Author Topic: Calling Ghostbusters (I mean you)  (Read 293 times)

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Calling Ghostbusters (I mean you)
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:48:16 AM »
As many of you know we operate currently on a shared server service and I have considered upgrading us to a dedicated or virtual private server when our activity levels call for it.  For unexplained reasons, occasionally you will run into "Resource Limit Reached" messages which as it sounds, the server declaring too much is going on in the limits allotted. Lately they have gotten relentless again, even when activity is at its lowest. Both the host's technical support and myself are seeing the same thing in the error logs and in the resource usage monitor, and we're coming up with nothing. With concerns about phantom processes, the host has run scans on the server and found no malicious files (woo!) but still leaves us with no direction of where the phantoms might be hiding.

It is more than likely my novice code-writing, and I can fix that if this is the case. But it would be nice to know which of the many files I should be combing through specifically to learn from my mistakes. As many of you have known, I've learned a lot since this site's original state, and I will continue to improve it as I grow with it; so thank you for your patience, by the way!

However this is where you come in. Let's try extra to be available and online throughout the day or evenings. Log into multiple characters, whether you actually post with them or not. Let's poke the site all over until it throws these errors. Our dedicated technical support guy is going to be monitoring the back end with me to hopefully get an answer on this issue! He can't see it if its not happening, so let's make it happen.

To help this out, I understand people are still interested in having a Color War event we didn't get to during Coldhaven Games. I am still up for it too! Let's do it! I will run it any night there are enough characters on (at least 5?)

I also have some experimental games I will like to get your opinions on, these will be presented as generic bounties and I can do them in smaller groups (2 to 3). Participating characters will earn gold and badges accordingly.

More incentive-activities as we dream them up. But I could really use your help regardless.