World of Skald Song RP

The setting is set in a High Fantasy Medieval/Rennaisance Sword and Sorcery world. The history of which is summarized that the universe's artist created the world as a living canvas where everything has been designed by some stretch to fit this purpose. We exist to play out stories of our mundane and extraordinary lives.

Natives to the land have found it vibrant and ever-changing. They are no stranger to conflicts and heroes and have revered many over the years. While death is an event to contend with, with a month long process to lay rest the dead, rebirth is more common than any of them realize. The oldest religion is that of The Great Skald, or, The Oratorio, and while it is not a widely practiced religion it is referenced in the newer ones aplenty as the roots of the arrival of other gods (or Virtuoso), as it had been the Great Skald who made them in the first place.
They are also very aware of the sudden and new arrivals to their lands. The strangers are said, by the old religion, to be heroes and people of interest plucked from their worlds upon death to start new here. It is done to deepen the potential gene pool, really, and add new faces and souls to the tapestry and keep things interesting. These people nearly always show up naked and in the random places in the wilderness, some more lost than others, physically and mentally alike. There has been accounts of such dazed beings waking up for the first time straddled on a branch on the highest tree! It has become a tradition for natives to store care packages in places as first gifts to these people, allowing them to at least get some clothes on their back (food unlikely to last) and a map detailing the nearest piece of civilization so they can get a roof over their head.
The world is very adept despite keeping a quaint countryside appeal. The same gauntlet that protects your hands can become your hand if you go to the right shop after an unfortunate loss. Some crossbows can be wielded like a sling-shot-esque gun, firing pellets of stone or lead right into your quarry. There are a wide array of mounts, giving you all the standard beasts of burden and some exotic ones of the same size: large cats, small dragons, feathered raptors, and griffons. 
Magic comes in a few forms and are pulled from the ley lines (religiously believed to be the blood of the Great Skald that started the world), and can be bottled and harnessed. There are those that are naturally inclined to it and can cast it from within, and those who cannot can still wield items that will be the middleman for their magical exchanges.
What will you bring to the tapestry?

Welcome to The Tapestry...