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News / Updates / December 2019
« Last post by The Skald on December 06, 2019, 09:57:30 PM »
It's the last month of the year!

So many changes have been implimented over the past month alone, from upgrades to the server for a newer version of PHP and higher memory values, which has in the very least seen improvements in how the forum behaves. You can now immediately see what you've posted rather than refreshing a bunch! Not that we use the forum too much, but now it will be less frustrating. My hope is that this will translate into fewer cases of Resource Limit Reached, as well. Continued investigation of the cause is still inconclusive. With our increased activity, I may consider an upgrade when the current contract is up late next year if we continue to increase.

The update to PHP did contain some depreciated elements and while I scoured carefully before proceeding, there might be some functions that do not work like they used to. Please let me know if you encounter any of these and I will fix it ASAP.

Other updates include some renewed enhancements: Your backstories will now properly save the <font> tag so you can enjoy colors in addition to your bolds, your itallics, your underlines, and the like. A thank you to one of our newest members, Nyx, for bringing it to my attention.

Just a reminder that there are quite a few guilds looking for members, and will likely have positions of standing within them for the taking. Guilds are a source of power socially within the world of The Tapestry. They are also a source of activities, events, and quests you can enjoy and take part of. Check out the appropriate forum spots for some posts of opportunity.

Newest guild: Tasm Fisinue

Run by Miatas and Artikis, the guild hopes to become the guild you think of when you think of the arts. More information here.

World Plot Update:
The current Virtuoso, and the "endless" version of the Hounding will be coming to a close ~soon~. Date pending critical player's availability and readiness with their legs of the quest. It is not too late to participate, however, as there will be much to restore order to and spin-off quests to help complete and dive in-game into the lore that is continuing to go deeper... and deeper... and still no real answers as to why they were corrupted in the first place, or why they've returned.

Final Word:
The Discord has and will be seeing various changes as we gain traction with random visitors through Disboard. We have implemented a Registered Member role to curb the potential invasion of violent bots and the people who bring them in. We also have a Registered Minor role for our underage players to further guard against inappropriate content for them.

This brings the question: What would you like to see for the Discord server?

For Emotes: Skaldsong Themed ones? Like what?

For Roles: Should I bring back a role for every guild? The issue I had with this is if you had a character in every guild, you'd only get the guild color of the highest-on-list guild that you are part of. Not exactly a fair representation of a guild's worth. Would you want this anyway, if only for individual guild channels?
Uhrwerkstadt / Missing!
« Last post by Arwick Tinuveil on November 30, 2019, 07:24:42 PM »
Uhrwerkstadt / Help Wanted
« Last post by Arwick Tinuveil on November 30, 2019, 07:21:52 PM »
Prasino Kolaz / Riders of the Eve
« Last post by Sir Redway on November 17, 2019, 03:46:52 PM »
If on the overgrown roads near Krymmeni Pisina over the past months, there were those that have found armored riders there to pull them to the saftey before the fall of night,  Riders heading out, then turning just shy of mid day and riding back in,  picking up those that might otherwise have no way,  the paths through the forest ever widening as they were ridden often and by groups of light horse.  More than that word is being spread that the Village has communal halls for any that wish to make it their home until such time as the community can build them a proper one.  Directions are given and transport offered from within half a day's hard ride to any that are willing.

Rumors come out of a medieval style fief lord that rules the area as if his word is law over any that have chosen to reside in the village that he built. Those that come are free to leave, and others have left the village. (If you are looking to RP, give me a poke aipsylon on discord is the best way to reach me)
Uhrwerkstadt / Re: Following a Cold Trail
« Last post by Azalie on November 07, 2019, 12:14:04 AM »
Posted by Ben
"Would you part with a horse?" Anything to keep the walk from being awkward. He spoke without looking at her, head tipped downwards, taking short strides here, there, possibly causing her to start and stop before he glanced back at her self-consciously. " second."

Skald, did he hate 'Xavier', his nickname for the werewolfy form he could take. The last thing he wanted to do was pick a thousand burrs out of his ragged pelt, or appear any closer to the creatures of Coldhaven. Yes, he knew they were about the same. No, he wasn't going to get over it.

It look longer than his twenty-second record to adjust, facing away from her all the while, his grumbles tumbling into growls as he changed until what stood before her was a simple werewolf.

Well, he'd be less shy about putting his nose to the ground now at least, starting off in what was luckily the right direction, just guessing until he did catch onto something faint. Old blood...
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
Azalie honestly never watched someone transform... never had to. So when she watched Ben become 'Xavier' she was cringing juuuuuuust a little bit. In some ways it was like watching a contortionist, a little bit of awe at the flexibility... and then they do something completely bonkers and every vein in your body screams in panic. It wasn't meant to do that, or at least your body knew it couldn't. She'd get over it though, taking note that he did in fact bring a hound as she had asked to. It was a little more, somehow, than she expected to come from the ad.

She was still straddled on the mourning dove gray raptor, stroking the feathers gently as this was definitely one of her more patient ones. "It's what I do," she said, though the topic was probably forgotten. She sold horses, so of course she could part with one. Or find him one that better suited him.

The starting and stopping was expected, making her wonder if maybe she should join him on foot. She mainly remained mounted for ease of getting away should they encounter something violent and dangerous... as despite her work ethic she was not exactly primed for running marathons. Strength and speed and endurance were not always hand in hand. They influence one another, sure, but training one did not automatically improve the other.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
"Mm. I don't know much about them, so bear with me." He didn't hesitate to speak, but the voice that came out of his sharp-toothed maw wasn't the same. Harsher on his 'r's, almost hissed on his 's', and seemingly coming from the back of his throat, rather than his words being formed on the tongue.

He shook out his pelt like a dog trying to dry itself and sneezed when loose fur attacked his nose. It had been some time...he just got used to the itching as of late.

He found something stronger, by the way his ears pricked up, and he took off at a trot, the attention required of a hunt distracting him for a moment.

"Oh, ah...those big horses. Draffs, are they quick? I need one that won't strain under me, and doesn't spook so often."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
She struggled to understand, but not so much that she couldn't communicate. It just meant she was slower at it. Or she was just thinking. When he got wind of something to carry them along she felt a twinge of excitement and apprehension, shifting her weight forward and squeezing her heels in to signal the bird to move with him.

If he looked at her while the creature was in motion he'd see that she looked as though she waddled from the hips down only-- her balance keen on these things unlike most people. In demonstrations she'd carry an egg on a spoon or water in a measuring cup.

When he asked the question she furrowed her brow. "Prey animals tend to be quick no matter their size. However they do struggle with staying collected and finding one that can do so without feeling awful to sit on is the real challenge. Drafts are bred to pull at a walk or trot, mostly. Doesn't mean they can't do more, but there are just better... designs."

She thought back to his bipedal form, his height and muscle structure and considered what his options were. "There are a classification of light drafts. Bit bulkier but still pretty trim. You've probably seen a lot of them in Inizio D'Oro."

She was speaking of the all black horses with excess fur, usually seen pulling fine carriages in pairs. "Around Uhrwerkstadt people seem to prefer an offshoot with more color options, though they sort of shot themselves in the foot with fad coat colors too, most of them are sort of cow spotted. They're very versatile, strong enough to host heavy drums for a march and such, while still being docile enough to practically babysit children."

She shrugged. "They tend to get used to things pretty quickly, but if you're looking for one that doesn't spook then you're looking for something that's been around the block already. You definitely don't want to be on a draft when it spooks. I'm surprised the Tapestry isn't filled with just pits from their jump-spin."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
"Oh! Those big ones, yeah, with the..." He paused to dip his head and practically shove his nose into the undergrowth, still for a moment, before snorting and sneezing and returning to the trail. "Socks?"

Feathers. He meant feathers...

"I take it you don't have one then? Sure, there's Inizio, but I'll admit I'd rather spend in Uhr. No worries, though~"

By now he had found a fairly tangible trail, though now and again he still scanned the brush for footprints or snapped twigs (many of which had been smeared away, carried off or simply buried under new growth).

However, the scent of the beast itself worried him. Was it really Keiro? What other rock lion would come out this far? He cast a decidedly nervous glance back at Azalie, by his short, sudden pant.

"This was one you recognized as an individual?" Surely, if it trusted her enough to try and lead her. "Who did you say you gave it to?"
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"I can get what I don't have, but yes I have one or two. I have a gypsy that's ready and a noble that's got some finishing needed. Given the season, I'd probably take a ride to the next few town events so he can get used to crowds and noises not typical of daily life. Both have been trail ridden enough to know that not every snapping branch is danger though."

She shrugged... talking shop was easiest for her and she was clearly well versed in what she did. It was sort of all she knew and did, really. When he changed the topic to the investigation she cut off her rambling.

"I can tell animals apart better than I ever have people, Aleksandr had named him Keiro. But... I hadn't worked with a lot of Rok Liontari, they're sort of sacred to a few tribes that roam through Prasino Kolaz. I managed to strike a deal for this one. He was a bit unfit for his natural duties. Perfect for what Aleksandr needed though."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
A wince on his doggish face looked more pained than concerned, and he stopped outright, shuffling his paws as he looked up at her.

"The Hero." He said, flat, licking his chops and looking towards Keiro's grave. "One second. Maybe I'll get some leads. Watch your ears."

He didn't like howling. There was no reason to. He wouldn't announce his presence on land that wasn't his own, and felt no desire to communicate with other beasts. He did have one use for his call, though this was a rather distinctive, long-distance bay than a romanticized wail. Tipping his head back, he called to his unreliable menaces, the onyx birds that dealt in teeth and blood.

Then fell silent and listened. There was no deep connection between him and the corvids, only the hope that they would hear a wolf and fancy some help at tearing into pelt. If they came, they'd lead him around, hopefully not to the body of one Toasty.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
Ben rolled a 1 out of 2!
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
Ben rolled a 4 out of 4!
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   

She blinked at the title Ben had given Aleksandr. The man would have hated to hear that... Asphodel and everyone else around him had been so insistent on it. The sword shoved into his hands on the premise of destiny and how it chose/fit him. She had upset and betrayed him once, she had only meant to try and get him to integrate better with his new life here... but it had gone tits up and pear shaped. It took him a bit to get over it, and maybe he never did, but they had been on okay terms the last they saw each other.

The raptor screeched in response, clicking a bit as it mixed between something expected of dragons and something more recognizable as a predatory bird's chatter. She pulled its head around to her and scratched the crest of its beak where bone turned to skin and feather. "Hey, quiet you."

Then an uneasy glance around, maroon eyes looking with the expectation of a pack filtering into their location. A friendly ambush, per se.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
"No wolves, I don't play nice with them. Sometimes the birds call me to things they need tearing into. It's grim, but I was hoping they'd take me around and we wouldn't find Toa- uh- Aleksandr."

If the man was dead he certainly wouldn't cry about it, but the idea of Alek rotting away somewhere, after such a miserable time did tug at his heartstrings.

"Keiro is dead. Where is Alek? I don't smell him... I haven't caught ash yet."

He moved, birds or not, with a renewed vigor, determined to find the scene of Keiro's attack.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"Ash? Like someone burned him?" She didn't know a thing about him catching on fire when enraged. When he moved forward with determination she clicked her heels into the bird again to get it to follow suit, Azalie also concerned with his whereabouts and condition.

It was, after all, partially why she summoned help to track. She assumed Keiro might have been trying to lead her back to him, and she felt a bit guilty not going immediately after her encounter with the shadowy man with the single white eye. But, she told herself, if Keiro was in that poor of a condition... Aleksandr might not have made it by the time she got there anyway.

She gathered both reins into one hand and rubbed at her upper arm. "Not smelling him... that's a good sign right?"
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
Ben rolled a 8 out of 10!
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
"Ash from him. On a trip we were attacked by a demon he took on, fire in his eyes-- quite literally. Even Keiro was wary at his rage...but you know, I don't really remember ash from  him, per se...maybe from what he burned, but all the ash I smell is from food. Or firewood." Disregarding the fact that his nose had classed Gawain's cooked stumps as 'food'...

"I don't know how to feel about it. I don't smell corpse, assuming nothing's gone and eaten what's left by now. And I'd be tempted to say better missing than dead, but... I don't know."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"Hrm... well the guild will be looking for him, I suppose. Merchants have a pretty wide reach and can be more conspicuous with their search... a rumor is bound to bounce this way." The confidence was misleading, and only proven such with the betrayal of an addition: "Hopefully."

She wasn't sure what to say about the fire in his eyes and burning things around him. She had seen his ire, and wouldn't want to see it again, but it was not so bad as to burn anything.

"So no further then?"
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben
He stared off, considering her words and nodding reluctantly. "You can if you want. Your schedule needs attending, ah? I think I'll keep at it for awhile, see if the birds call me. I'll be back in town before dark, of course."

Was it something he ought to write to the Choir about? He didn't really know what significance Alek had in the guild other than something to do with the Prima herself. He was in another guild, wasn't he? But at the very least, a missing man in general might be notable, especially when that man was known to carry cursed items.

"Mind if I stop by to see that horse in the morning? I'm not much of a rider, but I imagine I'll need one soon. We'll talk price then."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"Sounds fair, thank you for coming." She shifted her weight, signaling the turn to go back. The woods were a little less creepy with him escorting her. But the talk of corpses and carrion had her a little on edge. She'd have to touch base with her own guild about this soon, too, though it wouldn't doubt that it wouldn't change the fact that they'd be looking for him.

Unless he had more to say, she'd click heels in and this time let the raptor loose as far as its willingness to run. She meant to give it a stretch of the legs today, and the ride home would have to be it.

She still didn't have answers, but at least she had the assurance that she had tried. No guilt or curiosity to be left from it.

[End Scene]
[Request Completed - 100g/Horse]
Discussion / Re: Sub Accounts FAQ
« Last post by The Skald on November 05, 2019, 10:01:14 PM »
It recently came to my attention that with the change to single-sign-on between the forum and the site, that Sub Accounts have a few quirks I need to explain.

Should you choose to use the feature, make sure you go through your profile to create the secondary profile. This will bypass the forum's demand for a unique email address, as well as ensure no issues between the forum and the site.

If you make the account first, then link it after, you will run into trouble. When Character Select screen tells you you have no characters DO NOT allow it to finish the process. Instead, switch back to your original account. Your characters will then appear. Alert me that this has happened and I will perform the clean up so it does not happen again. :)

To reiterate:


See this when you go back to the site side? Do not proceed! You should only ever see the following message if you are brand new to the site. If that is not you, contact me on Discord or via PM here. I will remedy it and get you back in working order so you can play.
Uhrwerkstadt / Following a Cold Trail
« Last post by Azalie on October 28, 2019, 12:41:41 AM »
Posted by Azalie   
She had done all she could do. Getting some people to come out and dig a hole large enough to host the great scaled beast in its death. It still bothered her about what sort of thing could have taken down a Rok Liontari. Those things, rock-hard scales and five eyes... lizard like gait and teeth of nightmares, took down basilisks as its natural prey. Then there was the man who was watching it die-- he said it was his dogs? Did he have so many they overwhelmed? And the rider, Aleksandr... what of him?

She had alerted her guild, figuring he was still on the roster, to his extended absence, wondering if he had been sent somewhere or if anyone knew what he was up to since Asphodel passed away. She also put up an ad for a hunter or someone experienced in tracking animals, preferably with a dog or something, to help her try and get where Keiro had been trying to take her. But it had been days, the trail was more than likely cold. She'd give it a shot, not knowing the limits of scent tracking. She didn't do that for a living after all. She trained beasts and figured out how to bond with them to make them a working animal in one way or another.

Right now she was preparing to take a raptor on an exercise run, one of few people who can work with one without a muzzle-- really she didn't need any sort of tie on any of her 'flock', capable of just walking up to them and slapping on the specialized saddle. She gave this one, colored like a mourning dove in brownish-grey, a scratch on the crest of its toothy beak before she mounted up, shifting up into the leg guards, her legs stretched down with toes barely on the bar of stirrups.
~ ~ ~ ~
Posted by Ben   
His reluctance to leave the forest hadn't swayed his hunt for coin. He poked around bars, spoke with shepards, offered to prowl around barns and private lands to catch vermin. Searching for any job that didn't have to do with his official one. <br/> <br/>He had amassed a few times the amount of gold he was gifted upon arrival, but still he wasn't content. Every roll would add to the (unneeded) comforts he strived to own, whether it was for Fae, or himself, or the fortunes of any future whelps.
An ad for a tracker, hunter, and possibly a dog. Well, he fit the bill well enough, didn't he? <br/> <br/>Not shy about asking for directions, he was guided towards Azalie soon enough, finding the woman preparing to leave before speaking up. <br/> <br/>"Afternoon." He was never great with greetings, finding some excuse to make as much eye contact as was polite, then look elsewhere as if distracted. "Did you put out the call for a tracker, Miss?"  Or, at least he thought she was a Miss. Honestly, some citizens had surprised him...
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
She paused, having just been about to click her heels into the bird when he walked up. Her farm wasn't too hard to find once pointed in the general direction. Handlesgilde had its mark all over as an 'approved' or 'member' location. She was a half elf, the tips of slightly point ears peeking out from straw-like hair. Messy, that of a working woman than someone concerned about looks. Her garb something practical and only as expensive as it needed to be for lasting quality.

"I did actually," she looked him over with maroon eyes. "You're a hunter then? I'm trying to track down where a beast of mine had come from... I don't know how much of the trail is left though, its been some days since I've put up that request."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
"Aye. Days? That shouldn't be too bad, but it depends on the beast." Something with scales would be harder to find than say, a horse or deer. Something that shed, or sweat. He was more concerned with traffic. How many other scents masked the one he sought? 

He looked... Acceptable, but it was clear he'd been slogging around in the woods. Burrs clung to his clothes here and there, or matted themselves into the coarse fluff of his tail. His pants from the knees down and forearms were scruffed with dust from a minor tumble, but his face was clean, and he couldn't be called disheveled.

~ ~ ~ ~
Posted by Azalie   
That didn't bother her any more than he might have cared about they hay in her hair or mud on her boots. But a scruffed up person meant they got their knuckles worked, she could probably trust this person to not just stare around for a few minutes and then declare it a lost cause.

"A Rok Liontari, or rock lion. It's not a lizard but has quite a few qualities of it, It has a mane though, so I'm sure it sheds at least from that and the crest... I had sold it to a member of my guild, and it came back to me bloody and dying." She shifted in her seat, the subtle adjustment of weight causing the raptor she sat on to turn in place, figuring she was trying to adjust direction before they head off. She reached up and pet it again, digging her fingers into the underfluff.

"He was trying to lead me back from where it came... but died not far off my property... I don't expect us to get far, but I would be remiss if I didn't try..."

Another pause, mourning still and heavy with concern.

"That and, if there's something out there that can take down a beast like that... I need to make sure its not heading anywhere near my farm. If it's close to town, then we should probably let Handlesgilde know... and maybe Battaglia or something to come exterminate or... whatever they'll do..."

She didn't do much off the farm, policies and regulations of anything other than what she needed to know to survive a 'meeting' at the Zeithalle was all she cared to mess with. She could handle all manners of cultural nuances though, strangely enough.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
Instantly, he thought of the 'Hellcat'. After all, he hadn't seen anyone else riding beasts like that. Just one, that he hadn't seen in quite some time.

He chewed his lip in thought, lost for a moment as he recalled the beasts' features. In their quieter moments, he'd taken to eying Aleksandr's. And sure, Keiro balked when Toasty caught fire, but for something, or a few somethings to rend one near dead?

"Did you bury it?" Hopefully not, though he didn't expect anyone to keep a rotting creature of that size nearby for long. He wanted to see... The bloating of decay might have hidden the attacker's scents, but at the very least, he might have been able to glean lost hair, or observe the teeth marks. His old study might have saw some use.

" you have time to show me?" She did look as if she meant to leave.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"I did. It didn't deserve being left out and I couldn't cart it back to Prasino.. for a few reasons."

For one, she couldn't lift it onto a wagon if she tried, let alone get it back off once she arrived. For another the beast was sacred in those parts, she'd be stuck there trying to explain and worrying the lot of them. Then there was the whole... not-quite-embargo on place. It wasn't forbidden to be there, but it was certainly suggested against... but people had relaxed with how long Meizarae had been silent.

"Over by that tree there, split and gnarled?" She gestured loosely down the road a ways to one of the only trees on her property (or at least the front half of it). The dirt had been pounded down, rhy grass starting to seed there as it did in the fall and winter months, encouraging deer to visit the property.

"A strange man was following the beast too... weird conversation, he claimed the victory... but I don't know, the extent of damage... from one man and some hunting dogs?"
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
He followed her gesture, eying the tree for a few moments before sniffing experimentally, from where he was. His sense was limited now compared to what it could be, when his nose was wet, low to the ground, at the end of a snout, not a human's face. Like when he tracked Sam, he'd have to bear being 'Xavier' for a time, should this job prove a challenge.

"Weird like...? I'm sorry- does Battaglia know about this? I might be tempted to say it's just some man with no respect for exotic wildlife, but at a time like this?" He shook his head.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
Azalie only shrugged. "It didn't yet seem like a matter for Battaglia. If it's a hunter with no respect then that's something the Doge takes care of, no?"

Even moreso if it was a member of a hunter's guild in Uhrwerkstadt. If it was from another region, then... well there were going to be political things about that. Battaglia might have to step in and settle it, might not. Again, Azalie didn't think further than she had to concerning these things.

"But I haven't told Handlesgilde about this either, I will after we follow the path a bit, maybe there's more to report on..." She shifted again. "I rather not go to them blowing whistles and crying wolf if it ends up being nothing"
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
"You're right." He agreed with some reluctance. Even so, what was rock lion doing out here, anyway? If it was someone's mount, as it had been hers, wouldn't something of that rarity have tabs on it?

At the very least, it was like a bad time he saw the Conductor for one reason or the other, he might run it by him. "You wanted me to follow it then? Well, backwards? Where it was?" He started forward, towards the tree, only to stop and look back at her.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"So where he had come from was more this direction... do you have a mount? Prefer walking?" She shifted her weight to turn the raptor in the right direction. It had been calm and quiet this whole conversation, a far cry from some of the others who'd sooner yank their rider off by the leg as willingly as they'd tear into a rabbit.

"I have others, besides raptors. Some horses that can be managed by almost anyone, assuming nothing drastic happens."
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Ben   
"If you're selling horses, I might just take you up on that later. But it's better to track on foot." He reached up to tap his nose idly. "I'm already not at my best like this. Ought to stay as low to the ground as I can. Are you coming with me?"  He assumed this was a job she'd leave him to, but he didn't mind company if she didn't mind his sniffles and sneezes.

He'd start either way passing by the lion's grave first. He could smell it just fine beneath the dirt. Muddled heavily, but there all the same. It was strong to him, possibly vile...but if there was one blessing that came with being so sensitive to smell, it was that he didn't find many of them truly repulsive.

Then to where she stated, walking some ways before he hardly moved without a hint of direction at least.
~ ~ ~ ~

Posted by Azalie   
"Yeah, it was trying to lead me there, I'll go for as long as I can... schedule to keep and all." She would wait until he was done investigating the grave, not one to go visit it regularly. Too much work to do, and better ways to show remembrance. Including finishing its final task. She had given no attention to the rest of the encounter with the strange shadow man.

A man who pointed out that he could kill her, even. Really she should report that too. But he would return with a test? As an initiate or apprentice to his guild? It seemed like a non issue for now, as she was registered with Handlesgilde. He can't really go and change that without her... right?
News / Updates / October 2019
« Last post by The Skald on October 24, 2019, 07:02:39 PM »
Things have been pretty quiet!

You may have seen all the not-quite-newsworthy updates the site has been undergoing, mainly in in the aesthetics department. Hope they look as good on your screens as they do mine!

The few updates:

  • Information expansion for Regions regarding culture is underway: Inizio D'Oro and Ragavalli complete.
  • Lore updates including Maestro Cecily's bio.
  • Troubleshooting updated to include the log-in hop.
  • Minor wording clarifications concerning Death, Rebirth, Resurrection, and Ghosts.

  • CSS updates (post dividers, Character Select screen
  • Added a function that allows you to look at any profile, regardless if character is online.

I am feeling comfortable with the state of the site to begin more public advertising rather than word of mouth. So as suggested I have added us to Disboard. So far everyone has been awesome about bumping it on the regular. Some other things that can help is writing us a review on there. :) We have one review so far (Thanks B!)

This has caused a few changes to our Discord hangout, and as such I am looking for feedback. Are the changes so far reasonable? Are we starting to look cluttered? Do you have a suggestion? Personally I'm not too interested in the bots, but would you want any more?

And lastly, Guild owners, I know some of you created chats or servers for your groups, but would you like a dedicated channel (and maybe role?) The issues I found last time we had Guilds as roles were:
  • Discord uses roles as a hierarchy, which makes one worth 'more' than the other down the list. This also means that color coded ones will get overridden by whatever is on top rather than your main preference.
  • We play multiple characters, so locking things out based on roles would be pointless as soon as someone has a character in each one, potentially.

Keep in mind that every guild has two spaces on the forum, one 'public' and one 'members only' at your disposal, to use for simply archiving your meetings on site or on Discord, or whatever floats your boat! Leave your opinions/suggestions below!

Upcoming Events
The Hounding returns...

A few notes about this year. As those of you with the Mark of Ill Omen will guess, this is going to be a very different occasion... I am working with the Virtuoso to hammer out the details, which will be ready by that day.

As it is Halloween, and more than a couple of you have children who will like to Trick or Treat, we will not be able to start until that ends which means a very late start at 7/8pm EST. We will play that by ear, as we have the last two years.
Inizio D'oro / Re: Countryside
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Anything else to talk a out? Oh, there was a lot but right now they were somewhat satisfied with what was talked about at the present moment. More to come! So stay tuned for next week's...

"I would say yes but, there might be...," From the color of dried blood to bloody crimson it was clear it wasn't, "Just one more detail to go over."

The mood change to from serious bored, that I am here to do a job and keep calm. To, well now! Someone forgot to invite me and let me put my two cents in! Smirking as if he knew a secret he would place his elbows on the table, lace his fingers together, and rest his chin upon them.

"Would like to discuss more about your abilities but we know and have a feeling you would just flip things around, upside down, and distract us with some other topic," the eyes would flash bright then the pupils would slit up, "Very naughty Shi Shen but we will let it slide. You are sided with The Prima and not with us. No hard feelings of course!" His eyes widen at that, "Just in due time..."

The smile said so much. Then it was gone and his eyes were now locked on Arwick, "You can leave with him or stay and heal for one more day," there was a way to hurry her process up but the pain was a good lesson tool and helped with when to draw a line, "Yet listen closely for any The Hounding stories and when the time comes, don't wonder outside. Unless of course you wish to die or go missing."

His ears would perk up and the look upon his face made him look like a mischievous child waiting for her response. Still there was a debate if he would go outside this time around for this next event. After all, Amara and him some how did magically live through that ordeal. Illusion had died. The undertaker and many others missing....


Shen nodded to Arwick. "Yes, given what you have done recently it should be little trouble to arrange a meeting between the two of you.  So as to inform her may I ask the topic of topics you plan to discuss?"  Her arm seemed better, the way it moved, he had never been talented in the healing arts, but it seemed she was recovering nicely. Perhaps he had misjudged the wound, or perhaps there was some healing magic at work, maybe her body itself simply regenerated more quickly than your average human's.

The Baron had said that there might be more to discuss, his eyes once more changing colors, something that, with time, he was sure would tell something about the man.  It seemed that there was something else, he was not sure if it was more about his abilities, the things the Baron thought he would twist around. "Baron, I do not think that you have the right of me in such matters of sides.  I was not aware that you were on different sides, How then could I have chosen one over the other, mere happenstance has put me upon one.   It is no fault of mine, nor malice toward you that has resulted in me being where I am."

He paused a few long seconds, glancing to Arwick once more.  "You have traveled with me, though not as far as would have been prudent to avoid this sort of misunderstanding,  If you recall I was quite disappointed in the act of moving so swiftly to the capitol,  now you can see why, a possibility that seems was a bother. You have had my mentor ship when it came to uncovering the knowledge hidden here as well, and been in the place with those I have worked closely with in the city, have you heard or seen me use any power?"

His lips curled down at the sides once again as he closed his eyes for a pair of seconds. "Hmm, yes."  His words mostly to himself, then he looked up to each of them, waiting to see if they wished to discuss his powers of simply part for the time.

When the Baron asked Shen about his abilities she tilted her head slightly wondering what exactly Shen possessed as side from knowledge and seeking of such, a good reader and a bad interpreter perhaps but as far as supernatural she was unaware of such and was curious what Shen would reply

Then as the Baron spoke on the topic of The Hounding a brow raised at his jest on it but took the
warning of the options he shared seriously

“I like a game of chance as much as the next person, but as of certain exhausting events of late I don’t
believe I will be partaking in either missing or death for a while”

Her attention then went to Shen as he mentioned that the meeting would be arranged with little effort as of what had transpired recently but a look of perplexity fell over her as he asked what the topic of
topics would be discussed

“Recent events, of course”

When she named the topic, it struck her as odd as it was like she was just repeating his very question and went over it again in her own mind to make clarification of it then shrugged with a firm nod

Once Shen turned his attention to the Baron on some rattling on about taking sides she was
still musing in her own thoughts about the posters that would be made up concerning the knight and leaned her head against one hand with her elbow resting on the table not really paying much mind as it had little to do with her

As Shen addressed her seeking her opinion on his habitual persona she didn’t notice he was addressing her and there was a short silence before she looked up between the two taking notice that Shen was looking at her

“Oh, Well..yes your disappointment was noted then as it is now that the trip here was
hurried up on my part but I think it would only be fair to point out that even upon arriving when we did it was to my disappointment that you saw it more important to leave me to my own accord in which I sought out the Prima with no formal introduction to find my way and lodgings as she so graciously lent me the guild office as it was too much of a bother for
you to be of any escort, proving nothing of the sort.

If you believe that it is because of my misfortune in coming here at your request, then you would be correct in saying that is the reason the Baron has judgment of you but it’s not, that is of your own doing.

 I have not and never will be a judge of character as far as you are concerned Shi Shen, that is for you to present for yourself in which case you have. As far as your powers, I was unaware you had any.”

She looked to the Baron and have a slight dip of her head as if to signal “I have no idea” to him before looking back at Shen for the opportunity to continue addressing her if he wished

A sigh was given followed by a sharp laugh. It was interesting watching the auras shimmer down to then jump up even if just a fraction. Something even if a small snap was exciting him and he would purr as his pupil's did slit up. Hell, if he had a tail it would most likely be swishing right about now.

"You two sound like lovers having spat match. Ah, adorable."

Ears would twitch as he stands up and places his hands upon the desk surface. His fingers tapping out a more exciting rhythm as he tries to contain himself smirking all along and his words sounding amused. No questions that was truly asked but he would give a brief answer.

"Lawful Chaos, that is my side," Arwick would know what he meant by that, "We are all given roles to play. Some find themselves in mere happenstances of their choice or it is picked for them. The Skald works in mysterious ways and I feel my happenstance can go either way."

A quick stop in the rhythm, "No malice towards you Shi Shen, I find you...whatever word of your choosing, to not feel that towards you," a brief look to Arwick then back to him, "Yet quite right, no right to you in the matter of sides. Though I do hope that allies are better."

With that he would leave the table and head towards the tent flap, "To quick or to slow. Ah, a lovers spat indeed. Even worst caught out in the middle of The Hounding being that will get you killed quickly," Turning he would bow and then wink when he straightens up, "I like to judge for myselfs. Whispers can only carry so much weight from others. For it can always twist and fall away when passed along. Much like swimming in dark waters with sharks with only a few life boats and dolphins about."

Falling quite to quell inside about the painting of the word picture that best describe how they saw it. There was only so much doing a boring word play could take things, "Anyways, next time, the tea party will be exciting..." With that he would leave the tent and walk off, "Nice talking to you both."

Shen let out a little hmm as Arwick recounted the start of things.  "I see, well, I should say that I missed the mark in my judgement of your patience when I presented the Inn to you for your stay.  I don't think that shall matter overmuch.  In any case I should ask of you, given the timbre of this meeting, should you like to discontinue the interaction predicated on the purpose that required that trip?"

He waited for her answer, then his attention then turned back to the Baron. I am glad of that, Baron, and I look forward to the developments that are soon to come, though until then I am certain I will be occupied most thoroughly, do either of you have any requests of me until then?"

She tilted her head slightly hearing the Baron say they sounded like they were having a lovers spat and then looked to Shen for a moment as she had never seen Shen in that light. But then in the slightest moment she did think on it after all he did have much to offer as a suitor and it wouldn't be a bad match, but he probably didn't see her in that way or had given the time to consider it, he may not even find her attractive since she had nothing to offer in return

She then looked back at the Baron and gave a slight dip of her head when he spoke of the lawful chaos and didn't put more than that into it as he continued to speak on sides

As the Baron made his leave her attention came back to Shen and she looked defeated almost shameful as he elaborated on his misjudgment of her and her complete abandonment of respect towards him, he had struck a nerve with her but that should not have caused her temper to flare no matter the situation and would now attempt to salvage what he would allow

"No, I would like to continue if you would let me. I am grateful for the opportunity and am better for your mentor ship. I apologize for my behavior, not that there is any excuse for it"

She frowned and gave him all but sad puppy dog eyes hoping he would let it go once again

A soft bitter laugh came out of his mouth before Travis had a chance to stop it. His eyes were glowing bright as he would bite the inside of his cheek to stop from full on laughing. The emotional auras in the tent was just hilarious to him like a roller coaster.

When it was out on the table and he was being asked, we'll both of them, a question he would smirk. Was there anything left of a request to ask. One of them had a thought and was quickly kicked back into a dark dark corner. That was not to be voices out load at this present time.

"Do your best to look for information. Keep up the fantastic working services you are providing," it would seem like he was insulting Shen but the look on his face said he wasn't looking towards Arwick he would continue on, "Same with you as well. Looking for further updates and the moving forward on continuing our somewhat interesting friendship."

Shen saw her give some thought when the Baron called what they had a lover's spat.  He had, at first, taught the comment nothing more that the Baron telling at the pair.  Then, Arwick showed herself to be more interested that that, and not in a way consumed by anger. Well something to speak on, but not in front of the Baron.

With the thought, and the Baron speaking again, he glanced over to him. Amusement, no there was more that that, interesting guard the man had, but there meeting today had given him something to consider.  "I will continue as I have."

It seemed their relationship was not coming to an end and so he looked back to Arwick.  " When will you be returning to the city? I should like to meet you in the choir when you do."

Hearing the Baron from outside of the tent she would give a slight nod and a wave with her fingers then looked back to Shen as he spoke his departing words to him not really thinking much on the interaction but mostly on her meeting with the Prima then hearing Shen's question she rose a brow and shrugged lightly

"I suppose when I receive word of when to meet with the Prima, I figured I would rest a little until then and go by the Library before heading to the Manor. Unless you had something I needed to see to before then?"

She waited to hear his reply not having the slightest idea what it could be that he couldn't speak here about but she wouldn't question it


Shen shook his head. "Well if you are to be here, then I should be out again with word of the meeting.  It is not a matter of import, but one that I should like addressed sooner than later. Should you prefer your time here be kept to yourself I will send a messenger in my stead and meet with you when you have returned to the city."

Shen looked around the tent and the seats there, considering the place for a second time after the meeting was concluded giving a little nod as he settled out the details.  "Unless there is anything more I will be off."

She stood and gave her arm a few slow bends back and forth, it was still stiff and tight but visually there were no signs of injury

"I believe I will return shortly, seems the time away has been sufficient enough.  Was there a certain time you had in mind? "

She took a few steps towards the tent opening and then proceeded to step outside, the short time here had done wonders and she was enjoying the quite and could probably stay out here indefinitely but duty calls
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Shen thought about the Skald and her plans and Amara, death did not end the Skald's plans for one if it was not wanted.  That was something about the nature of this place that was interesting to him.  "Perhaps and perhaps not, when one has touched the fire rush of combat it is interesting how in some ways they are hyper observant while in others oblivious, you'll see soon, once things have calmed down I am sure."

To the baron simply a nod to his first statement, that seemed to be every string in the Tapestry.  Then he transitioned, finally, there was the reason he had been called,  the Knight, the Prima asked for him to be brought to him. Ah, yes, That would be the reason he had been asked here, a gentle smile appearing on his face. "A wanted poster would be a good idea, for the shared dreamers, as to my information on that.  I might ask do you remember my full name?  If so, then perhaps you know, and if not perhaps there is time to think on it."  A little small frown followed the second part.

"Unfortunately that is the reason I think I was asked if a shared dream is what unites them as for reconvening, that seems like it may be more fruitful.  In the mean time the posters seem like a good idea so long as he is tied to the cities, if he can survive in the wilderness well enough it could drive him into hiding that he cannot be found. Still, if nothing has surfaced on his location yet it could be the only way to stir things up."

Hearing the Baron speak of knots she nodded and quietly recited the saying that went something like “oh what a tangled web” in her mind as she listened to him go on about the tapestry, she was in agreement that a poster for the missing Knight would be a good start but didn’t offer anything as far as a voice on the matter as she had no information on the subject. She had no objections on reconvening either and just then a yawn escaped her and her eyes gave away that the day’s events were catching up to her not to mention the process of healing.

Hearing Shen speak of the fire rush of combat she raised a brow slightly wondering if he thought this was perhaps the first time she had known battle, but his impression of her background meant little to her and shrugged it off as she wouldn’t be volunteering that sort of information

She caught the smile from Shen as the Baron mentioned the posters and tilted her head slightly wondering if he though finding the Knight was the reason the Baron wanted to meet with him, surely he didn’t think that was the sole purpose otherwise this entire day was for nothing since the whereabouts of the Knight was the smallest subject of conversation, not that it wasn’t important just not as important

Just then as he asked the Baron if he knew his full name she tilted her head not understanding where the bearing was in the knowledge of his name and she mumbled aloud as she looked away “riddles in the dark” then as he mentioned things being stirred up she spoke up with the everlasting presence of respect in her tone as she addressed the Baron

“If it’s all the same to you I will take up on that offer of scheduling a time to meet with the Prima that is unless of course you wanted to reserve that meeting yourself? And I would be more than happy to oversee the making of the posters as well if you wish”

Things already felt calm. Calmer than they should be but, that was to be expected after The War had ended and people started to grieve. Though under that calm there was still trouble brewing and people, or beings, taken advantage of it. One being, him.

The gentle smile and then to the little small frown made him lift a brow. A quick look inward made a ruckus as it was all pieces together quickly then thrown back out.

"We recall your name," a small nod at that. His eyes darken briefly before lighting back up to the color of dry blood, "Think not much in it but doing it. Though, are you willing to help out more?" a glance to Arwick, "Oversee the wanted posters. One for the Knight, a thousand gold. Another poster for information on regarding strange happenings fifty gold. From dreams that others share, to feeling dark dangerous powers, or that to missing people's."

His eyes would flick up to the tent flap as the shadows would grow then shrink down. A deep sigh at that as his pointy ears would swivel back, "Would say had abnormal deaths as well. The days are crossing into the upcoming, dreadfully fun, The Hounding."

As for the question on the meeting he would give a look that made him question his own sanity and theirs as well. Another sigh at that as he snaps his fingers and a spark appears, "If the Prima will allow me the honor to see her once again, so be it. She most likely won't until The Knight is found. Continue on with the meetings in my place."

Shen waited patiently as the conversation  moved to the fact they did recall his name, then topics moved to those more private, it seemed just thoughts were directed his way, and to them he'd have no reply.  As for how the Baron handled gathering information, that was up to him, a great deal he was looking for, but sometimes that was the only route left to you, and each piece of information stated was something that could prove to be the piece that lead things somewhere.  He'd have to keep an eye on what was coming of that should they be posted up.

Arwick had once again turned her thoughts inward, a habit he had seen something had been mumbled, but just what it was, he did not make out, though her respect for the Baron, one that knew her ties to nature would help her more than medicine, it was something to keep in mind when dealing with the two, even thought the Baron's manner did not seem to show the same, deeper his actions did show something of a nurturing nature when it came to her at least.

"It would seem that you have moved to your own business, was there anything else that was on your mind to discuss?"  The current topics played out, if there was more dancing for more time would not help to reveal any of it, best to move things along, or to return to the city.

As the Baron had confirmed that “we recall your name” he was speaking for himself and not her but she nodded in turn that she did indeed remember his full name and made the connection then as to what he referred, she thought that was very interesting and was very curious of how that worked out

She looked to the Baron and gave him a reassuring nod that she would do whatever work was needed and take on the responsibilities of her position
“Of course”

Then upon hearing him speak of “The Hounding” a quizzical look fell over her as she had no idea what that was, she would make it a point to ask about it later

Hearing Shen ask of anything else to be discussed she looked to him and nodded

 "If your offer is still open to arrange the meeting with the Prima is still open, I'd like to take you up on it, let me know when the time may be available, and I will meet you there. I will see to it the posters are made and distributed"

She sat up then and rubbed her arm taking notice that is was not as tender as it was when the meeting started it was healing nicely as well as her side then brought her attention back to Shen for his confirmation one way or the other
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