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Title: Sub Accounts FAQ
Post by: The Skald on April 09, 2018, 03:26:59 AM

This forum contains a special mod that allows you to have multiple 'accounts', allowing you to designate different names for different posts as though you had simply logged in under another account. Once you have a second one you will be able to switch from the top by the greeting bar or within the post. It's pretty nifty.

I will not require you to use it, but it does help with making the site look more lived in. I will still be able to place you in multiple member groups if you have multiple guilds you are personally part of. However only one will actually display on your profile, so let me know which one's your main/favorite.

These member groups will give you access to private sections of the guilds you are in.

To add a sub account head to your Profile from the top bar. On the next page, hover your mouse over Modify Profile (it should be highlighted) where  [Profile Info] [Modify Profile] [Actions] is listed. It should give you a drop down with the Manage Sub Accounts option. At the bottom of this page should be a Create/Link button.

In the Account name slot, put your new character name in it.
Use your CURRENT password where it asks for it (it's just making sure you are you).

Bada bing Bada boom. You are done, make all the ones you want.
Title: Re: Sub Accounts FAQ
Post by: The Skald on November 05, 2019, 10:01:14 PM
It recently came to my attention that with the change to single-sign-on between the forum and the site, that Sub Accounts have a few quirks I need to explain.

Should you choose to use the feature, make sure you go through your profile to create the secondary profile. This will bypass the forum's demand for a unique email address, as well as ensure no issues between the forum and the site.

If you make the account first, then link it after, you will run into trouble. When Character Select screen tells you you have no characters DO NOT allow it to finish the process. Instead, switch back to your original account. Your characters will then appear. Alert me that this has happened and I will perform the clean up so it does not happen again. :)

To reiterate:


See this when you go back to the site side? Do not proceed! You should only ever see the following message if you are brand new to the site. If that is not you, contact me on Discord or via PM here. I will remedy it and get you back in working order so you can play.