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The home of Amara and Alcide
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(This is a joint post made with Alcide, Amara and Shen posting.)

Amara was in the little cottage they had paid for when first arriving to the town. It was a bit bigger than some of the housing that lined one part of the the town center. Inside the home sat the new mother holding the new addition. Ezra was only a few days old and already Amara was in love with the little boy. Happily she sat in the window seat letting the warm rays of the sun warm them both as she talked and cooed to the new baby. She was in absolute bliss, she was so happy.

Shen had asked around town upon reaching the town he had found that she had gone to the healers, a new baby born, He had some experience in such and after seeking out a number of avenues, he found that she had a house in town. not finding her at the healers he decided that was a direction to go. Looking around the yard, he made his way up to the door, pulling back his hand and knocking a polite twice, two taps meant to be loud enough to be heard through the house, but not so loud as to seem like he was pounding. He was here to find Alcide, but he was not with her he was nearly certain Amara would know where he would be.

With the new addition the little family was just that, a family. Alcide was excited to have a son with the love of his life. Nothing could make him happier. He walked up to Amara and softly kissed her forehead and did the same to little Ezra. Then suddenly he heard the two taps at the door. He walked over, opening it to see Shen standing there. He wondered what this was about. "Hello there." He said leaning on the door frame arms crossed.

Shen put on a pleasant smile, he had seen Alcide with Amara all those months ago at the Coldhaven games. He was not sure this was the man, but he did match the description. "Alcide?" His voice held a question, fine gree silk robes over his body. While in town he had stabled Hasi, the phalax stalker he had come here on. His hands were clasped behind his back and his body had a relaxed if formal posture. He had been sent here and had things that he was to do, things in a way he did not agree with, but duty was that.

Amara smiled at the kiss and giggled as the kissed Ezra, a small laugh left her lips as the baby wiggled and she smiled. Then there was a knock at the door. Looking up she watched as Alcide answered the door. Staying where she was with the baby until she heard the voice and caught the scent. Her heart skipped as beat she walked up behind and looked at Shen, "How can we help you?" She said worried about this visit.

He shook his head yes. "Yeah. That's me. How can we help you?" He asked echoing Amaras question as he was still standing in the doorway. He would stay there in case of any type of danger were to occur because he would do anything to protect his family, even more now. He wondered what this was going to be about. Alcide hadn't seen this man since the Coldhaven games awhile back. He was unsure of what to expect from Shen.

Shen nodded, dipping his head down in a short bow. "I have been sent here to ask a few questions, do you mind if I come in, I would prefer not to stand in the doorway" He glanced past Alcide to look into the home behind him, taking in a little about the room he could see past him . "I do believe that congratulations are in order though. On the recent addition." A few pleasantries never did harm, though they often made undesirable business that much less desirable for him.

She didn’t trust like how nonchalant he was being. It made her nervous. As he looked into the home he would notice how clean it was despite having a new baby. The light coming into the house was 90% natural light. Looking at Alcide she moved aside, ”Come in.” She said turned to lead him into the kitchen, ”Thank you.” She said looking at the baby with a smile, Can I get you anything?” She asked Before standing next to her mate.

Shen Made his way into the House at the invitation, looking around the room by habit as he headed in. He saw the natural light and found it to be quite a pleasant way to live. Lead into the kitchen and offered something he gave a little smile.
"I think a nice warm cup of tea if you have a pot." Things here were not as they were in other places and well it seemed like they had not yet really had the time to make this place like home. Or chose to live sparsely, in either case they may not have all the niceties. "Who is it you have there?" He asked, making some pleasant conversation while the Tea got ready, not wanting to get straight to business, a little tension clear to him as they were settling in and it would be best if they could get past that before starting to get down to business.

Alcide stood there still wondering what this visit was about when Amara cane and stood next to him. He hadn’t seen Shen since the Coldhaven games and that was months ago. He heard Shen mention Ezra. “This is our son, Ezra.” He said gently placing his hands, one around Amaras waist and the other gently on Ezra. He looked down at their baby and smiled. Then he looked back to Shen. “So what can we do for you? Why the visit?” He asked sitting down at their dining table waiting to see what this was about.

Shifting Ezra carefully in her arms, she put a kettle over the fire and pulled town three cups. As she turned around she was about to answer Shen's question but Alcide beat her to it. She nodded in agreement and moved to pour some honey in each cup. She sighed, "We both are pretty sure on why you are here so can we skip the rest of the pleasantries and get to what is going to happen?" She asked pouring the hot tea into the cups and stirring in the honey. She put the cups on sauces and gave one to Shen, one to Alcide and carried hers to the table set it down and shifted Ezra around as he began to awake and wiggle around.

Shen put a studious frown on his face as the wished to rush to the point. Ah, yes it made sense they were not to wish a longer delay, likely knowing what they thought was coming. "Very well, I won't, but I should give a short exposition prior to my question. The Prima is generally aware of your skills, Amara, and finds them too useful in healing to be used elsewhere in these troubled times. Alcide, on the other hand, the Prima has sent me here to ascertain your skills that you may be placed in an appropriate position." Again, he let his lips turn down into a frown. "I had hoped to get to know you a little better before we got to business. Since I will not have that opportunity, I will have to appeal to the actions that I have this far demonstrated for Amara." He paused to look to her trying to meet her eyes. If both of you are honest and open with me it will help me to what I can to assure that what happens is a result of your intentions as well as your actions." He looked to Alcide as he finished that piece. "I know you have no reason to trust me, but I give you my word, this is my intention."

Alcide sat there taking in what little was said about the situation. Shen was here sent by the Prima to ascertain his skills? Why? What was the Prima wanting? He thought on this for a moment before looking to Shen when he spoke of them having no reason to trust him and about if they would be open and honest. Whatever Shen wanted he was going to be getting. Alcide would always be honest. “You are probably right, we don’t have much reason to trust you. But whatever open honesty you want, you will get.” He said to Shen before taking a drink of the tea Amara had given to him.

They could have a pleasant conversation after things are all done, but Amara didn't like the anxiety hanging in the air anymore. Shifting the slightly fussing newborn she looked at Shen as he began get into his visit. As he said she go work has a healer because the Prima knew of her skills made her both really happy because that was here her skills were and what her passion was, but she remembered the healers at the clinic and how odd their practices were. Looking down at Ezra she gently soothed the baby before looking over to Alcide. She looked a him then to Shen, "What do you want to know?" She asked getting up to walk around trying to sooth the newborn.

"Firstly, the business of what I am here for, a list of Alcide's skills. Once we have gone over that, if given your choice, how would you would take accountability for the actions around the battle in Prasino." He held up a hand. "I understand that you too, suffered loss with it, but for the Prima I can say will not accept that." Shen delivered the statement, coolly, but he looked between the two seeking something there, then nodding. His eyes then went to the young Ezra. "He's picking up on your mood. I am sorry for bringing it here, into your home."

His skills? Well he has a few different things. Like he built an entire cabin for him and Amara. He self taught himself how to use weapons and how to craft weapons. “I have skills in building, wood crafting, weapon smithing, self taught skills with swords, daggers and bow.” He said listing off his skills to Shen. Alcide wondered what skills he and the Prima were looking for. Hopefully whatever they were looking for was not going to be too far from his family. Especially with Ezra being a newborn. He wanted to be apart of his sons life.

Moving around the kitchen rubbing the newborn's back softly humming and looking over to Shen as he apologized but Amara didn't respond. Not out of anger to him but she was handing the baby. As he quieted down, Amara heard Alcide listing off his skills and looked at Shen, "Is she looking for anything specific?" She asked softly as she continued to pat Ezra's back offering him to Alcide, maybe he wanted his father.

Shen nodded, as Alcide spoke of his skills, a guard or a craftsman, those were likely professions that would fit him, and those could be done anywhere. Shen did not mind her not responding, he had not been good with children, ok he was good with children, just not babies. He knew exactly what the Prima was planning, but he hoped still to disuade her from the action she had decided to take.
"Yes, but there is a chance her mind can be changed. That was much of the reason for the second part of my question. What each of you would feel is a punishment that would fit your crimes in the Prima's eyes that you are willing to pay, one that must also match the perceptions of the offense you offered against the soldiers that marched expecting healers, but finding much less than they had hoped for. I am not attacking, I heard your story and believed it, but I am not Primo, nor King, nor any other position of marked power, I must do what I can, how I can."

He finished his tea and looked at Shen while he spoke. He wasn’t sure what to say to the second part of Shens question. He didn’t want to say something that could possibly separate their family. He needed to think about what to say, so as to not say the wrong thing. He also heard Amaras question which he was also curious of the answer to that. Then she offered Alcide Ezra and he softly rocked his son before speaking to Shen. “Is the Prima in need of a specific skill? What exactly does she want?” He asked.

As Alcide took Ezra, Amara sat down next to him, putting her hand on her mate's arm looking at Shen. She tilted her head and looked at Shen, "When the Prima's mind is made up - there is no changing it..." She said with a small chuckle trying to lighten up the mood a bit before he moved on, "As I was exploring the down, there seems to be another guild um...the merchant's guild. Could they be in need of members? Maybe he can work there?" She asked hopeful because the words of the Prima rang in her head and she knew that it was going to be difficult or impossible to get a happily ever after for them after what she had done. Amara was kicking herself for her panicking and running back home to get help instead of talking to the Prima....she ruined her life ~ and was making things difficult for Alcide, it was a wonder he hadn't told her he was leaving. She just hoped things for Ezra would be easier.

Shen saw each of them being to think about what he had said, the thoughts pass through them, each reach their conclusions, then each of them choose to speak. When he heard Alcide's words, he closed his eyes. Shen knew the answer to the question, and he knew too what his answer meant. He left them closed a few seconds before opening them again. They moved to Amara as she spoke and claimed there was no changing the Prima's mind, then came up with something he could do here. "I know if several things he could do here, both in a guild and not in one. As promised, I will do what I can. The Prima knows both of you better than I, and without your help I fear that you are correct Amara." He turned his head to look at Alcide thoughtfully, before raising his cup to take a sip of tea giving him a moment. "Do you know what it is you cost the Prima when you left, in her mind at least?"

Alcide thought back to when he had talked to the Prima about being with Amara. They had come to an agreement and when he and Amara left, he had basically backed out of their deal and he knew it. He looked to Shen. There was probably no getting out of this and changing the Primas mind. He had cost the Prima being with Alexandr by leaving with Amara to her homeland. “I had made a deal with the Prima and it cost the Prima what she wanted.” He said looking down at his empty cup.

Amara had known nothing about the deal he had made with the Prima or she would have tried to persuade him to stay and help, or maybe she would have stayed. Probably not because one big trait about Amara, is that if she gets an idea in her head she 's going to do it.....if she gets a goal in her head she will achieve it. The goal she had here was get more soldiers to help defeat the being and win back the land for the skald not really for her. It just failed this time. She sighed, "The happiness with the love of her life." She piped up and finished her tea looking back at Ezra. Part of her would be a little shocked if the Prima took the father away from an innocent child because Ezra didn't do anything. Then again she would understand because Amara royally messed up.

Shen watched each of them, they knew and he had not had to say, only to remind them of the past. He nodded solemnly as they each realized what he was implying. He sipped lightly at the tea, used to using it to pass the time,. Giving a few moments for things to settle in. "Having spoken with you both today I have a couple of ideas. When I return I will do what I can to be sure you are kept together. I asked each of you for a punishment you would accept but that you also believe was sufficient for your crime. I heard what you said, but I do ask again, going the tea and time has given you a chance to consider." He finished the glass of tea, setting it down and taking a breath in, clearly ready to leave if they had nothing more to say to him.

Alcide sat in silence still softly rocking his son. He would do anything to keep the family together but he couldn’t think of a punishment that wouldn’t possibly tear his family apart. “I’m not sure what punishment would be enough for what was done to the Prima. She lost her happiness because I didn’t hold up my end of the deal. I just don’t want my family torn apart...

Amara was unable to sit any longer, with a breath she got up take her cup to the sink along with Alcide's cup before turning to face them again looking at Shen she sighed again, "Thank you for your trip down here, we will await the news of what's yet to come. Is there anything else?" She asked, it was nearly Ezra's time to eat and she didn't feel comfortable feeding him with Shen here nor did she want to leave the room.

Shen touched the table with his pinky as he released the tea cup. He saw Amara rise, and how uncomfortable she was. He saw Alcide there, holding the child. He gave a frown, but nodded, yes, it would be worse for their family to be torn apart, but he had an idea. He closed his eyes as he looked between them.
"I have something that might be something she settles for, before I offer it to her I should like your approval of it. That Alcide you build for members of the battalagia that were injured homes, one by one. As a couple you will welcome them to their houses, that you will apologize for not being there and any role that you had in what harm came to them. I think this idea I can sell to the Prima, but only if I can guarantee to her that you will cooperate in earnest. Will you, and may I put forward this to her?" He stood, back straight and head bowed slightly, Humble before them. He was only an advisor, doing what he could to make the Tapestry a better place for those that lived in it from the lowest peasant, to the Prima herself.

Alcide thought on this for a moment. This idea he could definitely get behind. He knew he could do the work and was definitely willing to do it. He hoped the Prima would accept the idea as well. "Yes. I am all for this idea. I hope the Prima will accept it." He said confidently and honestly. This could definitely keep his family together and hopefully be proof that he is sorry for backing out of his deal with the Prima. He stood and walked over to Amara gently handing Ezra over to her.

Amara took the quiet newborn cooing to the happy newborn before looking at Alcide and back to Shen thinking. She thought for a moment, maybe when they welcomed them to the new home she could bring some home backed goods in a basket. She looked at Shen nodding, "We could do that. I honestly like the idea...I can also given them a basket home homemade goods to help welcome them into their new home." She suggested looking from Alcide to Shen, she justed hoped the Prima liked the idea too.

Shen nodded, giving a little frown. He saw the optimism in her action, he wondered if she would still have that mentality when she saw some of the worse off cases, he knew many had died, but others, well he wondered. Nodding slowly he gauged each of them a time again before bowing his head only to each of them. "I thank you again for having me into your home, and apologize that it brought with it ill tidings." He waited for their farewells before departing. He knew that the hardest step was yet to come, but well that would be its own time, something in the future and he'd have a trip to plan for it.

Alcide nodded at Shen as he walked with him to the door. The visit wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. Hopefully with what was discussed and if everything goes well with the Prima, Alcide will be able to stay with his family.

As Shen stood up Amara would nod to him and walk with him to the door,
"Thank you for your efforts.” She said shifting the baby gently in her arms before she would vanish into the baby room to change and feed the newborn. She was tense and only time would tell what would happen.

Shen headed with the tall man to the door. He gave a bow to the pair of them at the door. "Do not thank me yet, you know the Prima's mind is hard to change. I will do what I can, but feel you may have nothing to thank me for." He headed out back away from the house. His mind on the future once more. There was much to be done in this land as there had been in the land he came from, and purpose, a purpose that filled his steps as he departed.