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Title: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: The Skald on April 05, 2018, 11:51:28 PM
This is the topic for the mass interaction involving a direct conflict with Meizarae, Virtuoso of Misery.
For easy reference: Meizarae's special rolls are as follows.

If you are in her direct area (1 room) then you will feel the full effect of her aura (D100).  A 1 or a 100 will kill your character by suicide. Get creative and have fun with it.  Someone may attempt to intervene. This will require them passing the roll in a capable manner (ie if they didn't roll something extremely close to the dead numbers) and a D20 between ya'll to see if they are successful in dealing with your incapacitated self.

Meizarae only has one 'dangerous' attack, a scream. This will affect anyone directly in front of her in a cone shape for 400ft. This is just over the length of an American Football field for comparison.  It is a high pitch wail, likely to burst ear drums if you are well within this range, which will at least deafen the sound. Those within range will need to roll a D10 and get anything other than a 1 to live.

TOUCHING Meizarae will have the same roll effect as above (for punching, grabbing, incidents)

Yes she's pretty weak for a god like being ;) She's tutorial level boss. [/list]
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: The Skald on April 06, 2018, 09:29:19 PM
The march from the small frigid mountain pass guarding Otkrytoye Polotno from the rest of the Tapestry back to Prasino Kolaz's jungle had been a mess. Its tiny passage made keeping formation difficult and the rare crossing of an unaware/prepared citizen made things awkward as people shuffled to try and allow them to pass on through the miles-long line of men, women, and cart creatures.  Some irritated words were said by more than a few, especially as the news had spread, they thought, for people to know not to travel so much during such a dangerous time.

As far as any one knew, however, their opponent had not moved from the last known location. The woman in black, properly known as Virtuoso Meizarae, had been happily content in her reclamation of the temple ruins that Elysion called their headquarters. This gave them comfort, the idea that they would be catching her unawares and unprepared-- not quite an ambush, but certainly trapped like a rat.

Spring was coming. The air opposite of the mountain range was distinctively warmer and wet, making the well worn road difficult to trudge in places. Heavier mounts like Wooly Rhinos seemed likely to sink in spots but they were stronger at keeping wheels dragging through the muck than most of their counterparts. This made the march even longer and after a day solid most were second guessing their own preparedness. Why were they so antsy to rush into this? All these minor troubles seemed to warn them of things stacked against them.

After another day, those that did not desert would find themselves staring at the shredded remains of Elysion's flag. The Crowned Swan emblem sad and heavy with water, like trash in the verdant tangle. This was the point of no return. Hurriedly they set up a temporary camp with the necessities, such as a tent for preliminary healing near the edge so that they could rush those who could not bounce back out of here. Another for storing any dead that are recovered. Now was the time for final preparations and hear the orders that would guide them into the thicket of battle.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Meizarae on April 06, 2018, 09:42:28 PM
She knew they were coming, but was not sure when. It bothered her not, as she knew her time would come... while she may be written as a traitor in Skaldic Lore, she was still very much at the beck and call of her master. A being that set her free and would just as likely box her back up again when sufficient new stories had been made. However there was a degree of control she still had... it was she who decided to take back her homeland, a place that had once been called Ysteria. Still coated in the plants they had cultivated for many wonderful years.

She had seen the impact of her guild. The Feathered Raptors that were common place as mounts. Rock Lions not so much... though the months she spent hiding in wait for an opening to take over Elysion she did not encounter very many basilisks, or their eggs.

Seated in the 'throne room' she awaited the future and fumed about recent past. Meizarae had no desire to take over the world, but it was a possibility that was dependent on the players on stage. Her destruction, her promotion, her salvation. Or perhaps... they will just repeat the cycle, seal her away to come loose on another generation of heroes and citizens.
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Post by: Marietta on April 09, 2018, 02:30:49 AM
Marietta rode to the battle camp astride a raven colored feathered raptor she was ready as she could be-- though the armor she chose was perhaps not the best in design. Thick black leather tooled with designs befitting of Inizio D'Oro, inset with gold filigree. On her hip hung a simple rapier, nothing fancy in comparison to her outfit or anything else someone might wield.  Among the caravan was her yurt from Coldhaven's set up, which she had placed in the back of the second gathering point outside of Elysion. While brash and childish at times she was very aware that she desired her wounded to be closest to being removed.

Once everything was organized she gathered her guild privately to explain their particular roles. It would be the Grand Conductor that did the talking, however. He was battle scarred and salted hair, with a stern face and presence that made everyone continue to be on edge as they stood there waiting for his orders and voice as rough as gravel in a bucket.

"I don't give a Skaldic pitch fit if you are tone deaf-- you must continue to sing. The more voices, the better our chances at staying upright. You hear? The verses are very simple and were provided to you when you joined. If you laughed off our great history you will pay for it today, believe me. There are power in those verses.

Never proceed alone... mind your partners in the march. What we know, thanks to our losses in this plant riddled area, she is capable of killing without touching you. I want you men looking out for one another. The Skald is watching, the fact that we choose to march against this enemy is proof of our worth. Being a hero to your comrade is more important than being a hero to us all, stay within your britches sons."

Though should any of her guild did do the hero thing, she could absolve an opponent of her position in the running, though it would be frowned upon. She had ideas, ones that she hoped the pawns involved would play nicely over. As this meeting occurred she glanced over to the healer's guild set up, 'checking in' on one such pawn and what he may be doing. Then promptly back to her people as she stared vaguely into the middle distance or beyond, trying to look attentive and caring before her time to speak came about. The Grand Conductor had more to say about tactics, however...

"Strings, you will proceed forward ahead of Brass. Our opponent's initial obstacle for us is distance and it will be up to you to see if you can't discharge it. Brass if you see an opening, rush in, but be brief. I want the speedier of groups to head in first so you can get out. Heavy sets I want you in only when we are sure. Wind, offer support to either group and keep your voices high."

That was it? She had hoped something more in depth and tactical sounding to happen here. But she knew her cue and stood up to take the small platform. Her lines were simple, rehearsed and certainly not written by her. It came off as a prayer, which was perhaps all they needed from her anyway.

"May the oar you place in these turbulent waters guide you to shore. May the spark that drives you guide you through the night. To you, you brought by The Skald, I honor thy calling here and now."

It actually hurt her cheeks to say all of this, but she made it through. Taking her leave she retreated as the group did their final checks of their equipment. Tomorrow they march.

The day of she sat astride the raptor again, looking more and more like the proper rider as she bowed her head and gestured with one hand, palm out to the crowd, as mounted 'salute'. She was ready for battle as much as they were, suggesting she was going to charge in with them. There was very little fan fare or long announcements. Each guild had explained their individual tactics. Most were likely the same due to the situation, but with some alterations-- such as timing. Letting one guild's group proceed first before theirs. Perhaps going together as a mix. Meizarae was a wildcard for them for a Virtuoso had not been faced in three hundred years. There was very little, if anyone, around to know the truth or the ultimate help about this.

"Wars raged, plagues spread, heroes rose into halls of note and malefactors into infamy. From tragic endings to perfect new beginnings, the Great Skald enjoyed them and the small incidents in daily lives most of all.

And so the stage was set for the sages of old, for players friend and foe."

Then she turned, and drew the rapier slowly to point it ahead of her at the entrance of the overgrowth's end. The tunnel that showed off columns of a fallen ruin... the start of Amara's reclaimed home.
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Post by: Aleksandr on April 09, 2018, 12:51:15 PM
Aleksandr was largely left to his own devices as they prepared, furtive glances cast towards him as many people started to let their preconceptions loose as the tension on the air mounted. He was Skaldborne, was he here to do something amazing? Would he deliver them right in to the maw of death? The more religious hard line regarded him with an awe that made him much more uncomfortable than the doubting and uneasy - he didn't think he could live up to whatever lay inside the mind of a fanatic.
From what he understood of their enemy, she was not likely to be drawing a compliment of soldiers, and she herself attacked in a way that didn't use conventional weapons. As a result he had sparsely armoured himself - a polished breastplate covered his torso, which he had to all but fight to don himself when an entourage of believers came to help him don his garb. As such he was feeling sullen now, burdened with something he didn't ask for - he had accepted he might have to die to win this thing, but the idea of living with reverence was much worse, much harder to reconcile in his mind.

His damaged eye offered him no grievances in his ability to see, yet the pupil and iris still looked like someone had ripped a chunk out of them - the healers he had seen had been baffled by the situation, seeming to find no physiological problem to deal with beyond the curious dissolving of the pigment. He didn't tell them about the headaches, didn't see the point right now - war would not wait for him to get better, if he could get better.
Of course her ladyship showed up to check on him, and the moment was heavy with tension, and of the potential promise of some prior activities. There was little time to talk it out though, with so much to be done and all the prep work on the line for both of them. He settled for kissing the back of her hand in as courtly a fashion as might help her relieve her anxieties about observers, and then he left her to her duties, so he could take up his own.

He was garbed and armed, but he still had another to attend to, stepping outside and putting his fingers in his mouth, an ear-piercing whistle shrieking through the air.  A few moments later, Keiro burst from the nearest foliage and loped out towards Aleksandr. The Rock Lion was a fearsome thing to look at, a vaguely feline creature large enough to compete with a horse, made up of corded, dense muscle just beneath his mottled pelt. Numerous eyes blinked intelligently as the beast observed things around him, the teeth just beneath those eyes big enough, with the size of his jaw, to shear off a man's arm without too much effort - these beasts ate basilisks, out in the wild.
Keiro's tail swished with expectation as Aleksandr vanished for a moment and then returned with the tack to put on his unusual steed, which was immediately rewarded with a snapping of teeth that echoed so loudly as to make Aleksandr wince a little. "You knew this was coming. Don't whine about it."

Not impressed but apparently understanding, the beast huffed out a sound that was equal parts growl and strange, insect-like chattering, chirping noise as he let Aleksandr sort out tack and fasten it on to Keiro as Azalie had shown him to do. Once it was all secured, Keiro was no more impressed, his long tail snaking back and forth with enough force to knock someone over if they were caught by it - accepting, but not happy about it, that was Keiro right now. "Tell you what, Keiro. If we get out of this not dead, we'll take you some place fun, some place where you can eat something you've probably not had in a while."

He talked more to himself than his steed, patting a broad, muscular flank as he exhaled a sigh to center himself, hand resting on the pommel of the sword at his waist. This was the weapon to battle the gods with, then? It had done nothing but bring him misery, it seemed. Something about it was wrong, warped somehow in a way that made him uneasy; in a way that had made Eirian banish him from the tavern just because he was in possession of it. If it helped fell the virtuoso though, then maybe it would be worth it? As the ragtag forces of the civilised world lined up, he certainly hoped so, settling in to his saddle as Keiro stretched and then loped out.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Willow on April 09, 2018, 01:47:06 PM
 Willow had a arrived a few days prior, meeting with the other healers. She had yet to see Amara, but was sure their leader would show her face, right? Either way Willow had checked everyone's med kits, refilling as needed. setting up the cots and stretchers for the battle. She had already took stock of what was available. She thought hard about when she had dealt with her last patient, only if they fought hand to hand would the healers really be able to help. You could not fix a broken mind.As the Prima showed and spoke what she would Willow gave due respect before getting back to it.

Willow met with the magic healers separately, seeing where their skills lied and set them up in a section of their own, while our basic aides surrounded them. Willow was fully aware that while magic was being done it made them vulnerable and there needed to be padding between them and any onslaught. Looking over the people had come to the fight she scanned each person from where she stood looking for anything that made them to vulnerable, ones she knew would be first to come to the healers.

Cloudy eyes looked around for their healer leader and sighed, shaking her head she made last minute preparations, collecting a few extra herbs that were nearby, she had a feeling her concoction skills were going to be needed this time. her mind on overdrive as she mentally filed most likely injuries to the front of her database.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Sakuma Munekatsu on April 10, 2018, 02:26:18 PM
Munekatsu listened to the speech of the grand conductor. He had learn of the verse before making his way to coldhaven. As for everyone takes care of one another, he had guessed that much on hiw own. he let a sigh, a bit deceived by what he heard but he did not lose hope. In fact, fighting such an enemy will make him rely on instinct alone. He knew not what this foe could do. When the speech was over, he prepared himself. He usually wield only one Katana but this time, he attach the katana he received for his uniform but also is old white katana he used in the past war he had fought in his homeland. Both of them were on his left side. He took care to put the medical kit Willow gave him into his pocket.

as always, He wasn't wearing any armor. Only his Golden and black Kimono and a white shirt under with a pair of pants and leather boots. He preffered to rely on his mobility than the armors to protect himself. He was ready to charge in, a smile on his face. He wasn't anxious at all, he was warrior if is fate was to die on the battlefield, then so be it.
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Post by: Gawain on April 11, 2018, 05:07:51 PM
He was ready to march as he could be and waited anxiously through one meeting and the next. As a knight of Brass he now knew that he would follow the strings into battle. His alertness would be focused on watching for an opening and diving in with his comrades and diving back out with any too burdened by the aura the Virtuoso presented.

The next day there was another more multi-guild meeting with the Prima Famiglia giving speeches of their own, the confident snow-haired daughter of the crown signaling the full start of the march into the verdant corridor that would lead into Elysion's temple ruin head quarters.  His black tunic blending him in with his guild, his family, the brass gold of his equipment shining in the shadows. He belted out loudly, trying to drown out anyone's shyness with the confidence that they might not be heard if they worried about being an awful singer. Every voice was important...

"There's a power in every breath
There's a power in every note..."
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Post by: Hakkiem on April 13, 2018, 12:08:25 PM
Formerly, when he and Cyril and Marietta were growing up they had been confined to the Manor along with the rest of guild heirs at the time. The Primo Uomo was a little crazy, instilling a rule of confinement among the young nobility and turning their lavish quarters into gilded prisons. Things were a worse for his best friend's little sister, who had suddenly and aggressively been declared too ill to participate in most of their studies.

But here she was, more than a year since he last saw her, heading a charge fit as a fiddle. He hung out with the general crowd, but closest to Cyril to give the Primo Figlio some confidence and support. His guild was far too small to matter at this point, effectively disbanded with the strife in the world-- he was technically no longer a noble but his friendship hadn't faltered nor did his service. Cyril needed all the help he could get, the trauma stitching itself into the fiber of his being and Hakkiem worried that he was perhaps not ready to face the very thing that caused this shift in mentality. However, if there was a chance that facing it head on would help him overcome it, they could not miss this chance. They could also not miss this chance to make themselves known, to be mentioned in history beyond a family tree.

When the charge was sounded he clicked his heels into the side of his horse and moved with the crowd. Eyes locked on his friend and trying to keep close. He wasn't sure of what tactics were being applied, as he was not part of any particular formation, thus he would hang out and react to the inevitable. He knew Meizarae's power, he had encountered it first hand with Cyril, Demi, and Marietta. He will do his best to save people who struggle under the weight of their own mind and run them back to the Elysion triage camp. How long until the first though? And could he be sure he could even survive it himself... he almost didn't before...
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Post by: Ben on April 14, 2018, 03:13:56 PM
He was later than he should have been, and he knew it. Ben had only arrived the day before with Rimu in tow, and for the most part Ben kept quiet and out of the way. He didn't seek out anyone he might have known from the guild, as much as he knew now was definitely the best time to get to know the others, when they were all prepared to lay their lives down for the same cause.

Well, he wasn't prepared to die yet, for one. There was no chance of him deserting- he had dragged his reluctant self here anyways, even with Rimu trying to turn him around- but had the Virtuoso not killed, he doubted he would be so willing to fight for a guild he didn't have attachment to. This was for his imaginary debt to Battaglia, not for the good of the Healer’s.

He found himself standing in the march beside an unarmored, sword-wielding man the day of. His own khopesh was at his side, along with his bow strapped to his black-clad back. The man didn't seem to be singing yet, but Ben did hear a familiar voice somewhere, a very loud one…

The near silence he kept wasn't wasted. Though he still couldn't read lyrics from the book he was given beforehand, he'd given each song his utmost attention. By now, he was was confident enough to raise his voice to them, and joined in with a low, but not terrible voice.

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Post by: Rimu on April 14, 2018, 04:08:29 PM
Rimu, right behind Ben, was a canvas covered in every type of scolding face that one could imagine. It changed so a scowl, then a glare then complete distaste. It changed constantly between those things as he looked around and then back to Ben. Unlike the woofman that he followed, he was a walking dictionary of unneeded words and sounds. "Ben.. We really should not be here. You might not survive this, he'll I might not even survive this and then no one will be able to tell Zhaki where you are or what happened. Then he gonna be all alone in Ukwarskit what ever it's called and then he will be lonely and sad! Like you were after I killed him!" He grumbled and constantly stated how this was a very, VERY bad idea.
Not only was it a suicide plan to fight this Misty..Masie... May woman? --Again he had forgotten her name-- but alongside all these soldiers? What if one of them aimed wrong with their now and arrow, or let go of their maces too soon? It would surely hit fellow soldiers! And Rimu was not a member of this guild, though he could have been with how Ben dragged him around he entire time. He was not willing to lose his life and Ben's for something as silly as this! It would only mean that his dept changes to Zhaki for not being able to save Ben. That's it! His soul purpose in this battle would be to keep Ben alive. Screw everything else. He would let Ben do his little man honour thing and fight for this stupid cause but Rimu was no part of this. He would only fight to keep Ben alive! That's what he told himself again and again to build up his energy and adrenalin for exactly that cause.
He was not scared, he couldn't care less about the who-knows-what lady that everyone has gathered here to fight. He did not know her so why should he care anyway since he was not scared, yet.

He raised his big and bright yellow orbs to the top of the crowd of fighters. He was not tall enough to see over all of them and began to hop up and down behind Ben to see how far everyone has gathered. He tried to see where tents were positioned or if there was any even. The yellow and brown harpy also tried to identify armouries and healer tents. It would be helpful knowledge for when Ben got in too deep over his head. If he would remember those locations that is.

The swift winged creature spread his wings, or rather attempted to for a lift into the air to get better visuals but quickly gave up as h got glares from either side. Best stay on the ground then. He did not want to cause more trouble than needed and once again began to scold the woofman infront of him. "Ben! Bad idea! Seriously bad good planing. Death wish material, you know? Suicide mission!" He muttered bitterly, not about to let the canidae rest on peace for his horrible decision.

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Post by: Tayln on April 14, 2018, 08:46:33 PM
Somewhere behind everyone else, there was a lone soldier. Maybe a little too thin, a little too short, mostly unassuming. He didn't seem to be wearing a whole much of...anything that would keep them alive and their weapon of choice appeared to be a pair of Sais, used and abused and perhaps sections along their hilts and butts were a little warped. To the outward eye, maybe he looked nervous, shaggy black hair was loose and a badly bruised hand was towards his mouth, teeth gnawing at the nail, dark green eyes were focused on the path they were too take. There was singing, there was talking, perhaps even some people were giving each other their last goodbyes and what not, they were all so nervous, it was palpable.

The soldier didn't seem to do any of that, as if he had long accepted fate. Or maybe he was just confident.
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Post by: Travis on April 15, 2018, 09:46:14 AM
It felt like Fate, most likely the Skald, had intervened again on Travis behalf and set his path in proper motion once more from the chaos that seemed to keep him from the war. A few days behind from merging with the others by being personal there himself instead of just sending other merchants and the quickly loaded wagons of extra materials ahead. It was an uproar at first that the Merchant's Guild had little time to prepare but when told aloud that everyone was caught unaware, even that of the other guilds, that death was upon them and who knew when the Virtuoso might move from the ruins of Elysion. Throwing in his own personal share of goods and gold with that of Donk's showed that even if Travis was the random new heir of the guild, and had a short time to get required of the guilds ways, he was willing to risk it in order to prevent another random death out break across the lands.

By doing this Travis had gained some respect out of the guild members who did not take kind to the hastily actions of Donk claiming him and later vanishing, leaving Travis to have to learn on his own and from the few members that were willing to teach. There was also a whispered dark rumor that a few were hoping for Travis downfall during the war so that leadership would be passed on to the next coming head guild leader, and if not another would try to take their place. A seed of doubt and greed was planted among the few but it was already to late to correct the problem for there was another up ahead that needed to be dealt with.

When Travis' house went up in a blaze those few who wanted Travis gone felt a brief sense of joy that the time had come to have a new guild leader and recall back some of the goods that had been sent out for the war. After all, they were not making a profit from this and was losing money if things go south. Surely the order would have been heard and those wagons that had left a few days later would be seen already coming back?

No, for Travis was alive, if not well, at Amara's place being healed up before heading out. The armor he was suppose to wear for was no longer with him for it went up in flames along with anything else he was going to take to the battle field in his house. For some damned reason, the shadow puppet had silt Travis throat and told him it was not his place to die there but elsewhere. That the grief, hopelessness, lost, and the need to die under pressure of such strong emotions had to be else where. Had to be tortured emotionally more before he was allowed to feel the oh sweet touch of death. So here he was among the late arriving wagons to set up more tents from the war site and have the extras good arrange to be easily move out on a call when need be.
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Post by: The Unknown on April 15, 2018, 05:29:15 PM
These were desperate times, as the world seemed to march forth in to battle against Meizarae and despite it being an unpopular opinion he stood on the opposite side of the scuffle. With plans in mind to entertain himself for the future, he still fled the arms of those attempting to hold him back. This was it. The current event that was going to change everything and although the woman might end up trapped in her watery crypt of the catacombs once more, it wouldn't change his opinion of her. His finger tips brushed his lips and he could still feel her waxy ones against his own. There was more to her than anyone truly knew and as a book, he wanted to know. He was here to learn if nothing more, and perhaps step in if the situation called for it.

There were no weapons on his person to speak of; no blades or outward physical weapons beyond hands and feet. He stood within his usual cloak that covered his body from the neck down and out of the way of the traveling fleet. The chosen perch was a tree, seemingly dead by the dry look of it, but he had to stay out of that cone of sound, now didn't he? Those marching on meant little except what their actual plans were; death or imprisonment and only time would tell.
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Post by: muttsmaddworld on April 17, 2018, 12:44:18 AM
This was not where he had planned on being a year prior. It seemed like another life now, fooling around like a child in the gardens, teasing his little sister into angry fits, running through the halls and laughing until he cried. He looked like a much different man now. There was no air of joy or childishness around him, not anymore.

The stallion below him pawed the ground, seeming to feel the anticipation in the air as they marched forward. The early morning sun gleamed off the golden breast plate etched with the symbol of his status. His usually messy black hair was slicked back atop his head with no helm despite suggestions to do so. No, he wanted her to know who he was. He was ready for a second round with the monster who murdered the queen and king.

A flash of his mother's face distracted him, his chin falling slowly to his chest as he closed his eyes. But it was only for a moment. There was no time for distractions now. There was a war about to start. An army against one villian who would taste a blade today- or tooth and claw or her own magic. He knew not how the goddess would be slain, but he was ready to watch and hoped it was slow.

"Wars raged, plagues spread, heroes rose into halls of note and malefactors into infamy. From tragic endings to perfect new beginnings, the Great Skald enjoyed them and the small incidents in daily lives most of all.

And so the stage was set for the sages of old, for players friend and foe."

The words left his mouth in time with his sister. He'd pull up beside her, but was not quite ready to meet her gaze. He stayed focused on their target. There was a fear deep in his chest that he was worried she would see despite the hate that burned in his eyes. A hate that had been destroying the boy he'd been before her running away.
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Post by: Meizarae on April 17, 2018, 02:04:39 AM
She could hear the march now as they squeezed into the tight corridor of thick jungle vine and tree. The ground was uneven, forcing carts to follow a specific path that was only starting to become well worn with Elysion's more recent reclamation of the land. But as they got deeper they would see something more paved but still broken by invasive roots start to take shape until a definitive path lead their way to the temple palace where Meizarae sat comfortably within.

The building was ruined, but not by her. It had crumbled to the first time they had ousted her from her home and the weather and growth across the ages. Trees and vines were supporting stone walls. Clumps of grass or moss growing in-between smooth pavers. The eerie quiet gave it a peaceful look to it and had this been summer mist would have added a layer of mystery to this piece of cobbled history.

She could hear the voices sing in the distance growing louder as they came closer. Normal wars involved the drumming of a beat to keep people in time with their march. Battaglia sang and as these were the same songs from hundreds of years ago, she knew exactly what they were for. The little wanna be heroes were trying to muster their courage. They were trying to harden their resolve so her aura would affect them less-- or so they thought. It was charming, really, that they would try to use history to support their future. The virtuoso ran her tongue over her lips to wet them, unaware of the demon book that was wistfully doing the same-- a texture he'd not feel again.

Whether anyone sided with her, worshiped her, or was against her.... they would all be in the same boat. They would all fall eventually, to join their misery with hers.
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Post by: Marietta on April 18, 2018, 06:00:16 AM
With the charge announced they marched forward into the green. She did not immediately urge her mount forward, perhaps aware of her brother's nervous tension or feeling it herself as the monumental weight of what she had just done rooted her to the spot: she just sent most of them, if not all, to their deaths. Certain ends that would make The Skald smile, but she had no control past here. Her promise to 'fix this' was counter to her actual ability-- something Aleksandr knew already though. Still, she was not too ready to give up the statement, her palm hot and ready to respond to her inner fire. She will burn the jungle down before anything else.

As childish and immature she could be, even as far to be called a lemming by the skaldborne she had been seen around more often than not-- at each other's throats no less-- she had been wise enough to keep her plan almost entirely to herself, capable of counting on her fingers who knew and their place in the scheme. Alcide's time was now. Her plan hinged on those two surviving out of anyone else. The loophole could apply to any skaldborne, but she was attempting to shoe-horn destiny to focus on him in particular... so this was a risky en devour, even more as the pair of the remaining line of royalty was about to chance their own lives along with the masses in the solid wave moving around them now. She looked to her brother, a hardened man since she last saw him even as he was now cleaned up and perhaps most like their father at this moment.

As long as they lived, it would be okay. As long as they could continue the bloodline, their duty done. As long as Meizarae went down, the Famiglia's promise kept.

Then, before they could get too sappy and exchange words she slammed her heels into the bird's side and rode it forward. They were minutes away from the clash now and she was intending to catch up to her chosen mostly-secret comprimario and his fantastic beast with the five eyes; unless someone got in her way, of course. Not that anyone had much to converse with her about mid march to fight a god of all things. Along the way she tried to encourage more singing by adding her voice to the chorus, singing the same song as Gawain-- A Spark Inside Us. Her voice was alto in nature, and imbued magically only when she sang songs listed within Battaglia's songbook.

"A power that starts within the heart
A power that rises through the throat

As more would join in the power would amplify and better protect the people, they believed. The warm light glowing from within their hearts to better shield them from the weight of the world Meizarae would undoubtedly force heavy on their shoulders.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Aleksandr on April 18, 2018, 03:05:50 PM
And the order was given. He heard the sound of moving people, the sound of the potential rout of civilisation - if they fell here, the best, brightest and bravest would all be gone, and there would be nothing and no one left to stop what followed. The weight on his chest felt like it would drag him down in to the ground where no one would ever find him. Would the sword work? Or at least work in a way that was beneficial and not harmful. Would the strange state that sometimes took over him work, either? He didn't seem to have direct control of it, and some of the plans of the Prima relied on it working and him getting close enough to use the sword. If that didn't work, then countless people were marching to their own grisly suicides... When imagined in the context of a standing army, he shuddered visibly at how much blood would be spilled, how gruesome a tableux they would leave behind.

Keiro however, was in his element, and ready to go. The jungles and all its hidden spaces, the high foliage and vines - this was a place where Keiro's kind sat at the top of the food chain, and his absence from the place was no greater felt than when he was inches away from reintegrating. The rock lion paced back and forth, loping in circles as he waited to go, Aleksandr sat on his back, repeating what Azalie had told him about utilising such a creature as a mount, and hoping that he didn't die from being 'unhorsed' and breaking his neck or something else equally lacking in heroism.
He stared at the sword now, feeling an intense burden of doubt gnawing at him - this was madness,  they couldn't succeed with a fraction of the knowledge and options of those that had come before them. There was nowhere else to go though - if he left and everyone died, sooner or later he would join them. Die now or die later, the thought was strangely calming, and with that wave of calm he decided he would sooner die now, if he had to, than live with however long he had after that, riddled with survivor's guilt.

He placed a hand over his chest, feeling the faint sense of warmth that a few times now, had felt hot enough to burn a hole in his chest, and once again wondered if such a thing could be relied upon. His musing on the matter was interrupted by the highly visible figure of her ladyship appearing in the crowd of people. The warmth in his chest flared a little as he mentally remarked that he had both told her to stay out of the engagement area, and that she was still visible enough as to be seen from space by any minion Meizarae might be waiting to surprise them with. He pulled on the reins and Keiro tightly wheeled around as he turned to face her and discover whatever this was about.
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Post by: Sakuma Munekatsu on April 18, 2018, 04:18:42 PM
He began to March. He wasn't singing at all. His thougths were on one thing only, the battle ahead. Giving some quick look at the swords on his left side, he wondered what fighting style would be the best. He was very adaptive to what he had and could always come up with something. Althought, with all these troups he wondered how the battle will go if would even be able to fight. He wouldn't charge in if many was in the way. The fact they knew barely nothing on the enemy bothered him but he wasn't growing anxious.  He followed as they march but he kept in his head, if there were too many in the way, he won't fight. He'd stay to apply first aid but otherwise, he might just end up with someone in the way and injure and maybe even kill someone from his side.
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Post by: Gawain on April 19, 2018, 08:07:58 PM
Gawain knew many people within their guild and quite a few outside of it due to the nature of the job and his generally sunshiny personality. When he spotted Munekatsu and Ben, and the indentured servant of the guild that had been placed in Ben's care. The latter of the three was very upset and unsure about this. It said something when even murderers feared for the lives of others. He nudged the white haired armor-less man to participate in the song, still singing the bars as their very own princess road past in a hurry to catch up to...

...well someone he heard a few rumors about. It was not his place to be concerned about any comprimario the royals took on, it was his place to trust them that they chose those people for a reason. Still, it was good to see both survivors of Meizarae's attack on the Manor that killed both the king and queen and many of their members, not to mention guild heirs. Some of these guilds were permanently devastated, like Cyril's blonde buddy Hakkiem who by all classifications had fallen from title because he was no longer even part of a guild. 

His eyes ahead, he could see the entrance to Elysion. They were minutes from the end.
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Post by: Hakkiem on April 19, 2018, 10:41:19 PM
Hakkiem followed on foot and as the march happened he saw his friend sitting quietly besides Marietta. The two hadn't interacted a whole lot since... everything, and the former-fisherman wondered if things weren't just slightly strained. When she took off, clearly after a specific guy he sidled up beside the prince's horse and made sure to touch it on his way up as to reduce the chances of it startling and kicking him.

"This is it... finally going to get revenge and restore order. You look ready. Who's that?"

He gestured ahead to Aleksandr and the bizarre looking creature he sat on, the foot-marchers peeling around her highness and Handelsgilde's courier. Marietta was a little sister to him too, so he was suspicious and had concerns. She was a growing girl, just blossomed and fit for society as a young adult but never in their time at the Manor had she ever shown any interest beyond that of duty when it came to romantic interactions. Not saying that this looked like one, but he was not someone he recognized in the slightest.

He also knew, what Cyril and Marietta's obligations were in life. One of them had to live through this. "We have an advantage of knowing her capabilities... but I beg you, Primo, don't push if you start feeling that horrible weight. Retreat, refresh, try again."
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Post by: Ben on April 19, 2018, 11:53:20 PM
Ben was far from a creature of great patience when irritated and in ‘work mode’. Sure, with some surprise, he found that the overstimulation that came with so many voices, people and scents didn't bother him as much when he was steeling himself for battle, but just as he thought he might be making peace with what he knew was an undeniably bad idea…

“Rimu,” He stopped singing the second the harpy tried to fly to do Skald-knows-what. The rest of his words came growly and low, loud enough that Rimu would hear when Ben leaned over slightly to speak to him, but hopefully no more than a few around them would hear with the singing around them. “If you don't settle down and shut up, I’m going to make you wish I died here.”

Of course, this threat would be fairly tame compared to the rest of his swears to Rimu, and so far he hadn't so much as cuffed the harpy after their initial battles. He wouldn't even be surprised if Rimu was numb to them altogether at this point.

The singing march continued, but he didn't rejoin quite yet, redirecting his hard gaze forward again for a few short seconds, then tsking and caving, raising a short-clawed hand to his jaw. If Rimu died and Ben didn't, he would lose one of his only tools at the moment, and would have nothing to bring for the revived Zhak. Even worse, having his last true words to a servant being harsh wouldn't fare well with the lesser god he was jokingly praying to..

“Stay then. I won't make you fight, this isn't your battle. Hold back, help out, then do your damnedest to try and get to Zhak if I can't.”

With that, he took a deep breath and continued to sing  with the guild he still felt no real love for, the first drops of nervous sweat seeping out from within his clenched fists.

May my god of folly and accidental heroes choose wisely today. He prayed.
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Post by: Rimu on April 20, 2018, 03:42:54 AM
Dressed in nothing more but his usual pair of torn and tight shorts, Rimu was clearly not one for battles. He had no physical weapons that he could wield around like Ben's khopesh. Sure he had his sharp row of carnivorous teeth, his claws at the centre joints of his long feathered wings and his talons, but he was unprotected and vulnerable to any physical attack against him.
Yet despite all this, he was not scared. He did not fear for his life, if anything, he believed that he deserved to die after what he had done to Zhaki. Even if he could remember nothing prior to the murder. He felt guilty and he did not even more blood on his claws.

But if worst came to the worst, he had one good weapon. A very effective and dangerous one. He had used on Ben before once even if it was only a mild demonstration. Though the giant wolf an could barely hear right for a week.

Another threat from Ben and Rimu shied back and shut his mouth with a pouted look. He truly was not scared at this point. Not for himself anyway. He just fully believed that this was the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas.

He sagged his feathered shoulders and huffed, a bit shaken by the threat and what Ben said. "No! Dammit, Ben... I promised myself I will get you back to Zhaki. That means not all bloodied, cross-eyed and tongue hanging out of your mouth dead. You are only allowed bruises and small cuts at most so don't you dare die because you are heavy and I can't carry a dead weight." He grumbled lowly then started to bounce again in frustration as the men marched and sang around him. Too closed up, there was not enough space.

He hooked the three claws of both his wings onto Ben's shoulders and hoisted himself up onto the canine's shoulders. He was very light but he fully expected a few swats to come his way, if not a snap.  He continued to climb and balance awkwardly, not a care in the world what uncomfortable positions he forced Ben into, especially whine he stepped his huge talon on the man's head and probably, likely forced it sideways.

He squawked and spread his wings, fully standing on top of Ben now, one foot on his head and the other on his shoulder. The tan, brown honey and gold coloured harpy beat his wings dawn several times and finally built up enough force to lift himself into the hair. Probably also knocked a few men sideways with the wind but Rimu was sure they wouldn't mind too much.

Yes, Ben said he could sit back and help the wounded but what good would that do? He had no medical training. He wouldn't even have a clue on what would be the difference between an edible berry and a killer plant filled with poison, let alone tying bandages. He couldn't even tie a not without accidentally tearing through the rope. He was definitely not a healer. He had no idea what he was, ever since he lost his memories. He didn't even know if he was a fighter but the thought of him killing even just another animal for his own survival had started to become more difficult to manage, even if it was just for eating.

He hovered in the air for a few seconds longer as a bright flash of an idea sprung to mind and he grinned widely at his smart plan. "Goodie! Ben! If I say frogs, cover your ears!"
With that last resort warning, he swooped off to get a better view of to what they were headed in for. He swooped past a vibrant female, and a scary man with a very scary cat mount thing. He flew past them then lifted higher into the air, acting almost like a self-nominated scout. It was as if he turned into a whole new person.

The minimally clothed harpy pulled even higher, through the dense treetops to pinpoint their destination and lowered once again this time permanently kept his distance over the singing army and scanned his golden, eagle eyes for any traps or ambushes. He was not going to let anything happen to Ben. Not so soon after he Rimu had finally found Zhaki and had the chance to fix his mistake and reunite them.
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Post by: Tayln on April 24, 2018, 11:53:12 PM
It was strange, there was a thick air around that felt almost suffocating. So many people worried about if they would die, and perhaps he secretly hoped some of them would, but he knew better. Those fussing the most would be fine, it was the way it always was. No one acknowledged him save for a few of others like him, solo dotos that were just looking for a word of friendship or two before death.

He leaned away, black hair pushed out of his face as he began to follow with. His steps were only slightly faster than those on foot, moving his way through them easily, as if this land was already well known to him.
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Post by: Sir Redway on April 25, 2018, 09:12:35 AM
Christopher had heard of a great battle of some kind to come.  He had heard precious little of it and as he arrive, it seemed the men were already on the march.  A number of them looked to be soldiers, but a number more seemed far from it.  His arms and armor fitted to him, the heavy platemail something many found unwieldy. He looked and saw soldiers and fighters both, then he saw those that did not belong here, what...who were they  If they were going to fight why were those marching along, they did not seem to be mercenaries.  Perhaps they had a hidden skill.  He head something being chanted as he approached, the chant growing over the persons there.  As he got closer he could hear it. 

He heard the words coming from them and it started from the hear, from a dead heart.  The light, the church, this was not a power he felt comfortable around.  he settled himself on the right flank of the army.  His shield there held to protect him from that feeling settling in close to the edge.  Perhaps this was what they needed some kind of magic that the more there were the stronger it would be.  it did not matter if you could fight so long as you added your voice to the chant, the song.

He looked to those he came up to giving a nod to them.  The shield he had made was not his  he had lost his blade and shield both when he had come and as such neither held his regalia.  The armor had come with him though and upon the design of the breastplate was a coat of arms presenting a Lion mid strike in one quadrant of the red and black shield painted there, in the opposite held a horse's head.
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Post by: Travis on April 26, 2018, 03:42:37 PM
The march was on and on the wind was carried the voices of many singing. Even with his enhance hearing he could make out only a few words to the song for it was cut off by other prays to The Skald. Then there was a side crude bet going on how many would die and how many would live. Eyeing that group he couldn't help but faintly smirk at that for it was keeping many moving forward. If any did try to fall back a shout of, 'Remember those who died and didn't even know!' would remind them indeed of the troubles that first hinted at the Virtuoso release would make them reign in their fears and steel their wills. For no one knew, perhaps just Skald, if the very thing that killed so many upon it's release would end up leaving it's dwelling place after it was finished with the them. Unless they finished it off first.

"Raphael!" yelling over to one of the few merchant guild members who had stuck by his side since Donk's vanishing point, he would wave him off, "I need you to ride back to head quarters and make sure everything is in order so that the second in charge of the guild takes over in my passing." Seeing the man was about to no doubt argue that he should be here with the other's Travis would raise his hand up to silence him, "Even before that jerk-in-a-box shadow puppet made me think of dying, I still have a feeling that I will not come out of this. I need to make sure that 'thing' and it's Creator do not get hold of the guild. Do you understand me?"

Be it tone of voice, how he made himself seem taller, and the look in his eyes the man did bow to him in surrender. It had taken Travis many day's before this march to find the well worn scroll of rules on how to proceed about a leader if the first leader did fall. With a last minute salute Raphael would take a mount that was offered and ride out of the march. At least this would ensure that the guild didn't go to another outsider, and especially one that was looking to gain power to Skald know's what. For even if Illusion did have part of his soul in a soul bound, this would leave no loop holes for another to lay claim to what should have rightfully passed on to the second before Donk claimed Travis as his heir.

"Fate bless her very existence to seeing me at least dying in a fight I want to be in," he would mutter under his breath and look straight head, "For this might be the very last time I might remember her bringing me here to The Skald..."
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Post by: Meizarae on May 07, 2018, 01:57:32 PM
The foliage would be dense even for the harpy, but if they were looking ahead for the Virtuoso they would find that she was alone, at least in the sense that there were no planned ambushes, no awaiting army to oppose them. She was located inside the functional ruins, having reclaimed the great room. In its initial construction a millennium ago it had been just a gathering room for a guild that had favored the flowers and vines. Who concocted poisons and antidotes in many of the side rooms Elysion used for examinations and treatments. Today it was her throne room. In her time the royal family didn't exist... and she planned on that returning to the much the same. King and Queen deceased, just the two brats that appeared to show they were above this.

Stupid ones, as they were just as effected by her aura as anyone else in the army marching forward. They had both survived her once before, and their luck will run out.

Perhaps right when they walk through that door and suitably trampled by their own army as they turn heel and run in a selfish hope to save their own skins?

It would be a reach to say she enjoyed the thought, truthfully...
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Post by: Marietta on May 08, 2018, 01:42:23 AM
The march was well underway and as the crowd continued to sift forward into the undeniable doom she had submitted them to. Pulling up beside Aleksandr she fought for focus in her words, her song slowing into a mumble. Suddenly she was at a loss for what she originally intended to say, lifting one of her hands from the reins and removing the woven gold band on her left ring finger and thrust it toward him enclosed in her fist. Her eyes met his, stern and focused.

The last time he tried it, it only confirmed his connection to the sword. The last time she tried it, it released Meizarae. The ring was nothing but trouble, but something told her to abandon it with him. Let it be lost if they all fell here, or maybe it will give either of them one last hint of what to do, she wasn't sure, she could never be sure. "Thank you."

For a longer moment than necessary she had stared into his eyes, focused on the broken pupil. Then, with an exhale and a closing of her eyes she gave him an assuring nod. "I will remain here. Safe. Out of the way. Mark me, however, I will come if needed."

She made distinct motions intending to peel away and turn back out of the initial veil of the jungle, nearer to the camp they had all left from to her starting point where she had initiated the march. To Cyril, her brother, who seemed more ready than herself. Her brother, actually trained, unlike herself who had just enough swashbuckling with Aleksandr to perhaps not poke her eye out. There had been no one to hone her fire, and while she managed to not slit her wrist open or kill someone during Coldhaven's games... it hardly made her proficient enough to rescue anyone with such a lucky shot as she had. There was nothing she could do if she was 'needed'. She paused to cautiously eye the shadow that swept overhead, realizing it was the indentured servant of her guild, here as she expected him to be. At least one thing is following to plan.

Meanwhile... the Grand Conductor and the rest of the crowd were pushing forward. Orders were sounded-- the archers would make their move as soon as they saw her, before the rest of them could pile into the great room with the woman in black. Where her aura was fierce as they had heard. This was why ranged was first, and using the little knowledge about the Virtuoso, they toed the line to remain safe, doing their best to make an opening for the more melee members of the team.
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Post by: The Skald on May 08, 2018, 01:52:29 AM
Interrupting order here with The Skald to demonstrate the dice roller!
The syntax is very much like discord, just put the command within the roll brackets (click the dice on the options bar to load it up for ya).

Use "Preview" to make sure its doing what you were expecting. Keep in mind the rolls you see will change on post as it will reroll. For this reason we sadly have to make rolls as separate posts if you need the outcome to make your post. THAT IS OKAY!

Rolls for the NPC public. Ten arrows (we'll say) was fired at Meizarae.

Rolled 10d20 : 1, 8, 16, 7, 15, 2, 17, 8, 8, 2, total 84

And for sillies, one fired against Rimu 'cause no one expected that swooping :P I'm sure there's some idiot in the half-trained mash up of an army we got here!

Rolled 1d20 : 5, total 5
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Post by: Sir Redway on May 09, 2018, 01:00:54 PM
Christopher had been at the edge of the pack, spaced out as they marched  He wanted the distance from the song.  Now that the song carried out and more prayers came up.  He reached up to his visor and made sure it  was locked down.  He rode up toward the front and tied off his horse near the line the archers would be firing from.  It was not a beast of burden that knew him well enough yet.  Riding a spooked horse into battle would not do.  He knew if the placid worried hope turned to terror he'd not be able to calm the beast below him.  The rest of the journey he needed to take on foot.  Dismounting on his own he walked up to the front of the lines.  When the time came to face this foe he would not back down and did not wish to be in the midst of those who may.  Where he had come from he held the title Warmaster.  He could feel the hope, but also the fear  He knew the pain that happened when persons broke.  A commander could do a great deal to change the way these feeling ran.  The blend on the edge could be turned to the feats of the greatest courage when hope overcame fear and won out  No casualties could push those back.  It could also run the other way even a light casualties or a small.

Reaching the front of the lines he turned back, looking to see Where the Grand Conductor was.  He Pulled his sword to his chestplate in beat with the chant.
 Then raised it in a to the Grand Conductor and then turned forward.  Normally such action would have passed unnoticed by but a few.  Christopher wished more to see.  His vampiric ability to lure in one's mind and entrance them with a gaze was strong, though he knew of other uses. Any that looked toward his eyes as he made the motion would feel not the full force of his mind trying to lure a single one to him but the same feeling diluted over the whole crowd.  Any that wished not to look would likelly not even notice the pull.  The same for the conscious minds of those that did not resist it only they would find his action noticed, some seeing it others just noticing it at the corners of their eyes.  Any that could not see him as he did would feel nothing at all.  Then he marched with the soldiers, acted as any good soldier would.  Together they had the greatest chance of success.
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Post by: Aleksandr on May 09, 2018, 08:48:51 PM
He regarded her ladyship with a cool expression that was born primarily of his preparations for... Whatever was going to happen today. She stuffed a dainty fist out in his direction, and the ring dropped in to his hand with barely a sound, while carrying enough metaphysical weight to make him feel like it would plunge him in to the depths of the earth. He looked at it for a time, and considered the implications of this unwanted gift, none of them seemed especially flattering - she was not one for gestures of any kind, least of all pleasant ones. He turned the ring over in his hand a few times before his attention was drawn back to her as she spoke, and what she spoke was something that he hadn't been prepared for, not sure what she was even thanking him for. Perhaps this was thanks for his impending death? Well he wouldn't tell her she was welcome for that one.

That, combined with her intent stare made the atmosphere that was already around them seem timid and weak in comparison, the manifestation of the curse in his eye now making what was left of the pupil and iris look like a jagged crescent moon. The spell of silence was broken as she told him she would stay off the front line, but she would come if he needed her - the gesture was almost touching, in a stupid, suicidal way. He let her have it, though, and nodded stiffly in response to her ill-advised offer to save the day. They were so far beyond the point of squabbling now, men and women were going to die, possibly in droves if they had the misfortune to hear the wrong thing; this was no time to bicker like children. "Take care, Prima."

It was hardly an epic ballad in the making, but she got twitchy when people saw them interacting at anything closer than arms' length, even though -until lately- there had been nothing to be twitchy about. It seemed the best he could do though, paired with kissing her knuckles as the dainty extremity was withdrawn after passing over the ring. That done, he wheeled Keiro around, the beast chattering in its strange mix of mammalian and insect-like noises, anxious to get moving as Aleksandr was, although for very different reasons.
He had thought long and hard about this, and for what little time he could get with the Grand Conductor, he had discussed his plan, elegant in its simplicity: Aleksandr was going to find a different access point, and when the shambling forces of the known world advanced and had the attention of the virtuoso, then he would act. The sword was a curse, a burden, but if it worked half as well against a virtuoso as it did against any other material he put before it, they could end this before there were too many casualties. Of course, if it went wrong, then he would go down in history as... He didn't know. A dead person, certainly, the first person to die in an assault that maybe ended civilisation...

He closed his eyes and sucked in a breath, clearing his mind before he urged Keiro on, who immediately took the nearest dense foliage, corded, dense muscle all along the beast's body heaving as he found a tree and lifted himself and Aleksandr up in to it with almost worrying ease. From there, Keiro moved through the boughs of trees and the foliage as if made of water, running along branches that Aleksandr himself could not have slowly and carefully navigated for all their bend and give. He told himself many things as Keiro loped along - Azalie's instructions on how to ride; the old man's last interaction with him; Eirian's last interaction with him and many more.
He considered his plan, and looked for any access point that would get him in to close proximity of the virtuoso - a window, a door, even a crack in a wall would do, although he didn't know what if anything had been fortified since their foe had returned here. He would find a way in, though. If he had to cut a hole in the wall to do so -and the sword was certainly up to the task, stone sheared away like wheat where the blade struck - then he would, far too many lives were at risk.

Eventually he came to a point where he was confident he could get discreet access, and dismounted, Keiro's tail swaying heavily as the rock lion pawed the ground and chittered in its strange way, clearly able to feel the rotten air and dangerous atmosphere around them. He padded forwards, and without ceremony or warning, headbutted Aleksandr sufficiently to knock him over. He chomped his jaw, teeth capable of crushing a steel helm making a sound that made Aleksandr wince, before the beast slinked away to the nearest foliage where he would sit and watch - woe betide an aggressor that stumbled this way.
Aleksandr, for his part was left confused by the whole interaction, not entirely sure what it meant, as there was no language between the pair, just the impression that whatever that had been, it hadn't been delivered in ill intent.
He drew the sword, the blade seemingly mundane compared to its legend as the weapon bestowed by a god, a malicious light twinkling in the reflection of the blade as he started to negotiate his way in to the lair of their foe. His heart raced, wet and heavy in his ears, the sense of heat in his chest starting to return again as he tried to nurture it, create that situation where he was something else, something that in its blind rage, might just be unable to perceive - and so resistant to - the sound of the virtuoso. Wait for the marksmen, he advised himself - when they have loosed their arrows and the main configuration advances, then.... He gripped the sword tightly in both hands....
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Post by: Sakuma Munekatsu on May 19, 2018, 11:46:16 AM
Not only did Mune did not sang but he even pulled himself away from the ranks. He would go to remove his boots and walk foward Elysion seperated from the group. He would ready himself and draw his two Katana's out as he keep walking foward. As his blades were drawn, his brown eyes turns red. He ran foward waiting away from the group. He would only go in if he could get a one on one battle. He also refused to go in if anyone was coming inside too. His movements were wide and made to slice things up. The more there were around him as he found, the more chances he could injure someone.

He knew his life could be on the line he also knew very well he may not come back from it but he was prepared to die on the battlefield. With his elbow, he would go to poke his outfit. He hadn't dropped the first aid kit Willow gave him so if anything needed to be done quickly, he could be of help but he didn't really ahd the chance to practice on a living being so he hoped he wouldn't had to. He might be a demon but before everything else, he was a warrior walking the path of honor and was proud of it.
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Post by: Gawain on May 26, 2018, 04:20:23 PM
Ben had his hands full with the harpy that had been forced into helping them with this. He wasn't sure where Mune had gone to either. "It's okay, mate, we'll get through this..."

They were there, they could see her now in her hall. The first wave of arrows had taken flight toward her and the more stealth-oriented of the party had split from the march to get vantage points-- everyone heeding the edge of her aura and waiting for that opening. What shape that opening took would be another thing entirely. Could an aura just shut off? Gawain was not too sure about it. It was, however a more sound option than blindly rushing in. For all the fuss and holler about just doing something already he felt like everyone suddenly got a little case of cold feet as the reality set in. The virtuoso was real, she was standing right there... and they were likely to see waves of them fall as direct as those arrows.

Gawain held the line behind the archers, peering between them the shield strapped to his arm half up as he waited for some sort of retaliation by the virtuoso. Looking around he gestured to the black-haired man, someone he had never seen before (though in an army made up of people from all corners, this was not surprising).

"Here's a good spot... if we see her falter, we rush."
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Post by: Hakkiem on May 26, 2018, 04:28:50 PM
Cyril didn't answer him, so he eyed the other member of the Prima Famiglia as she interacted with the man on the five-eyed beast. Their talk was short as she split from him to return to them, huffy as usual. Hakkiem had missed so much, he wasn't sure what was going on anymore... but he followed the royals-- more specifically the prince, on the march. He would do his best to not let Cyril fall, or at least to fall with him.

[Skip Indefinitely]
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Post by: Ben on May 28, 2018, 12:24:34 PM
When Rimu shied back the wolf turned away to ignore him. It seemed no matter how long Ben dragged Rimu along, how loud the Choir was, how chaotic the situation could get, he still couldn't tune out his nagging company’s voice.

He took another breath in preparation to rejoin the song, fully expecting Rimu to take flight and leave him alone after that unflattering description of himself dead, but hadn't spared a thought as to how the harpy would do so in a crowded, moving march.

The claws and sudden weight surprised him and his first move was to jerk away, stopped short by the people ahead of him, of course, and thankfully recovering in time to avoid running into the folk behind him. He growled, fussed, mumbled all manner of petty threats and vengeful swears at the harpy until finally he flew away.

If he could go any more red-faced, he would have, not only frustrated for himself, but having such a ridiculous display when a good majority of these men around him were going to die so soon. A glance upward at the approaching ruins settled him down faster than ever. There was a good chance he’d fall here as well. Reminded by the unfortunate king, he almost didn't want his dear khopesh touching his side anymore.
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Post by: Rimu on May 28, 2018, 10:44:36 PM
Rolled 1d20 : 5, total 5

Bloody Archers!

Rolled 1d100 : 28, total 28

Hello Mei~!!
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Post by: Rimu on May 30, 2018, 07:31:45 PM
Again, back to his own business Rimu swooped elegantly through the very thick jungle, one might have thought his wings merged right through the tees as he flew. He did not think anything of it at the time but despite his large wingspan, his agility was through the roof. He twisted and bent through the vines and branches and occasional hanging pythons and parrots. He was a racer in his previous life, well... before he lost his memories to Ben's attack.

Even the other day, he chased Zhaki right through the tight alleyways without the slightest problem. It did not even slow him down. The only reason he caught up though was that Zhaki stopped at a dead end. But if he had not chased after Zhaki, he would not have known if he was still alive and well... well what? KNowing Zhaki was alive did not help Rimu at all. Ben was still on his way to this Maian-Siri... whatever her name was. Some or other god lady, he knew that much. He had hoped that the knowledge of Zhaki's continued existence would make Ben turn in his tracks and walk right back to where he found Zhaki but NO! He had to dress up all silly and sing for who knows why.

A sudden swirl of wind and wood skinned right through his thick, honey-tipped, chocolate locks and he honked in surprise, much like the sound of a duck.
His surprised gaze shot down to where the sudden object came from only to see several archers taking aim.
Soon after his honk, he squawked and crashed through a canopy of thick, slimy leaves since he was not looking where he was going, too surprised that the group he had just left was firing at him. What did he do to make everyone so angry?

The leaves on his face brought him back to a panic attack since he was about to be shot at, or so he thought at least. Instantly he dived for the stone building in his path and swooped right inside, frantic to get away from the wave of arrows.

What he met was worse. He did not even see the lady and hid behind the first, tall pillar he could find to hide from the arrows. But the thick destruction and misery within the room hit him square in the face and he teared up instantly. The virtuoso Meizarae's aura was strong and made him instantly regret everything, even his loss of memory. Was he worth this life? His urge was to step right back into the firing line and welcome the arrows with open wings..arms? Was it wings or arms? He was never able to figure out that question that he always asked himself. However, that question was able to distract him long enough to regain himself and cling to the pillar for dear life. He remembered now that his job here was to keep Ben alive. No matter what. No matter if he died in the process. He promised himself he would bring Ben back to Zhaki. He swore on his very soul that he would do that. Screw everything else! Ben was all that mattered! And keeping him alive would mean the god lady had to stop that horrible thing she was making him try to do earlier. He looked over at her, tears still streaming down his face with his biggest regret of killing Zhaki, of being a murderer and of doing everything wrong. He did not like it. "Stop that!"
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Travis on June 05, 2018, 01:01:07 AM
Rolled 1d100 : 39, total 39

Rolled 1d20 : 16, total 16

Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Travis on June 05, 2018, 01:11:01 AM
As the arrows did fly through the air with high hopes of the archers, and those around them, that they would hit the target it was as if a collective breath was held in. Maybe a few would find their marks while others would miss short of the target and land around the Virtuoso.  Either way it was do or die now for those to turn back would be marked as a traitor and live with the memory that they left comrades to die.

The feel to even kill one's self was strong when the arrows did stop flying and when the advancement begun. Screams of regret, anger, and death were starting to fill the air. Making other's question themselves to move forward or launch another attack with ranged weapons. A few more archers found arrows not spent, others would find spears or even lances to launch at the Virtuoso.

Travis on the other hand would kick over a bucket of water and thrust his right hand forward while his left would wave off anyone who was questioning his methods of wasting such a precious resource that could be used to clean wounds and put out fires that where spreading due to the 'It's the end!' depression and fear campaign to kill themselves would start up. A pity that a yell of 'Stay back and capture those people!' would have many more running in panic as he would bend the water to his will and split it up so to transform it into ice spears. Lifting his left hand up he would take two out of the three ice spears and launch the first one towards the Virtuoso. This first attack would give him a chance to gauge rather to get more closer and to see how many more buckets of water he was going to need to kick over to keep launching his range attacks.

Another problem to watch and note, where the few that got trapped in that 'death aura' and were still panicking about. Living moving shields that could end up getting in his way.
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Post by: Meizarae on June 13, 2018, 11:25:33 AM
Response to the npc archers and Travis'

Rolled 11d20 : 1, 12, 12, 13, 20, 16, 2, 3, 14, 3, 18, total 114
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Meizarae on June 13, 2018, 12:58:15 PM
The first arrow came as no surprise, the Virtuoso waved it away with a simple smirk on her face. It was an action to display her power beyond the heavy aura that pressed in the minds of the few that had run in to its realm. Those that had not fallen were taken aback, the rumors suddenly a lot more real than they could have imagined. Her dismissal of one arrow did not account for the rest, however, with most of the total projectiles were deftly blunted toward her right and left. Many grazed at her, releasing streams of black smoke from the cuts as they passed by. She was not impenetrable-- the soldiers that caught this would feel a little flicker of hope. The song much louder as more pressed forward into the eye of the storm, spreading out into the great room as close as they could muster. They could strike her, if they can get through the aura.

Three of the arrows made a significant strike upon her, with one lodged in her right shoulder.

The song was trouble. They were bolstered by it... she needed it silent. She chuckled, her frail-looking shoulders and chest heaving. The harpy had gone unnoticed, his plea for her to put aside her aura completely ignored as he struggled. Her focus was on the ants that were coming in, the single doorway meant that they were funneled, if only briefly, which meant it was the singular best time for her to let out the high wailing scream. This attack would surely cut a healthy (for her) swath out of them.

[The Scream: Those within range: D10, get anything but a 1 to survive]
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: The Skald on June 13, 2018, 01:03:09 PM
NPC Rolls, to pad statistics / help. Twice as many people as last time to account for more arriving close enough to participate.

NPCs vs Aura
Rolled 20d100 : 11, 2, 2, 68, 68, 22, 81, 7, 74, 94, 31, 42, 72, 21, 33, 64, 25, 32, 20, 1, total 770

NPCs vs Scream
Rolled 20d10 : 6, 4, 8, 8, 1, 2, 8, 8, 7, 1, 9, 10, 8, 2, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 9, total 117

MOAR ARROWS (none toward Rimu this time :D)
Rolled 20d20 : 19, 20, 2, 15, 6, 14, 15, 10, 5, 1, 19, 7, 8, 3, 5, 20, 1, 17, 1, 4, total 192
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Post by: Marietta on June 15, 2018, 12:39:46 PM
She felt alone now, working her way back up through the crowd, her chin high as she browsed down her nose at her soldiers... past Cyril and Hakkiem as they took to the battle itself. Marietta hated the idea of leading from the back. Aware of the potential for rumors that will pass on as common knowledge that she fled or backed off, sending people to die against the Virtuoso. Maybe a fraction of those would fight with the same mentality that Aleksandr had; that one of the royals had to stay behind to survive. That it was bad enough she even showed up to the field. All of these conflicting thoughts and emotions muddled her mind, tuning out the march as she retreated to the forward camp, a place where she wouldn't even have a good view of what was going on beyond the trees and within the ruins of Ysteria / Elysion.

She would stay mounted in case she had to rush in, brow furrowed as she once again focused on the heat in the pit of her abdomen, coaxing it to seep into the rest of her, rise through her veins... circulate there in her palm where it came to life as a small ember no larger than that on the tip of a match. To her, it meant she could burn the jungle down to save the greater part of the nation if she had to. Still singing, it flickered and twisted, sparking a little brighter but no bigger, the warmth reminiscent of a touch shared before the march. She could see flames within the march, in the cores of every soldier and volunteer; some brighter and bigger than others. Many to be extinguished. In this moment she realized she needed help, needed advice.  And this perhaps was a moment too late?

Her eyes left the departing crowd, unaware that the first arrows would be in the air-- only hearing the resulting counter attack of a banshee wail. Her other hand gripped the rein of her mount. How many fell just then? Did her brother even get close before that happened?

 In a haste she sought out Shi Shen, if he was not already beside her.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Aleksandr on June 17, 2018, 01:59:27 PM
Getting attack roll post out of the way, actual post to follow

Rolled 1d20 : 14, total 14
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: Aleksandr on June 17, 2018, 02:08:10 PM
He waited, and waited, each moment trembling like wire pulled taut, until the tension finally snapped it as the arrows rained down, the clatter of those missing their mark punctuated by the thicker sound of successful impact. He clasped the sword in both hands, fingers wringing his grip around it as he prepared to move, feeling the stress of anticipation start to build as he waited for the arrows to cease plummeting down around his target.
He had started to rise from his crouching position, ready to go, when the terrible shriek ripped through the air, his eyes watering, his soul feeling like it was rattling in its moorings, spared the worst of the effects by being behind her. He didn't look at the brave men and women assaulting that path to Meizarae, he did not want to see what she had done to them with that awful sound. People were dying already, he was sure, and the death count was going to soar as they were bottle-necked in that passage, so he urged himself to act now, and if nothing else, be a distraction so that they could close on her and finish her with the weight of countless blades.

He closed his eyes and reached down, inside himself, looking for that strange sensation, that awful burning that ate at his his mind, finding a cold, grim apprehension there. He felt the first twinges of panic starting to set in - the whole point of this gamble was that in his crazed state, they thought he would not be able to hear the cry of their foe, and that would allow him to close and fight her without risking dying before the first step. As he was now, he couldn't do anything, fighting against the sudden creeping dread, looking for something that would engage that ominous, furious state he had lapsed in to before now.
He thought of that injustice of his arrival here - yanked from some time and place by some trickster god, to be the whipping boy of an eccentric merchant and a self-righteous, sheltered princess. The pain of having his memories stripped away and left with nothing, not even the clothing on his back when he had first arrived. He thought of Jackie's flirtatious mockery, and Eirian's casting him out because of the sword... A cursed tool also courtesy of the trickster god.

He felt the sudden twinge in his chest, a sense of heat that curled and felt like it washed over his ribs, a sense of eagerness building up as he tried to kindle the feeling further. He thought of all the mishaps he had endured since he had gotten here; the betrayal of well-meaning but misguided Azalie, the gawkers and simpletons that simultaneously treated him as something special, but took away the human element of him, a dumb icon to their trickster god who was there purely for them to have some sort of martyr. And lastly, he thought of all those people who had come to die in this place, to fight an age-old evil while their people back home talked of fairy tales and failed to grasp the very real and dangerous nature of the situation. An army of whatever people could be found with the bravery to lay down their life, led by a princess who had the job because no one else would or could take it, walking to her death for a populace that barely even knew her....
The heat built in his chest and with it came a roaring in his head that almost took him off his feet, the fire in his chest almost unbearable as it started to weep out of his skin, catching along his hands and racing up his arms. He trembled visibly, veins on his hands and arms standing up as the fire rolled up his body, the brown of his eyes changing to a glowing ember orange. He exhaled a bass growl, and with it came a plume of steam, the last vestiges of Aleksandr the man washed away in a tide of white-hot rage.
He hurtled out from cover, devoid of reason now as his vision filled up with the fire, the oppressive heat of his rage made manifest rolling off him, stinging the very air around him with the frenetic flames.
He was a man trained in combat, trained in tactics and strategy. But right now he roared with the intensity of a crazed man as he bore down on Meizarae, the sword Marcato raised above him to bring down on her, the conflagration of rage reflected in the glinting steel.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: The Skald on August 01, 2018, 10:49:25 AM
[Posted in Discord 7/7/18]

Attention Players:

I am prematurely ending the current Virtuoso Vanquish going on the forum. I feel its beyond unfair to keep your characters in holding when we have no sights of an end months in like this. Myself included, we seem to have run into one thing after another that causes RP to take a back seat and has been detrimental to the overall plot.

So for the story's sake, it will be a tactical retreat and politically a loss. Prasino Kolaz will suffer some changes that will be reflected in the room line up... and while there won't be a winner or accolades given, Participants will still find a reward for sticking with it in their applicable profile 'soon'.  For your characters, it will be up to you if they accrue any damages. Maybe they develop a grudge. Maybe they die.

As usual if you need me, message. I will get to you as I can, and dont feel bad about nudging me more than once, I need it sometimes!
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Post by: Meizarae on August 01, 2018, 10:58:48 AM
Defense against Archers
Rolled 20d20 : 8, 15, 18, 3, 3, 1, 3, 20, 14, 11, 12, 20, 3, 12, 15, 13, 13, 12, 17, 14, total 227

Against Aleksandr
Rolled 1d20 : 14, total 14
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Post by: Meizarae on August 01, 2018, 11:24:01 AM
The opening was clear, but as the Skaldic Artifact "Marcato" came in contact of the screaming Virtuoso, cleaving a gash into her shoulder blades the world writhing within the bounds of Elysion's building froze. Smoke shot from the Woman-in-Black's new wound, faster and more aggressively than the pockmarked holes from the arrows that landed a hit through her screech. Sound had stopped so abruptly as if it had been swallowed back into each of their throats. Their hearts thudding a heavy bass into their ears, vibrating in their chests like the stomping steps of giants.




The scene then shattered, an unknown and windy force pushing outward from the impact, those still funneling into the 'arena' were sent back through off the property of twice fallen temple. Stalkers in the trees outside would feel a lesser but still potent force pushing them to leave.

Battle trained and farm worked mounts alike became unhinged, forcing the General of Battaglia to call a retreat and register his forces at the forward camp.

Those that had rounded to the other side of the room waiting for that moment would be slammed hard into whatever wall or pillar in their way of the wind-gust path... but they would bear half witness to the continuation of the implosion of Meizarae.

Choral chanting replaced the beating of hearts. Gold trickled into view, tiny flakes amid the black cloud filling the battle room until the foe had been blanketed into obscurity. Her scream returned as suddenly as it had gone, only to break into the crackle and snap of wood as dark and gnarled tendrils shot from her former location.
Big twisting branches and vines reached for purchase on the buildings remains, punching holes through weak points until the place was collapsing in a more final heap.
Title: Re: Virtuoso Vanquish: Meizarae (2018)
Post by: The Skald on August 01, 2018, 11:34:15 AM
Long after the dust had settled and retreats were made... the natives to Prasino Kolaz would note that the sparkling gold flecks remained in the air like tricks of the eye. The vines that had encased the rubble had turned to stone, a malady that spread ever so slightly into the surrounding jungle, petrifying the flora as far as their cursed roots and vines reached.

Unrecoverable bodies, the ones left behind because the almost and nearly dead were more important than the all dead in the evacuation setting, were also lost to the stone casing developing in the area. The jungle was not in danger, it seemed, as the native fauna would start to bloom again.

And with prey, predators return to feed on them.