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Project list (Suggestions)
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:05:25 AM »
Here lies my plans and my thoughts. Add to them, question them, suggest ideas or methodology for them.  8) No guaranteed ETA.

- MAKE IT PRETTY (Getting there!)

-Dice modifiers
-----Maybe just a visible section on profile for "approved maths"?
-Stat sheets (will be optional) ?

-Get items/Shops working
--- Resale, Trade
-----The system is fighting me hardcore for the admin side. Function works otherwise.

-message/mailing system
-----...I mean we have the forum/discord...  :P

-Rank system (function)
---So Guild leaders can add, promote, and remove members (example)
---Doge/Duce ranking characters to have a modified Control Panel for above.
-BONUS! Simplified internal querying of guilds

-OOC Post Function
--Similar to Narrate, but will display [OOC]Name:

-Room list auto refresh!

-Do something with the "You are currently at"
-Pop Out Text Box?

-Badge Request

-Map (got someone!)

-View other Profiles
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