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April 2020
« on: April 20, 2020, 11:05:44 PM »
A lot has changed since the big request to finally figure out the long standing issues I could not pin point.

With your help and our very special server tech I was able to focus in on what it was and have been working on it intensively. Today I'm extremely excited to say...

  • I removed the manual refresh button for the room list. This is helpful in a number of ways; the room list button itself did a hard refresh that would re create the CP panel every time. This new method only focuses on the list and updates that every handful of seconds at a controlled rate which allows for the previous refresh to complete on a background level.
  • I have also made adjustments to how the site reads your activity. Now the mere act of typing will update your timestamp as far as the room list is concerned. There is a delay in the update compared to the Typing: notifier, and this is expected.
  • I have extended the amount of time that the room list will consider you active, as well. This time may be adjusted as we need to, if it feels too long or too short. Right now it is the same time as what the forum uses, 15 minutes.

Still working on a work around for the posts themselves, however the current code is technically correct. It is not the BEST method (its only just slightly behind the times but not at all depreciated), but we cannot utilize the better option while on this server due to TOS agreements. If you suspect you are missing a post, do a "soft" refresh by clicking that room list! Post order does help figuring out if you might be missing something ;) Especially if its been an unusual amount of time and the person did not BRB.

Should we make the decision to go to our own dedicated server, this will be the FIRST thing I adjust, promises! (I wanna learn it too!) Should I learn other tricks, this might change too, just like the room list.

I've also made tiny small fixes here and there because I was dumb and now I am not so dumb.

As always if you notice anything major that isn't already acknowledged [here], let me know! If there's stuff you'd like to see, let me know [here]. You can tell me directly, but this way it stays on the forum and not buried in some discord conversation.
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