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Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Rimu on Yesterday at 03:42:54 AM »
Dressed in nothing more but his usual pair of torn and tight shorts, Rimu was clearly not one for battles. He had no physical weapons that he could wield around like Ben's khopesh. Sure he had his sharp row of carnivorous teeth, his claws at the centre joints of his long fearhered wings and his talons, but he was unprotected and valnerable go any physical attack against him.
Yet despite all this, he was not scared. He did not fear for his life, if anything, he believed that he deserved to die after what he had done to Zhaki. Even if he could remember nothing prior to the murder. He felt guilty and he did not even more blood on his claws.

But if worst came to the worst, he had one good weapon. A very affective and dangerous one. He had used on Ben before once even if it was only a mild demonstration. Though the giant wolf an could barely hear right for a week.

Another threat from Ben and Rimu shied back and shut his mouth with a pouted look. He truly was not scared at this point. Not for himself anyway. He just fully believed that this was the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas.

He sagged his feathered shoulders snd huffed, a bit shaken by the threat and what Ben said. "No! Dammit Ben... I promised myself I will get you back to Zhaki. That means not all bloodied, cross eyed and tongue hanging out of your mouth dead. You are only allowed bruises and small cuts at most so don't you dare die because you are heavy and I can't carry a dead weight." He grumbled lowly then started to bounce again in frustration as the men marched and sang around him. Too closed up, there was not enough space.

He hooked the three claws of both his wings onto Ben's shoulders and hoisted himself up onto the canine's shoulders. He was very light but he fully expected a few swats to come his way, if not a snap.  He continued to climb and balance awkwardly, not a care in the world what uncomfortable positions he forced Ben into, especially whine he stepped his huge talon on the man's head and probably, likely forced it sideways.

He squawked and spread his wings, fully standing ontop of Ben now, one foot on his head and the other on his shoulder. The tan, brown honey and gold coloured harpy beat his wings dawn several times and finally built up enough force to lift himself into the hair. Probably also knocked a few men sideways with wind but Rimu was sure they wouldn't mind too much.

Yes Ben said he could sit back and help the wounded but what good would that do? He had no medical training. He wouldn't even have a clue on what would be the difference between an edible berry and a killer plant filled with poison, let alone tying bandages. He couldn't even tie a not without accidentally tearing through the rope. He was definitely not a healer. He had no idea what he was, ever since he lost his memories. He didn't even know if he was a fighter but the thought of him killing even just another animal for his own survival had started to become more difficult to manage, even if it was just for eating.

He hovered in the air for a few seconds longer as a bright flash of an idea sprung to mind and he grinned widely at his smart plan. "Goodie! Ben! If I say frogs, cover your ears!"
With that last resort warning, he swooped off to get a better view of to what they were headed in for. He swooped past a vibrant female, and a scary man with a very scary cat mount thing. He flew past them then lifted higher into the air, acting almost like a self nominated scout. It was as if he turned into a whole new person.

The minimally clothed harpy pulled even higher, through the dense tree tops to pinpoint their destination and lowered once again this time permanently kept his distance over the singing army and scanned his golden, eagle eyes for any traps or ambushes. He was not going to let anything happen to Ben. Not so soon after he Ri,u had finally found Zhaki and had the chance to fix his mistake and reunite them.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Ben on April 19, 2018, 11:53:20 PM »
Ben was far from a creature of great patience when irritated and in ‘work mode’. Sure, with some surprise, he found that the overstimulation that came with so many voices, people and scents didn't bother him as much when he was steeling himself for battle, but just as he thought he might be making peace with what he knew was an undeniably bad idea…

“Rimu,” He stopped singing the second the harpy tried to fly to do Skald-knows-what. The rest of his words came growly and low, loud enough that Rimu would hear when Ben leaned over slightly to speak to him, but hopefully no more than a few around them would hear with the singing around them. “If you don't settle down and shut up, I’m going to make you wish I died here.”

Of course, this threat would be fairly tame compared to the rest of his swears to Rimu, and so far he hadn't so much as cuffed the harpy after their initial battles. He wouldn't even be surprised if Rimu was numb to them altogether at this point.

The singing march continued, but he didn't rejoin quite yet, redirecting his hard gaze forward again for a few short seconds, then tsking and caving, raising a short-clawed hand to his jaw. If Rimu died and Ben didn't, he would lose one of his only tools at the moment, and would have nothing to bring for the revived Zhak. Even worse, having his last true words to a servant being harsh wouldn't fare well with the lesser god he was jokingly praying to..

“Stay then. I won't make you fight, this isn't your battle. Hold back, help out, then do your damnedest to try and get to Zhak if I can't.”

With that, he took a deep breath and continued to sing  with the guild he still felt no real love for, the first drops of nervous sweat seeping out from within his clenched fists.

May my god of folly and accidental heroes choose wisely today. He prayed.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Hakkiem on April 19, 2018, 10:41:19 PM »
Hakkiem followed on foot and as the march happened he saw his friend sitting quietly besides Marietta. The two hadn't interacted a whole lot since... everything, and the former-fisherman wondered if things weren't just slightly strained. When she took off, clearly after a specific guy he sidled up beside the prince's horse and made sure to touch it on his way up as to reduce the chances of it startling and kicking him.

"This is it... finally going to get revenge and restore order. You look ready. Who's that?"

He gestured ahead to Aleksandr and the bizarre looking creature he sat on, the foot-marchers peeling around her highness and Handelsgilde's courier. Marietta was a little sister to him too, so he was suspicious and had concerns. She was a growing girl, just blossomed and fit for society as a young adult but never in their time at the Manor had she ever shown any interest beyond that of duty when it came to romantic interactions. Not saying that this looked like one, but he was not someone he recognized in the slightest.

He also knew, what Cyril and Marietta's obligations were in life. One of them had to live through this. "We have an advantage of knowing her capabilities... but I beg you, Primo, don't push if you start feeling that horrible weight. Retreat, refresh, try again."
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Gawain on April 19, 2018, 08:07:58 PM »
Gawain knew many people within their guild and quite a few outside of it due to the nature of the job and his generally sunshiny personality. When he spotted Munekatsu and Ben, and the indentured servant of the guild that had been placed in Ben's care. The latter of the three was very upset and unsure about this. It said something when even murderers feared for the lives of others. He nudged the white haired armor-less man to participate in the song, still singing the bars as their very own princess road past in a hurry to catch up to...

...well someone he heard a few rumors about. It was not his place to be concerned about any comprimario the royals took on, it was his place to trust them that they chose those people for a reason. Still, it was good to see both survivors of Meizarae's attack on the Manor that killed both the king and queen and many of their members, not to mention guild heirs. Some of these guilds were permanently devastated, like Cyril's blonde buddy Hakkiem who by all classifications had fallen from title because he was no longer even part of a guild. 

His eyes ahead, he could see the entrance to Elysion. They were minutes from the end.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Sakuma Munekatsu on April 18, 2018, 04:18:42 PM »
He began to March. He wasn't singing at all. His thougths were on one thing only, the battle ahead. Giving some quick look at the swords on his left side, he wondered what fighting style would be the best. He was very adaptive to what he had and could always come up with something. Althought, with all these troups he wondered how the battle will go if would even be able to fight. He wouldn't charge in if many was in the way. The fact they knew barely nothing on the enemy bothered him but he wasn't growing anxious.  He followed as they march but he kept in his head, if there were too many in the way, he won't fight. He'd stay to apply first aid but otherwise, he might just end up with someone in the way and injure and maybe even kill someone from his side.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Aleksandr on April 18, 2018, 03:05:50 PM »
And the order was given. He heard the sound of moving people, the sound of the potential rout of civilisation - if they fell here, the best, brightest and bravest would all be gone, and there would be nothing and no one left to stop what followed. The weight on his chest felt like it would drag him down in to the ground where no one would ever find him. Would the sword work? Or at least work in a way that was beneficial and not harmful. Would the strange state that sometimes took over him work, either? He didn't seem to have direct control of it, and some of the plans of the Prima relied on it working and him getting close enough to use the sword. If that didn't work, then countless people were marching to their own grisly suicides... When imagined in the context of a standing army, he shuddered visibly at how much blood would be spilled, how gruesome a tableux they would leave behind.

Keiro however, was in his element, and ready to go. The jungles and all its hidden spaces, the high foliage and vines - this was a place where Keiro's kind sat at the top of the food chain, and his absence from the place was no greater felt than when he was inches away from reintegrating. The rock lion paced back and forth, loping in circles as he waited to go, Aleksandr sat on his back, repeating what Azalie had told him about utilising such a creature as a mount, and hoping that he didn't die from being 'unhorsed' and breaking his neck or something else equally lacking in heroism.
He stared at the sword now, feeling an intense burden of doubt gnawing at him - this was madness,  they couldn't succeed with a fraction of the knowledge and options of those that had come before them. There was nowhere else to go though - if he left and everyone died, sooner or later he would join them. Die now or die later, the thought was strangely calming, and with that wave of calm he decided he would sooner die now, if he had to, than live with however long he had after that, riddled with survivor's guilt.

He placed a hand over his chest, feeling the faint sense of warmth that a few times now, had felt hot enough to burn a hole in his chest, and once again wondered if such a thing could be relied upon. His musing on the matter was interrupted by the highly visible figure of her ladyship appearing in the crowd of people. The warmth in his chest flared a little as he mentally remarked that he had both told her to stay out of the engagement area, and that she was still visible enough as to be seen from space by any minion Meizarae might be waiting to surprise them with. He pulled on the reins and Keiro tightly wheeled around as he turned to face her and discover whatever this was about.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Marietta on April 18, 2018, 06:00:16 AM »
With the charge announced they marched forward into the green. She did not immediately urge her mount forward, perhaps aware of her brother's nervous tension or feeling it herself as the monumental weight of what she had just done rooted her to the spot: she just sent most of them, if not all, to their deaths. Certain ends that would make The Skald smile, but she had no control past here. Her promise to 'fix this' was counter to her actual ability-- something Aleksandr knew already though. Still, she was not too ready to give up the statement, her palm hot and ready to respond to her inner fire. She will burn the jungle down before anything else.

As childish and immature she could be, even as far to be called a lemming by the skaldborne she had been seen around more often than not-- at each other's throats no less-- she had been wise enough to keep her plan almost entirely to herself, capable of counting on her fingers who knew and their place in the scheme. Alcide's time was now. Her plan hinged on those two surviving out of anyone else. The loophole could apply to any skaldborne, but she was attempting to shoe-horn destiny to focus on him in particular... so this was a risky en devour, even more as the pair of the remaining line of royalty was about to chance their own lives along with the masses in the solid wave moving around them now. She looked to her brother, a hardened man since she last saw him even as he was now cleaned up and perhaps most like their father at this moment.

As long as they lived, it would be okay. As long as they could continue the bloodline, their duty done. As long as Meizarae went down, the Famiglia's promise kept.

Then, before they could get too sappy and exchange words she slammed her heels into the bird's side and rode it forward. They were minutes away from the clash now and she was intending to catch up to her chosen mostly-secret comprimario and his fantastic beast with the five eyes; unless someone got in her way, of course. Not that anyone had much to converse with her about mid march to fight a god of all things. Along the way she tried to encourage more singing by adding her voice to the chorus, singing the same song as Gawain-- A Spark Inside Us. Her voice was alto in nature, and imbued magically only when she sang songs listed within Battaglia's songbook.

"A power that starts within the heart
A power that rises through the throat

As more would join in the power would amplify and better protect the people, they believed. The warm light glowing from within their hearts to better shield them from the weight of the world Meizarae would undoubtedly force heavy on their shoulders.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Meizarae on April 17, 2018, 02:04:39 AM »
She could hear the march now as they squeezed into the tight corridor of thick jungle vine and tree. The ground was uneven, forcing carts to follow a specific path that was only starting to become well worn with Elysion's more recent reclamation of the land. But as they got deeper they would see something more paved but still broken by invasive roots start to take shape until a definitive path lead their way to the temple palace where Meizarae sat comfortably within.

The building was ruined, but not by her. It had crumbled to the first time they had ousted her from her home and the weather and growth across the ages. Trees and vines were supporting stone walls. Clumps of grass or moss growing in-between smooth pavers. The eerie quiet gave it a peaceful look to it and had this been summer mist would have added a layer of mystery to this piece of cobbled history.

She could hear the voices sing in the distance growing louder as they came closer. Normal wars involved the drumming of a beat to keep people in time with their march. Battaglia sang and as these were the same songs from hundreds of years ago, she knew exactly what they were for. The little wanna be heroes were trying to muster their courage. They were trying to harden their resolve so her aura would affect them less-- or so they thought. It was charming, really, that they would try to use history to support their future. The virtuoso ran her tongue over her lips to wet them, unaware of the demon book that was wistfully doing the same-- a texture he'd not feel again.

Whether anyone sided with her, worshiped her, or was against her.... they would all be in the same boat. They would all fall eventually, to join their misery with hers.
Prasino Kolaz / Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
« Last post by Cyril on April 17, 2018, 12:44:18 AM »
This was not where he had planned on being a year prior. It seemed like another life now, fooling around like a child in the gardens, teasing his little sister into angry fits, running through the halls and laughing until he cried. He looked like a much different man now. There was no air of joy or childishness around him, not anymore.

The stallion below him pawed the ground, seeming to feel the anticipation in the air as they marched forward. The early morning sun gleamed off the golden breast plate etched with the symbol of his status. His usually messy black hair was slicked back atop his head with no helm despite suggestions to do so. No, he wanted her to know who he was. He was ready for a second round with the monster who murdered the queen and king.

A flash of his mother's face distracted him, his chin falling slowly to his chest as he closed his eyes. But it was only for a moment. There was no time for distractions now. There was a war about to start. An army against one villian who would taste a blade today- or tooth and claw or her own magic. He knew not how the goddess would be slain, but he was ready to watch and hoped it was slow.

"Wars raged, plagues spread, heroes rose into halls of note and malefactors into infamy. From tragic endings to perfect new beginnings, the Great Skald enjoyed them and the small incidents in daily lives most of all.

And so the stage was set for the sages of old, for players friend and foe."

The words left his mouth in time with his sister. He'd pull up beside her, but was not quite ready to meet her gaze. He stayed focused on their target. There was a fear deep in his chest that he was worried she would see despite the hate that burned in his eyes. A hate that had been destroying the boy he'd been before her running away.
Elsewhere / Re: Out of the Bag (Hounding 2017 Bonus)
« Last post by KeithBojangles on April 16, 2018, 03:28:42 PM »
Would give anything to hear the witty banter of the three ghost and the advise being cussed out at him by Mr Skull. Silence was truly, maddening and it was near driving him insane, more insane then he already was. So would that make him then, sane?

Out of the darkness, out of the bag. There he was laying on his back looking upwards at sky when the 'dropping' out had come to an end. If he did feel pain, he wasn't showing it as he slowly raised himself off the ground like a zombie. The crazed smile that was on his face was gone replaced by a thoughtful one as his head would turn this and that. Odd, something was missing as well so his hands did lift up to find his hat was missing.

"Confound it confetti," he hisses in anger and takes a deep breath that wasn't truly needed to breath but to calm himself down, "Had to just want to know what the Hounding was..."

A light 'tickle'? would be felt as he feels that he was being watched. Stalked more like it. So slowly getting to his feet he would spin about to get a better look of the place. It was....all wrong. Felt wrong. All he had on him was the grave keepers clothes he always wears and the leather 'armor' under it. If anything was consider a weapon, would be the many little knives he had hidden on his body to help him cut bodies up. Mr Skull, not here so could not be used. So, whatever else could be used as a weapon or defense came with him remembering magic spells. Or his darker than dark self.

"Hello........" Not a yell but loud enough as he would spin again and maybe spot another person? "Any one else got caught along"
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