World of SkaldSong RP

May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy their fate be granted Glory

-Edel (Princess Tutu, 2002)

Enter the Tapestry, a secluded world built by a being known as The Great Skald and filled with beings stolen from other tales. Hero or villain, they are destined for a greatness that will affect the native inhabitants. But will it be the one they choose, or merely fall into? 

You might be one such a 【 skaldborne】... what will you bring to the Tapestry?
【 Community Features】

♪ Engage with supportive, helpful members and staff.

♪ Participate and discover plots of various sizes, from gripping world lore to casual play.

♪ In-game events, both player and staff run!

♪ Extend the engagement with the use of the forum.

♪ An admin that constantly tries to improve the site based on user suggestion and feedback.
【 Site Features】
Enjoy writing with a small, dedicated community to bring the world to life in a dynamic chat environment that includes:

♪ Multiple profiles on a single account, playable simultaneously!

♪ Customized post styling

♪ Robust character profiles, with avatars you can change to suit their mood at a click!

♪ Achievement recognition

♪ In-game currency and shops

♪ Multiple rooms, including a on-demand temporary room creator

♪ A lovingly built and detailed world setting,
【 and More】