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Spring Cleaning
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:01:01 AM »
Dear members,

To those who managed to show up to the meeting, you already know of the Spring Cleaning and Helping Hand  Rule. Think of this as a friendly reminder.

To those who didn't managed to show up to the meeting, precaution of what is about to be read.

The members who know they have cheated the guild of coffees and by making the guild stay weak after the War. You have until the END of Spring to make up from what you have been accused of to help bring the guild back to its glory. If unable to do so, everything you own will be confiscated to help the guild and you marked a traitor to then be banished from the homeland. I am not without fairness and mercy,  so I will listen to why you, the accused have been unable to come up with what it is you owe back. If still found guilty you will be given a basic pack to restart your life in another part of Skald. Much like that of the Skaldbornes.

For those not on the blacklist of being accused you are pardon and are being given a Helping Hand bag. This to stable your business and rebuild what was lost.

If you are also a new member, you shall receive a Helping Hand bag as well to start you out within the guild.

Stop by the guild hall to register and receive your bag.

Happy Spring to come and may you all fair well before Summer.

Baron Von Kauffman, Travis