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December 2017
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:53:33 AM »
[[Originally posted December 06 2017 on forummotion.]]

With the holidays in full swing many of us have not had time to check in and play. I myself have undergone a huge move and am finally settled in enough to get my head around everything. That being said, there's not much to declare newsworthy.

Until today.

Today I launch the Mood Update, which allows you to switch images more smoothly. This should also drastically reduce the issues where uploads just were not 'taking' without several refreshes. With the addition of moods you will also have the option to have a banner on your profiles, which would appear not only in profiles but on posts themselves.

These banners may only be 500 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.

To get started with using moods it does take a few hoop jumps.

Step 1: Click "Need to Upload an Image?" to be taken to the upload image screen. Upload Image. Makes sure to put down a name/descriptor to reference yourself later.
Step 2: Return and Save Profile.
Step 3: Click "Click Here to Select a Mood", pick your desired one.

Your image will now be in use again. To switch between images just assign an image into each mood slot, then select the corresponding mood when desired.


Important Announcements:

Effective Jan 1, I will be implementing a monthly clean up of accounts as per the ToS concerning account activity. Have a friend who hasn't been on in a while? Poke them!