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July 2017
« on: September 01, 2018, 12:44:53 AM »
[[Originally posted July 09 2017 on forummotion]]
Progress update time~

Current tally of players and characters:
25 users, 96 characters!

Please continue to help people get settled in and expand our player base, you wonderful people you.

The Wiki is still in progress as my underwriter/copywriter/ghostwriter(?) continues to make sure that the information is easy to understand in the legible sense.

Inventory and Items are now active, shops will be in the next week or two. There will be changes to them in the future concerning usage but for now you can happily brag about them at least?

Awards and Quest acknowledgements are also active.

Adjustments to character creation: New characters starting today July 10th will start will less gold depending on whether they are Native (1000) or Non Native (500). Titles are now adjusted with natives now being 'citizens'. Non native characters get the fabled 'care package' immediately in their inventory.

*Gold may be adjusted in the future to rely on RNG for amounts (with ceilings and floors of course). Feel free to express your thoughts on this.

And lots of background fixes have been placed. Such as an Administrative panel so I can assist you faster than digging through the database Wink

Those who participated in the Inventor's Triumph festival have received a special inauguration item as well!