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October 2019
« on: October 24, 2019, 07:02:39 PM »
Things have been pretty quiet!

You may have seen all the not-quite-newsworthy updates the site has been undergoing, mainly in in the aesthetics department. Hope they look as good on your screens as they do mine!

The few updates:

  • Information expansion for Regions regarding culture is underway: Inizio D'Oro and Ragavalli complete.
  • Lore updates including Maestro Cecily's bio.
  • Troubleshooting updated to include the log-in hop.
  • Minor wording clarifications concerning Death, Rebirth, Resurrection, and Ghosts.

  • CSS updates (post dividers, Character Select screen
  • Added a function that allows you to look at any profile, regardless if character is online.

I am feeling comfortable with the state of the site to begin more public advertising rather than word of mouth. So as suggested I have added us to Disboard. So far everyone has been awesome about bumping it on the regular. Some other things that can help is writing us a review on there. :) We have one review so far (Thanks B!)

This has caused a few changes to our Discord hangout, and as such I am looking for feedback. Are the changes so far reasonable? Are we starting to look cluttered? Do you have a suggestion? Personally I'm not too interested in the bots, but would you want any more?

And lastly, Guild owners, I know some of you created chats or servers for your groups, but would you like a dedicated channel (and maybe role?) The issues I found last time we had Guilds as roles were:
  • Discord uses roles as a hierarchy, which makes one worth 'more' than the other down the list. This also means that color coded ones will get overridden by whatever is on top rather than your main preference.
  • We play multiple characters, so locking things out based on roles would be pointless as soon as someone has a character in each one, potentially.

Keep in mind that every guild has two spaces on the forum, one 'public' and one 'members only' at your disposal, to use for simply archiving your meetings on site or on Discord, or whatever floats your boat! Leave your opinions/suggestions below!

Upcoming Events
The Hounding returns...

A few notes about this year. As those of you with the Mark of Ill Omen will guess, this is going to be a very different occasion... I am working with the Virtuoso to hammer out the details, which will be ready by that day.

As it is Halloween, and more than a couple of you have children who will like to Trick or Treat, we will not be able to start until that ends which means a very late start at 7/8pm EST. We will play that by ear, as we have the last two years.