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Author Topic: Out of the Bag (Hounding 2017 Bonus)  (Read 40 times)

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Out of the Bag (Hounding 2017 Bonus)
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:28:27 PM »
This is a special side quest for certain participants of The Hounding back in October, as a thank-you for taking the risk. Normally characters are never seen again if caught by the hunters, but this being the inaugural year of the event these players are getting something special.

The details discovered in this event is privy to only these characters outside of Virtuosos when it comes to IC knowledge as part of an ongoing 'mystery' as of this posting 4/8/18

These players will receive the Out of the Bag quest reward badge in profile.

The world was a dark void and humid warm and pulsating as though it was breathing around them. They waited around endlessly alone and separated until gravity's sights were suddenly set upon them and a rip opened up beneath them. Though separated for countless hours-- perhaps weeks or months-- they were suddenly together, dumped unceremoniously from the height of trees down onto the ground. Looking around they would find the air still and monochrome. Black twisted branches grasped with gnarled fingers for the sky nearly blocking it out but through the small gaps they could see a grey peeking through like millions of watching eyes.

They were alone together. The world was eerily still, or at least felt that way despite the rustling in the flora around them. It was just random and sparce enough that often it would feel as though they were being stalked...  by the very dogs that had raucously chased them before, possibly. Or maybe something more cunning?

Something was very wrong with the setting...

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Re: Out of the Bag (Hounding 2017 Bonus)
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2018, 05:38:25 AM »
It was warm. A tropical heat in fact. The bag he was in almost seemed to drone with either a heartbeat or intake of air, he was not sure which but it felt as if the very air around him was alive. Did his cloak swollow him whole again?

A brief shift awakened him fully and reminded him just what situation was in and that he was not inside his cloak mimic. In fact, he was likely very far away from his cloak.
 The shift had caused his arm to throb in pain from where it was torn to shreds by one of the hounds. He was glad that that was his only injury but with how bad it felt, he guessed he was out for longer than he should have been.
He tore a sleeve off of his shirt and started to clean the wound as best he could but it was already festered. He felt it through his whole body. Who knows how long he was in this place but it looked like he would have to cut this one off pretty soon to stop the infection from spreading.

He had finished with the wound as best he could until the material that he was trapped in suddenly gave way and he toppled through the air.
The ground rushed up to meet him all too fast and he barely had the chance to curl up in a ball or move his masked face out of the way. He curled up just intime as his back collided hard against the ground and shoved a deep groan of pain from his mouth, his already damaged spine taking even more damage.

Agonisingly slow, the demon plague doctor sat up and looked around, instantly on edge about his surroundings. The trees looked like the hands of tortured corpses that reached up to the Angels above for help. It felt as if those trees would bend down at any moment and snap their fingers around him to crush him to his death. Something was alive nearby. Something or everything!
The doctor slowly reached behind him out of habbit but was only painfully reminded that his cloak was no longer on his back. Nor was any of his we opals or medicines and tools that was attached to the inside of the cloak. No way to protect himself, no way to figure out where he was or where he had to go to get away from this place. It made the hair at the back of his neck stand on end as he adjusted his goggles to see better into the dark shadows between the trees.

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Re: Out of the Bag (Hounding 2017 Bonus)
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 03:28:42 PM »
Would give anything to hear the witty banter of the three ghost and the advise being cussed out at him by Mr Skull. Silence was truly, maddening and it was near driving him insane, more insane then he already was. So would that make him then, sane?

Out of the darkness, out of the bag. There he was laying on his back looking upwards at sky when the 'dropping' out had come to an end. If he did feel pain, he wasn't showing it as he slowly raised himself off the ground like a zombie. The crazed smile that was on his face was gone replaced by a thoughtful one as his head would turn this and that. Odd, something was missing as well so his hands did lift up to find his hat was missing.

"Confound it confetti," he hisses in anger and takes a deep breath that wasn't truly needed to breath but to calm himself down, "Had to just want to know what the Hounding was..."

A light 'tickle'? would be felt as he feels that he was being watched. Stalked more like it. So slowly getting to his feet he would spin about to get a better look of the place. It was....all wrong. Felt wrong. All he had on him was the grave keepers clothes he always wears and the leather 'armor' under it. If anything was consider a weapon, would be the many little knives he had hidden on his body to help him cut bodies up. Mr Skull, not here so could not be used. So, whatever else could be used as a weapon or defense came with him remembering magic spells. Or his darker than dark self.

"Hello........" Not a yell but loud enough as he would spin again and maybe spot another person? "Any one else got caught along"