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January 2020
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:20:31 PM »
Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a satisfactory end to 2019 and I hope that you all will be blessed with good things come this year. Be it small changes like achieving a goal or large ones like passing milestones. I continue to look forward to writing with you and seeing how your characters derail my plots ;)

To start the new year I thought I would share with you some stats we have that I found interesting: We have as a community made 43,400 posts across 226 colorful characters. This is not including the 186 rumors posted on those characters' profiles!

We currently have 8 guilds floating around, with a few in the talks. Looking for some rank and status for your characters? Talk to some of these people about filling in a role! (Positions pending, check with leaders ooc for what is needed and available) Guilds are meant to be a driving force through the Tapestry and are akin to Houses and Clans. Being a part of a well known one is vital to get your foot in the door in some places. Check out some perks and detailed information about the individual guilds here!

  • Battaglia Militancy (Head Guild) - Speak to Marietta about securing a ranking position!
  • Anatomist's Guild - Speak to Nicolaus about adding your scientist to the secretive group.
  • Tasm Fisinue - Miatas or Artikis can set you up to becoming a master of the arts.
  • Handlesgilde (Head Guild) - Travis or Arwick can fatten your character's wallet.
  • Healthy Hearth Healers - Hala Sky could always use experienced help tending to the sick and injured.
  • Candidature 9 (Head Guild) - Like the booze? So does Ignace Poirier.
  • White Mist Pack (Head Guild) - Gregor and Aera could use more eyes and feet around the cold frontier.
  • Coldhaven Pack - Kodi is looking to reclaim control of the region from White Mist Pack... would you follow her?

Other opportunities: The Choir is looking for additional neutral workers.

World News

The Hounding is still present (as of this post) at night all over the Tapestry thanks to Havelock's released presence in the world. However travel restrictions have eased up just a little as way-houses have been built / in the process of being built along the king's road. Handlesgilde is in charge of ensuring this happens, so if you are interested in some coin and making a lasting impression on the Tapestry, maybe offer your services. There's still things to figure out about the rising of the Virtuosos... and a few people scattered looking for those answers. What happened, exactly to Meizarae after the fight? Will another guild be allowed to settle Prasino Kolaz? What caused the corruption? Can it be reversed? The answers are surprisingly up to what you do...

Upcoming Events:
Closer to the end of January we will have the Coldhaven Games. Dates to be figured out, keep posted in our Discord. This event is centered around dice games.

Ragavalli, a new region, will be available sometime this year, following a plot currently in progress related to the Hounding above. So even more opportunities for wealth/status/rank are coming!

Site Changes

I will be posting some polls here on the forum for potential change considerations, tightening or loosening some aspects of membership.

The front page of the site will be getting a change up to become more mobile friendly, this will not make the main chat mobile friendly, however. Someday (tm).

World Building

While the Regions are named for the main town, this does not mean its the ONLY town in the region. However they still answer to the Head Guild of the region its set in (legally anyway). Feel free to utilize the Temporary Rooms to create your own towns and villages. If you get really into it, send The Skald some information about it so it can be added to the wiki!