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Uhrwerkstadt / Re: Eclectic Reverie
« Last post by Arwick Tinuveil on March 24, 2019, 04:33:07 PM »
It has been some time since my last log as I have been so busy it has become hard to find the time, I will make more of an effort to keep up with it.

The profits from the shop have been picking up as words travels fast here. I’ve even had a few specific requests from the locals. I have prepared the greenhouse and garden for spring planting hopefully cutting costs on herbal supplies as I will be able to harvest more myself.

An unusual visitor came to the shop by the name of Demothi. He creates stories from objects that are tied to places or events. Stating that he was drawn to she shop by the name thinking it would be full of unique items waiting for stories to be told, unfortunately he was disappointed though I have to admit that his expectations did open my mind to the possibility of adding such things to the shop if not for supplying such but to add to the variety of available items. After the Baron told him the history behind the house/shop we did strike a partnership of sorts, he would like to bring items by that could be interesting to the shop and I would try to find things that could merit a story. He left a gift that he made by using a device I had never seen before taking a simple worn cloth and altering the fabric with the device, the cloth now has the ability to change the object it is used on by either making more of or restoring it. I have tested it on a few things and it has some interesting results. In return I presented him a knife that he was interested in as it had missed its mark, he seemed happy to receive it and the Baron I hope to see him again soon.

Venus and I have become fast friends and partners, her supply of furs draws in quite a bit of revenue as I suspected they would. She seems to becoming a bit more comfortable in her new surroundings as it takes a little while anywhere to find direction and purpose.

I have taken notice that Witch has not been around. I think in her cat form she may have gone to explore outside through a door ajar and perhaps found new adventures. I wish her luck and safety on her journeys.

I have recently taken an interest in trying to find out as much history as I can about the Tapestry. Not only to answer some of my own questions but in knowing more I will in turn know how to better serve the people that come to the shop and future prospects.

The Baron has approached me to accompany him on a trip to learn and assist with the guild. I am looking forward to it and I am grateful he has enough trust in me to make such an offer. While we are away the construction will be taking place and will hopefully be completed upon our return.
Uhrwerkstadt / Eclectic Reverie
« Last post by Arwick Tinuveil on March 06, 2019, 04:45:13 PM »
Arwick Tinuveil / Elia - Raven familiar

Arriving at Zeithalle she would follow the map she had
to the town hall looking for Handelsguilde, finding it she
would look over the place, it was a giant clock tower?
She didn’t have to wait long before she was greeted by
a man who introduced himself as Baron von Kauffman.

Inviting her into his office that was in a state of disarray
to say the least. He spoke of recent murder and that he
had taken over the position of guild leader for the time
being, after a brief interview he has decided to give me
a merchant position in the guild were I will make potions,
medicinal remedies and herbal blends to sell.

After looking for some time for a shop and house the
Baron has seen fit to help me by opening a house under
his ownership, having now acquired from him an empty
space that will serve as both with a shop in the front and
living quarters on the second floor. I have named the shop
Eclectic Reverie at the Baron's discretion.

I have met a shapeshifter Girl/Kitten that goes by
the name of Witchcrafted, Witch for short in the town
center. She was injured and homeless, I have taken her
in to try and help her learn some basics such as dressing,
behavioral, and magical.

After getting a few things set in place I have stocked
some shelves and reported profits to the Baron. He has
seen fit to bring in a new member Venus, whose wares
that will utilize an empty space plus bring in new revenue.
Venus has come by the shop to set up a stock of furs and
will be by soon with more.

The Baron has plans to rebuild the shop to make it a
larger sales and working area, by adjoining the house next
door. The construction should start soon.
Elsewhere / Re: The Huntsman, the maiden, and the sword [History, world-building]
« Last post by Snowflake on February 25, 2019, 09:47:34 AM »
She felt a sudden prickle of static run up her spine, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end, her head whipping around as she looked for some new awful assailant, or an old one about to inflict some new strain of awful on her group. “Saga of stone, speak thy intent!”
The voice was Marath’s but it boomed in a way that made her ears hurt, the sense of tingling running up her spine now turning to a deep, resonating vibration as someone, or something answered him in a voice that drowned her in its depth “I am the guardian hand of mother earth”.
The ground trembled beneath her feet, and a new fear rose up inside her, squashing it down until it was wrenched from her with a gasp as the ground nearby seemed to spontaneously explode. Enormous detonations shook the earth they stood on, showering dirt and rocks into the air as the Vakdrimen villagers were scattered, although they still advanced through the hail of stones. The ground trembled again, and this time her footing was shaken by the roaring and churning, great pillars of dense stone ruptured from below, glistening with the veins of metal that ran through them. They burst from the ground, scattering the villagers, flinging some high into the air with force, houses shearing at the edges where the giant pillars collided with the buildings as they filled up the paths between. She spoke in dumb awe as she felt a hand grab her arm and drag her towards one of the paths that had not been blocked by the mighty pillars “The hand of the earth.”

That was magic, she realised - she didn’t know how it was done, or what it was made of, but that was what Marath had been saying earlier. This was something altogether different, a force that wasn’t terrifying because Marath had been the one to introduce it. Now, it just filled her with unease.
They fled down the dense, winding streets, the encroaching dark masking the edges and hiding objects until they were almost on top of them - it had never gotten this dark, this quickly, no matter what time of the year it was… The thought did not furnish her with any comfort.
The claustrophobic streets spat them out into a wide area, the group colliding with each other as they came to a sharp stop to investigate their surroundings. It seemed like a large courtyard as far as she could tell, although the rapidly encroaching dark made it hard to see anything except the blood red moon behind them, watching her despite her best attempts to ignore it. “Light, wizard - surely you can manage that after such an excessive display as the previous one?”

The tone was tense, but not aggressive she realised, and she was again impressed by Caspar’s seeming ability to adapt to anything without any apparent discomfort - he couldn’t just be a priest, or any other clergy member, so who was he? The line of thought was disrupted as Marath rapped his cane on the ground, and the tip of it bloomed with light, her eyes scrunching up for a moment as he lifted it up high to illuminate the area.
It was indeed some sort of courtyard that they stood within, buildings neatly ringing around the edge of it, none crossing the threshold. At the center was a large building that loomed up out of the darkness at them, only part of its structure revealed by the light, causing them all to cling to their silence. Had it not been so rustic, Bella would have thought of it as ‘stately’ - it certainly rivaled the scale of the residences of the Nobile back home.
Plant life clung to this building though, and not in surgically cared for displays, riotous greenery creeping over the building in waves of green tendrils. Banners hung from roof, along the eaves and rakes, although she did not recognise any of them as banners of the other big Guilds or of the Prima Familia.

“The seat of the Black Bough.” Marath’s voice quiet, almost reverent as the words timidly crept out into the air only to be swallowed up by the stillness around them. Bella worried the grip on her sword, trying to loosen up her posture as the awful glare of the moon behind them weighed down on her, crawling up her neck in unwanted touches. “Then, you know th-” Marath’s voice was drowned out by Caspar’s “I know…” - he paused briefly - “I know, just don’t say it, Marath. We must return home, quickly.”
Bella was a step behind for only a blink of an eye before she understood - they believed the Maestro was the source of this, that he too had turned his back on the people. Her innards felt like cold slush as she looked around, and realised that the clues had been here since the moment they arrived, the awful state of the settlement was laid bare for them. It could still be a former Maestro that had come to wage war on the Black Bough, her mind squealed in denial, but the rational part of her mind was not so sure.
Havelock was known as a breaker of beasts, a man who lived to hunt and kill all manner of creatures with practised ease. Bjarke was a man who could wage war on the Black Bough, but could any of the other Maestros? Bella was doubtful, and the cold wastes that were home to the Stone Heart were quite a way from here. “Wait…”

Her voice started small as she came out of her thoughts, something tickling the edges of her awareness and pulling her back to the now, seeing her comrades starting to edge away, to leave this place far behind. But there was something that needed her attention, that tugged with a familiarity that years of practice and drills had branded into her mind, never to leave. “Do you hear that…?”
The two men stared at her blankly, and then looked around, Caspar’s stave hefted up in his hands, Marath glancing around, squinting into the gloom as he waved the light on his cane around slowly. Suddenly it hit her, and her legs felt a little weak as she realised what she had noticed, the sound of distant thundering that was rapidly becoming louder, Caspar’s face losing some of its colour, leaving only Marath looking confused at them both until Bella spoke again.
“Cavalry… Or at least horsemen. The Black Bough is the guild of hunters…”

The three of them stood there for a moment in paralysed fear, that spiked into dread as the sound of a horn blasted through the silence, ghostly and shrieking in its pitch. “The trees! Over there, we need to get into dense terrain where they can’t follow so fast. They’ll ride us down in the open. Go!”
Bella didn’t realise she was speaking, or so loudly either, but the look on the faces of her companions suggested that they did not need telling twice, and together they sprinted across the courtyard. Beyond the looming home of the Black Bough, the number of buildings faded away until a dense line of trees blocked sight of anything beyond, Bella’s goal to get into those trees where a cohort of horsemen could not move so easily. They were surely practiced at riding through dense woods, but if they stayed in the open, there was no chance at all, they would be dead the moment the first rider fell upon them.

They scattered into the trees, an ecstatic series of coughing, grunting and cries of alarm as they tripped their way over and through the greenery, only Marath’s light to guide them through the dense foliage. They had waded into the gloom, branches raking their bodies like hands as they went, the sound of the horsemen growing in their ears.
She had thought they were further away, her heart bouncing in her chest as the sound drew a lot closer than she had anticipated. Would they have to fight here, in the dark, in the woods? Her mind raced for strategies, tactics, anything that would give them a chance right now, and only coming up with the idea to just run more - any fight now would end in their loss, it would only be a matter of how long it took them to die. She called out to Marath and Caspar, not actually saying anything, just making sure they knew by sound where she was, and to her relief, they seemed to pick up on it and their gradual drift from each other was remedied as they came back together, the thud of feet and swish of grasping branches beating out a rhythm that she ran to.
Discussion / Re: Participants Wanted
« Last post by _Nugget_ on January 21, 2019, 05:16:23 PM »

First off - I hope I can post this here! If not I'm sorry!

Second, Nugget whats to buy a bird (Lol) She isn't part of a guild (yet) so she is willing to help people with mental and spirital healing along with physical healing. She uses herbs but she is more of like the 'spa' type healing. ( hot stone massages, foot reflexology, aromatherapy massages, yoga etc).  Currently, she sings and dances on the streets of Chanson. I do want Nugget to join a guild but I don't know what yet so....    come play with Nugget! :)

News / Updates / Re: Experimental story time stuff
« Last post by Kodiak on January 20, 2019, 12:46:44 PM »
 :D I'm sure Tearteeth will have a blast!
Otkrytoye Polotno / Record of Scores [Coldhaven Games] 2019
« Last post by The Skald on January 20, 2019, 01:53:38 AM »

Total Participants: 7
Winner: Yara Ixchel - Caught a 100cm whopper that could not even be matched. This is Yara's second year in a row win!
Unlucky awarded to Rhia for managing to catch a 1cm fish.
[Honorable Mention] Nugget caught the most fish 7/10.

Total Participants: 4
Winner: Hakkiem - Won by an 8 point lead. (Guess he practiced!)
Lucky awarded to Hakkiem for getting a perfect shot.
For nostalgia: Aera and Rhia had to have a tie breaker... that would have needed another tie breaker.

"Color War"
Participants: 6
Winner: Rhia AND Nugget - Chosen for their creativity at work.
Jackpot total: 800 [400 ea]

No participants
News / Updates / Re: Experimental story time stuff
« Last post by Witchcrafted on January 17, 2019, 10:40:54 PM »
I'll throw Mino in!
News / Updates / Re: Experimental story time stuff
« Last post by Retro on January 17, 2019, 07:30:36 PM »
Plenty of mundane charas here.
News / Updates / Re: Experimental story time stuff
« Last post by Amara on January 16, 2019, 08:57:23 PM »
I have a character I can throw in :)  so count me in!
News / Updates / Re: Experimental story time stuff
« Last post by aipsylon on January 16, 2019, 05:59:24 PM »
I have a character Osazses, a simply guide, a snake man.  I'd be up for some scenes with him at some point.
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