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Eclectic Reverie
« on: March 06, 2019, 04:45:13 PM »
Arwick Tinuveil / Elia - Raven familiar

Arriving at Zeithalle she would follow the map she had
to the town hall looking for Handelsguilde, finding it she
would look over the place, it was a giant clock tower?
She didnít have to wait long before she was greeted by
a man who introduced himself as Baron von Kauffman.

Inviting her into his office that was in a state of disarray
to say the least. He spoke of recent murder and that he
had taken over the position of guild leader for the time
being, after a brief interview he has decided to give me
a merchant position in the guild were I will make potions,
medicinal remedies and herbal blends to sell.

After looking for some time for a shop and house the
Baron has seen fit to help me by opening a house under
his ownership, having now acquired from him an empty
space that will serve as both with a shop in the front and
living quarters on the second floor. I have named the shop
Eclectic Reverie at the Baron's discretion.

I have met a shapeshifter Girl/Kitten that goes by
the name of Witchcrafted, Witch for short in the town
center. She was injured and homeless, I have taken her
in to try and help her learn some basics such as dressing,
behavioral, and magical.

After getting a few things set in place I have stocked
some shelves and reported profits to the Baron. He has
seen fit to bring in a new member Venus, whose wares
that will utilize an empty space plus bring in new revenue.
Venus has come by the shop to set up a stock of furs and
will be by soon with more.

The Baron has plans to rebuild the shop to make it a
larger sales and working area, by adjoining the house next
door. The construction should start soon.
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Re: Eclectic Reverie
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It has been some time since my last log as I have been so busy it has become hard to find the time, I will make more of an effort to keep up with it.

The profits from the shop have been picking up as words travels fast here. Iíve even had a few specific requests from the locals. I have prepared the greenhouse and garden for spring planting hopefully cutting costs on herbal supplies as I will be able to harvest more myself.

An unusual visitor came to the shop by the name of Demothi. He creates stories from objects that are tied to places or events. Stating that he was drawn to she shop by the name thinking it would be full of unique items waiting for stories to be told, unfortunately he was disappointed though I have to admit that his expectations did open my mind to the possibility of adding such things to the shop if not for supplying such but to add to the variety of available items. After the Baron told him the history behind the house/shop we did strike a partnership of sorts, he would like to bring items by that could be interesting to the shop and I would try to find things that could merit a story. He left a gift that he made by using a device I had never seen before taking a simple worn cloth and altering the fabric with the device, the cloth now has the ability to change the object it is used on by either making more of or restoring it. I have tested it on a few things and it has some interesting results. In return I presented him a knife that he was interested in as it had missed its mark, he seemed happy to receive it and the Baron I hope to see him again soon.

Venus and I have become fast friends and partners, her supply of furs draws in quite a bit of revenue as I suspected they would. She seems to becoming a bit more comfortable in her new surroundings as it takes a little while anywhere to find direction and purpose.

I have taken notice that Witch has not been around. I think in her cat form she may have gone to explore outside through a door ajar and perhaps found new adventures. I wish her luck and safety on her journeys.

I have recently taken an interest in trying to find out as much history as I can about the Tapestry. Not only to answer some of my own questions but in knowing more I will in turn know how to better serve the people that come to the shop and future prospects.

The Baron has approached me to accompany him on a trip to learn and assist with the guild. I am looking forward to it and I am grateful he has enough trust in me to make such an offer. While we are away the construction will be taking place and will hopefully be completed upon our return.
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"A great triumph not falling ass over tits as I came up those stairs." -Helen Mirren