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A few project
« on: May 24, 2020, 01:45:50 AM »
Hi everyone!!!! I have, as the title mention, a few projects. First I would like to talk about the magic guild in trying to make with Witch for a while now. I was going to co lead it with someone else but due to some circumstances,  I will be the one leading it entirely.  Now, i would like to see, 1 who would be interested in joining and 2, of those who was just waiting for a rp, could you message me to see when we could do it.

Next up, with Ragavalli opening, I was offered to be leader of the head guild and am thankful for this offer. Now zi want to see who would want to join this guild. As there is also another project related to this guild as I am about to explain

After the current rp on the forum called forged is over, due to IC reason, Saki will be going outside of Ragavalli, she will bring some guild members to assist her in her travels and protect her. I will welcome anyone to join this rp. Either as a guild member or as a character of their choice. Saki's group will be travelling by foot into inexplored lands and may fall upon other travellers. The goal of this is to make a rp on the forum to create a journey.There will be battles and random encounters so I will come up with a system to play this. I will use roll20 for dice rolls that we wont lose.  If you are interested, just reply to this and I will welcome you.
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