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A white monster
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Over the past few months, individual hunters have been discouraged from combing Prasino's lands alone, and even hunting parties have been warned with caution.  The first of the disappearances was blamed on the extended Hounding, as it has become an escape goat for reasons as of late.  Shortly after it had abated, the first hunter failed to return to Prasino, and it was thought that the game they sought had vanished or found new territory to escape the phenomenon.  The next happened several weeks later, but this hunter was young and full of themselves, so it was assumed that he hunted game that he couldn't handle.  Both bodies were never recovered, raising suspicions and speculations.  Most continued to speak and boast about their hunts, but some would spread tales of hearing voices they didn't recognize in the woods, while other reported glimpses of animals they hadn't seen before, all adding to the strange tension growing in parts of the community.

After two more disappearances without bodily recover, the only credible siting has occurred.  A scout who had gone ahead of their hunting party returned to report their findings only to find clear signs of a fight and struggle.  Not too far off yet, she saw the body of one of her comrades being dragged off at speed by a creature whose only distinguishing features she could make out was it's white body.  She attempted to pursue to recover her hunter friend, only to be met quickly by a debilitating screech that seemed to leave her paralyzed. 

The bodies recovered from the fight revealed that the hunters had attacked their fellow party members.  Some of their goods, weapons, and clothing had also been stolen. Some are calling it an inside job, others aren't sure what to make of it. The scout remarked later, as she was being consoled, that she found it strange or couldn't be sure,  but there was something strangely pure in tone about that screech that left her immobile.
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