a cat eyeing something he was about to eat, interesting.  Would he do something or was it just a display?  Shen left his focus out at the two,  He was not what he once was and knew if they decided to make trouble.

"Knowledge can be gained in many ways," he responded almost instantly as The Baron began to speak on what it took to understand something.  "Many require sacrifice, yes, perhaps all if you consider the loss of opportunity to understand something else at the same time."
He continued on to talk on the Artifact and how it might be a clue, ones that are shown, ones that are hidden, the dream, the presences, all the while as he finished the fingers tapping, not in a set rhythm, what it was that had that little bit of his focus, that had seen it drawn to his fingers who could say, another thing to keep in mind.

The eyes turned to Arwick and asked off topic if she had learned something,  was that pride in them, there was an emphasis on the work learn?  did that mean something there, hmm, well in any case, he'd have to wait to see if the new topic related to him at all, staying quiet for the time, staying relaxed leaning, after all what was to be done here,  if they wished to press him, they had chosen a good place for it, and he had gambled that what they wished to discuss was important enough to be worth the risk.  For the moment it seemed the trip had been an interesting one, hints if not knowledge revealed, perhaps as the conversation shifted he'd see it was not to a new topic, but to a different side of the same one.

She could feel the shift of emotion in the Baron and didn’t even need to look at him, the mood in the immediate area between the three was getting nothing done, and she sighed lightly silently wishing she had a book or something that cold occupy her time as she was completely done with the entire thing, this round and round game of questions and no answers apparently nobody knew anything and speculation was all there was.
The tapping seemed to be of a rhythm of war drums and she gave a slight smirk as it was a continuous war on the inside with him and she could relate just to a different extent
Looking to the Baron then as he directed his attention to her in the form of a stated question she traced her fingers over the tabletop and shrugged

“No, not yet I haven’t, seems the Skald has plans for me yet. It was purely instinct to put myself in front of the Prima, as a subject it is my duty regardless of position or status. It all happened so fast I doubt the Prima is aware of my actions but more of my health”

She wasn’t in the slightest boastful but rather matter of fact she expected nothing from her actions. Glancing to Shen she caught him looking to her feet as they were covered with the dirt and wiggled her toes playfully. It was part of who she was, nature and the elements played a large part of who she was, after all she was an elf more than her human counterpart among other things

"Well then," the tone was sarcastic as if he was verbally slapping one in the face. At least some information was given out and somethings was mention. Still this going around and around the bush chasing the damn weasel was about to make one set shit on fire. Likely, this one wasn't close to doing it.

"Seems The Skald is having fun letting us have one string in the tapestry's pattern and unraveling it then throwing us a bundle of knots." A light shrug at that, "If not, not looking to hard for the information for not in the right place or time..."

A question to be asked to another and yet to get derailed. The plan didn't go to well in that department but did give us something to work with. Only time could tell if it work d into their favor.

"Anyways," the tapping stops, "Maybe The Knight there has more answers. Thing is, he is missing. The Prima wants him found and to be handed over to you," a look to Shen, "A search is on but...." A shrug to that. Leaving it to hang in the air, "Maybe a wanted poster of information for what we are somewhat looking for might turn up results."

Looking outside the tent flap he would go silent. The shadows we're whispering again. To bad it was irrelevant information, "Do you have anything to put in?" A look to Shen, "If not maybe we should reconvene some weeks from now and see if any progress is made."
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Re: Countryside
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Shen thought about the Skald and her plans and Amara, death did not end the Skald's plans for one if it was not wanted.  That was something about the nature of this place that was interesting to him.  "Perhaps and perhaps not, when one has touched the fire rush of combat it is interesting how in some ways they are hyper observant while in others oblivious, you'll see soon, once things have calmed down I am sure."

To the baron simply a nod to his first statement, that seemed to be every string in the Tapestry.  Then he transitioned, finally, there was the reason he had been called,  the Knight, the Prima asked for him to be brought to him. Ah, yes, That would be the reason he had been asked here, a gentle smile appearing on his face. "A wanted poster would be a good idea, for the shared dreamers, as to my information on that.  I might ask do you remember my full name?  If so, then perhaps you know, and if not perhaps there is time to think on it."  A little small frown followed the second part.

"Unfortunately that is the reason I think I was asked if a shared dream is what unites them as for reconvening, that seems like it may be more fruitful.  In the mean time the posters seem like a good idea so long as he is tied to the cities, if he can survive in the wilderness well enough it could drive him into hiding that he cannot be found. Still, if nothing has surfaced on his location yet it could be the only way to stir things up."

Hearing the Baron speak of knots she nodded and quietly recited the saying that went something like “oh what a tangled web” in her mind as she listened to him go on about the tapestry, she was in agreement that a poster for the missing Knight would be a good start but didn’t offer anything as far as a voice on the matter as she had no information on the subject. She had no objections on reconvening either and just then a yawn escaped her and her eyes gave away that the day’s events were catching up to her not to mention the process of healing.

Hearing Shen speak of the fire rush of combat she raised a brow slightly wondering if he thought this was perhaps the first time she had known battle, but his impression of her background meant little to her and shrugged it off as she wouldn’t be volunteering that sort of information

She caught the smile from Shen as the Baron mentioned the posters and tilted her head slightly wondering if he though finding the Knight was the reason the Baron wanted to meet with him, surely he didn’t think that was the sole purpose otherwise this entire day was for nothing since the whereabouts of the Knight was the smallest subject of conversation, not that it wasn’t important just not as important

Just then as he asked the Baron if he knew his full name she tilted her head not understanding where the bearing was in the knowledge of his name and she mumbled aloud as she looked away “riddles in the dark” then as he mentioned things being stirred up she spoke up with the everlasting presence of respect in her tone as she addressed the Baron

“If it’s all the same to you I will take up on that offer of scheduling a time to meet with the Prima that is unless of course you wanted to reserve that meeting yourself? And I would be more than happy to oversee the making of the posters as well if you wish”

Things already felt calm. Calmer than they should be but, that was to be expected after The War had ended and people started to grieve. Though under that calm there was still trouble brewing and people, or beings, taken advantage of it. One being, him.

The gentle smile and then to the little small frown made him lift a brow. A quick look inward made a ruckus as it was all pieces together quickly then thrown back out.

"We recall your name," a small nod at that. His eyes darken briefly before lighting back up to the color of dry blood, "Think not much in it but doing it. Though, are you willing to help out more?" a glance to Arwick, "Oversee the wanted posters. One for the Knight, a thousand gold. Another poster for information on regarding strange happenings fifty gold. From dreams that others share, to feeling dark dangerous powers, or that to missing people's."

His eyes would flick up to the tent flap as the shadows would grow then shrink down. A deep sigh at that as his pointy ears would swivel back, "Would say had abnormal deaths as well. The days are crossing into the upcoming, dreadfully fun, The Hounding."

As for the question on the meeting he would give a look that made him question his own sanity and theirs as well. Another sigh at that as he snaps his fingers and a spark appears, "If the Prima will allow me the honor to see her once again, so be it. She most likely won't until The Knight is found. Continue on with the meetings in my place."

Shen waited patiently as the conversation  moved to the fact they did recall his name, then topics moved to those more private, it seemed just thoughts were directed his way, and to them he'd have no reply.  As for how the Baron handled gathering information, that was up to him, a great deal he was looking for, but sometimes that was the only route left to you, and each piece of information stated was something that could prove to be the piece that lead things somewhere.  He'd have to keep an eye on what was coming of that should they be posted up.

Arwick had once again turned her thoughts inward, a habit he had seen something had been mumbled, but just what it was, he did not make out, though her respect for the Baron, one that knew her ties to nature would help her more than medicine, it was something to keep in mind when dealing with the two, even thought the Baron's manner did not seem to show the same, deeper his actions did show something of a nurturing nature when it came to her at least.

"It would seem that you have moved to your own business, was there anything else that was on your mind to discuss?"  The current topics played out, if there was more dancing for more time would not help to reveal any of it, best to move things along, or to return to the city.

As the Baron had confirmed that “we recall your name” he was speaking for himself and not her but she nodded in turn that she did indeed remember his full name and made the connection then as to what he referred, she thought that was very interesting and was very curious of how that worked out

She looked to the Baron and gave him a reassuring nod that she would do whatever work was needed and take on the responsibilities of her position
“Of course”

Then upon hearing him speak of “The Hounding” a quizzical look fell over her as she had no idea what that was, she would make it a point to ask about it later

Hearing Shen ask of anything else to be discussed she looked to him and nodded

 "If your offer is still open to arrange the meeting with the Prima is still open, I'd like to take you up on it, let me know when the time may be available, and I will meet you there. I will see to it the posters are made and distributed"

She sat up then and rubbed her arm taking notice that is was not as tender as it was when the meeting started it was healing nicely as well as her side then brought her attention back to Shen for his confirmation one way or the other
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Re: Countryside
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Anything else to talk a out? Oh, there was a lot but right now they were somewhat satisfied with what was talked about at the present moment. More to come! So stay tuned for next week's...

"I would say yes but, there might be...," From the color of dried blood to bloody crimson it was clear it wasn't, "Just one more detail to go over."

The mood change to from serious bored, that I am here to do a job and keep calm. To, well now! Someone forgot to invite me and let me put my two cents in! Smirking as if he knew a secret he would place his elbows on the table, lace his fingers together, and rest his chin upon them.

"Would like to discuss more about your abilities but we know and have a feeling you would just flip things around, upside down, and distract us with some other topic," the eyes would flash bright then the pupils would slit up, "Very naughty Shi Shen but we will let it slide. You are sided with The Prima and not with us. No hard feelings of course!" His eyes widen at that, "Just in due time..."

The smile said so much. Then it was gone and his eyes were now locked on Arwick, "You can leave with him or stay and heal for one more day," there was a way to hurry her process up but the pain was a good lesson tool and helped with when to draw a line, "Yet listen closely for any The Hounding stories and when the time comes, don't wonder outside. Unless of course you wish to die or go missing."

His ears would perk up and the look upon his face made him look like a mischievous child waiting for her response. Still there was a debate if he would go outside this time around for this next event. After all, Amara and him some how did magically live through that ordeal. Illusion had died. The undertaker and many others missing....


Shen nodded to Arwick. "Yes, given what you have done recently it should be little trouble to arrange a meeting between the two of you.  So as to inform her may I ask the topic of topics you plan to discuss?"  Her arm seemed better, the way it moved, he had never been talented in the healing arts, but it seemed she was recovering nicely. Perhaps he had misjudged the wound, or perhaps there was some healing magic at work, maybe her body itself simply regenerated more quickly than your average human's.

The Baron had said that there might be more to discuss, his eyes once more changing colors, something that, with time, he was sure would tell something about the man.  It seemed that there was something else, he was not sure if it was more about his abilities, the things the Baron thought he would twist around. "Baron, I do not think that you have the right of me in such matters of sides.  I was not aware that you were on different sides, How then could I have chosen one over the other, mere happenstance has put me upon one.   It is no fault of mine, nor malice toward you that has resulted in me being where I am."

He paused a few long seconds, glancing to Arwick once more.  "You have traveled with me, though not as far as would have been prudent to avoid this sort of misunderstanding,  If you recall I was quite disappointed in the act of moving so swiftly to the capitol,  now you can see why, a possibility that seems was a bother. You have had my mentor ship when it came to uncovering the knowledge hidden here as well, and been in the place with those I have worked closely with in the city, have you heard or seen me use any power?"

His lips curled down at the sides once again as he closed his eyes for a pair of seconds. "Hmm, yes."  His words mostly to himself, then he looked up to each of them, waiting to see if they wished to discuss his powers of simply part for the time.

When the Baron asked Shen about his abilities she tilted her head slightly wondering what exactly Shen possessed as side from knowledge and seeking of such, a good reader and a bad interpreter perhaps but as far as supernatural she was unaware of such and was curious what Shen would reply

Then as the Baron spoke on the topic of The Hounding a brow raised at his jest on it but took the
warning of the options he shared seriously

“I like a game of chance as much as the next person, but as of certain exhausting events of late I don’t
believe I will be partaking in either missing or death for a while”

Her attention then went to Shen as he mentioned that the meeting would be arranged with little effort as of what had transpired recently but a look of perplexity fell over her as he asked what the topic of
topics would be discussed

“Recent events, of course”

When she named the topic, it struck her as odd as it was like she was just repeating his very question and went over it again in her own mind to make clarification of it then shrugged with a firm nod

Once Shen turned his attention to the Baron on some rattling on about taking sides she was
still musing in her own thoughts about the posters that would be made up concerning the knight and leaned her head against one hand with her elbow resting on the table not really paying much mind as it had little to do with her

As Shen addressed her seeking her opinion on his habitual persona she didn’t notice he was addressing her and there was a short silence before she looked up between the two taking notice that Shen was looking at her

“Oh, Well..yes your disappointment was noted then as it is now that the trip here was
hurried up on my part but I think it would only be fair to point out that even upon arriving when we did it was to my disappointment that you saw it more important to leave me to my own accord in which I sought out the Prima with no formal introduction to find my way and lodgings as she so graciously lent me the guild office as it was too much of a bother for
you to be of any escort, proving nothing of the sort.

If you believe that it is because of my misfortune in coming here at your request, then you would be correct in saying that is the reason the Baron has judgment of you but it’s not, that is of your own doing.

 I have not and never will be a judge of character as far as you are concerned Shi Shen, that is for you to present for yourself in which case you have. As far as your powers, I was unaware you had any.”

She looked to the Baron and have a slight dip of her head as if to signal “I have no idea” to him before looking back at Shen for the opportunity to continue addressing her if he wished

A sigh was given followed by a sharp laugh. It was interesting watching the auras shimmer down to then jump up even if just a fraction. Something even if a small snap was exciting him and he would purr as his pupil's did slit up. Hell, if he had a tail it would most likely be swishing right about now.

"You two sound like lovers having spat match. Ah, adorable."

Ears would twitch as he stands up and places his hands upon the desk surface. His fingers tapping out a more exciting rhythm as he tries to contain himself smirking all along and his words sounding amused. No questions that was truly asked but he would give a brief answer.

"Lawful Chaos, that is my side," Arwick would know what he meant by that, "We are all given roles to play. Some find themselves in mere happenstances of their choice or it is picked for them. The Skald works in mysterious ways and I feel my happenstance can go either way."

A quick stop in the rhythm, "No malice towards you Shi Shen, I find you...whatever word of your choosing, to not feel that towards you," a brief look to Arwick then back to him, "Yet quite right, no right to you in the matter of sides. Though I do hope that allies are better."

With that he would leave the table and head towards the tent flap, "To quick or to slow. Ah, a lovers spat indeed. Even worst caught out in the middle of The Hounding being that will get you killed quickly," Turning he would bow and then wink when he straightens up, "I like to judge for myselfs. Whispers can only carry so much weight from others. For it can always twist and fall away when passed along. Much like swimming in dark waters with sharks with only a few life boats and dolphins about."

Falling quite to quell inside about the painting of the word picture that best describe how they saw it. There was only so much doing a boring word play could take things, "Anyways, next time, the tea party will be exciting..." With that he would leave the tent and walk off, "Nice talking to you both."

Shen let out a little hmm as Arwick recounted the start of things.  "I see, well, I should say that I missed the mark in my judgement of your patience when I presented the Inn to you for your stay.  I don't think that shall matter overmuch.  In any case I should ask of you, given the timbre of this meeting, should you like to discontinue the interaction predicated on the purpose that required that trip?"

He waited for her answer, then his attention then turned back to the Baron. I am glad of that, Baron, and I look forward to the developments that are soon to come, though until then I am certain I will be occupied most thoroughly, do either of you have any requests of me until then?"

She tilted her head slightly hearing the Baron say they sounded like they were having a lovers spat and then looked to Shen for a moment as she had never seen Shen in that light. But then in the slightest moment she did think on it after all he did have much to offer as a suitor and it wouldn't be a bad match, but he probably didn't see her in that way or had given the time to consider it, he may not even find her attractive since she had nothing to offer in return

She then looked back at the Baron and gave a slight dip of her head when he spoke of the lawful chaos and didn't put more than that into it as he continued to speak on sides

As the Baron made his leave her attention came back to Shen and she looked defeated almost shameful as he elaborated on his misjudgment of her and her complete abandonment of respect towards him, he had struck a nerve with her but that should not have caused her temper to flare no matter the situation and would now attempt to salvage what he would allow

"No, I would like to continue if you would let me. I am grateful for the opportunity and am better for your mentor ship. I apologize for my behavior, not that there is any excuse for it"

She frowned and gave him all but sad puppy dog eyes hoping he would let it go once again

A soft bitter laugh came out of his mouth before Travis had a chance to stop it. His eyes were glowing bright as he would bite the inside of his cheek to stop from full on laughing. The emotional auras in the tent was just hilarious to him like a roller coaster.

When it was out on the table and he was being asked, we'll both of them, a question he would smirk. Was there anything left of a request to ask. One of them had a thought and was quickly kicked back into a dark dark corner. That was not to be voices out load at this present time.

"Do your best to look for information. Keep up the fantastic working services you are providing," it would seem like he was insulting Shen but the look on his face said he wasn't looking towards Arwick he would continue on, "Same with you as well. Looking for further updates and the moving forward on continuing our somewhat interesting friendship."

Shen saw her give some thought when the Baron called what they had a lover's spat.  He had, at first, taught the comment nothing more that the Baron telling at the pair.  Then, Arwick showed herself to be more interested that that, and not in a way consumed by anger. Well something to speak on, but not in front of the Baron.

With the thought, and the Baron speaking again, he glanced over to him. Amusement, no there was more that that, interesting guard the man had, but there meeting today had given him something to consider.  "I will continue as I have."

It seemed their relationship was not coming to an end and so he looked back to Arwick.  " When will you be returning to the city? I should like to meet you in the choir when you do."

Hearing the Baron from outside of the tent she would give a slight nod and a wave with her fingers then looked back to Shen as he spoke his departing words to him not really thinking much on the interaction but mostly on her meeting with the Prima then hearing Shen's question she rose a brow and shrugged lightly

"I suppose when I receive word of when to meet with the Prima, I figured I would rest a little until then and go by the Library before heading to the Manor. Unless you had something I needed to see to before then?"

She waited to hear his reply not having the slightest idea what it could be that he couldn't speak here about but she wouldn't question it


Shen shook his head. "Well if you are to be here, then I should be out again with word of the meeting.  It is not a matter of import, but one that I should like addressed sooner than later. Should you prefer your time here be kept to yourself I will send a messenger in my stead and meet with you when you have returned to the city."

Shen looked around the tent and the seats there, considering the place for a second time after the meeting was concluded giving a little nod as he settled out the details.  "Unless there is anything more I will be off."

She stood and gave her arm a few slow bends back and forth, it was still stiff and tight but visually there were no signs of injury

"I believe I will return shortly, seems the time away has been sufficient enough.  Was there a certain time you had in mind? "

She took a few steps towards the tent opening and then proceeded to step outside, the short time here had done wonders and she was enjoying the quite and could probably stay out here indefinitely but duty calls
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