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August 2017
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:47:54 AM »
[[Originally posted August 10 2017 on forummotion]]

We are now at 143 characters across 33 accounts.

Other updates include:

The temporary rooms are now functional!

  • These rooms will delete after about thirty minutes to an hour of no activity.
  • Activity is considered anything that posts to the room.
  • I will consider making the room permanent if I see it made and fairly populated often.

The Companion Wiki is live. It will undergo additions and changes but the bulk of information up there is more current than you would find here.

These updates came with slight UI changes, drawing the forum and wiki links onto the main page of your CP rather than tucking them away in a News and Community menu. Likewise I withdrew Shops into a menu that will eventually include other functions related to the game or personal use.