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Riders of the Eve
« on: November 17, 2019, 03:46:52 PM »
If on the overgrown roads near Krymmeni Pisina over the past months, there were those that have found armored riders there to pull them to the saftey before the fall of night,  Riders heading out, then turning just shy of mid day and riding back in,  picking up those that might otherwise have no way,  the paths through the forest ever widening as they were ridden often and by groups of light horse.  More than that word is being spread that the Village has communal halls for any that wish to make it their home until such time as the community can build them a proper one.  Directions are given and transport offered from within half a day's hard ride to any that are willing.

Rumors come out of a medieval style fief lord that rules the area as if his word is law over any that have chosen to reside in the village that he built. Those that come are free to leave, and others have left the village. (If you are looking to RP, give me a poke aipsylon on discord is the best way to reach me)